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Von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Chumphon mit dem Fähre

Mae Haad Ko Tao
Tung Makham, Chumphon
1h 30m
E-Ticket  Sofort  Stornierung möglich 
Mae Haad Ko Tao
Tung Makham, Chumphon
2h 15m
E-Ticket  Sofort  Stornierung möglich 
Mae Haad Ko Tao
Matapon Pier, Chumphon
Sofort  Stornierung möglich 

Koh Tao nach Pathio Fahrplan

Koh Tao nach Pathio Fahrplan
Lomprayah Speedboat 10:15 – 11:45฿ 600

Koh Tao nach Pathio Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 12.03.2020
We arrived about one hour too late in Chumphon because of a delayed ferry. Otherwise everything was perfect.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 09.01.2020
Everything perfekt, fast, no waiting time, comfortable catamaran and bus transfer. Perfectly planned. Thanks
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 16.11.2019
Hat alles super geklappt... :-)
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 10.11.2019
Enjoyable journey
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 07.11.2019
Alles gut
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 08.10.2019
Well we got there without porblems, but we were unpunctual for more than half an hour. And the AC was on freezing cold!
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 02.10.2019
Jederzeit wieder. Alles Tip Top
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 01.09.2019
Klimaanlage hat übelst getropft (im Sekundentakt), Nichts für schwachen Magen, Sitze warn besser als beim anderen Anbieter aber wenig Platz
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 28.08.2019
Wir haben einige Verbindungen über 12go.asia gebucht und alle haben einwandfrei geklappt. Würde ich jederzeit wieder so machen .
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 11.08.2019
Alles war super organisiert. 12go.asia ist absolut empfehlenswert. Sehr nette Mitarbeiter, schnelle Antwort bei Nachfrage per Mail. Top! Lomprayah auch super organisiert, Fährfahrt und Bustransfer trotz krassem Seegang und Regen super geklappt. Antikotztabletten nicht vergessen!
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 22.07.2019
25 Minuten Verspätung, alles andere gut
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 10.07.2019
Pünktlich, toll geklappt
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 29.03.2020
Fährt von Koh Tao nach Chumpon inkl. Transfer zum Flughafen. Super Organisation, mit Katamaran und Kleinbus, alles OK und pünktlich.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 22.03.2020
calm waters trip tok only 1,5 h
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 06.03.2020
Très bonne traversée, ponctuelle. Aucun soucis.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 05.03.2020
Supergoed geregeld. Makkelijk, op tijd en goedkoop.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 27.02.2020
Very organized My partner left an extra bag we weren’t used to carrying with all our sovieniers and the van driver gracessly let him run back to retrieve them drove ever so caussesly to the airport All the staff is very helpfulll and friendly we used them a few times in Thailand and allays had great service
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 19.02.2020
Organisation was very good
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 16.02.2020
On time, comfortable boat.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 10.02.2020
Inexpected tonhave better air conditioning on this high end ship but was bad. Had to go outside. On the second deck outside the noise harmonics were so bad I got a headache
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 05.02.2020
12 go Asia always super easy and get the job done ... fast !
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 04.02.2020
Seamless, the return trip in the afternoon was running 30 mins behind schedule and we had a connection at CJM airport on NOK air. The boat crew prioritized our unloading and got us into van that departed first. NOK air got us on the flight with our checked luggage. The flight was delayed 10 mins. The luggage arrived in Bangkok with us. Highly recommend this service
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 10.01.2020
The boat was delayed with 35 minutes and we only made it with out flight because the flight with NokAir was also delayed. The boat ride itself was very comfortable, had no motion sickness and the transport to the airport was done quickly and efficiantly.
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 08.01.2020
Songserm boat and pier (as opposed to Lomprayah) seem to be more realxed and the boat was certainly less crowded even in super peak season. The boat allowed moving all around the ship which was nice. The A/C is set at very low temperature so dress up. One star down for almost 2 hour delay & for playing on the screens a fairy tale with author's commentary instead of original sound
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 27.12.2019
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 23.11.2019
The trip with the ferry was okay and was on time. The driver who drove the van to the airport was very carefull and drove slowley, but was getting behind of his time schedule. We almost missed our flight (Nok air) by a minute! If the ferry or the bus to the airport is getting behind of its time schedule, you will propably miss your flight.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 19.10.2019
Had a really good time. Everything went in the scheduled time. Bus was there waiting to take us to the airport. One small detail : if something goes wrong, like a flat tire you will probably lose your flight. Plan accordingly
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 30.09.2019
Smooth sailing.... even when there was a mixup with my tickets, they stayed courteous. Really like the service provided by Lomprayah!!
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 07.09.2019
Prima geregeld
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 05.09.2019
Great, fast and stable boat
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 30.08.2019
All smooth. No problems! Operators were very organized and helpful. These guys have the system down!
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 30.08.2019
Excellent ride & service. A million times better than with the other company we traveled with on the way. Crew was careful with bags and very organized. Cabin was clean. We left on time and arrived on time, although the transfer from the port to the train station took longer than expected.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 26.08.2019
Hard wind but very friendly staff helping out.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 26.08.2019
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 25.08.2019
Very crowded
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 24.08.2019
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 19.08.2019
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 19.08.2019
Good service
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 18.08.2019
Trip and service fine, but it is a little busy and messy upon check in on the island. The facility is clearly over its max capacity. Taking that into account it all went well.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 14.08.2019
Great trip
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 12.08.2019
Great trip. Super easy transfer.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 12.08.2019
The boat trip was terrible, a quarter of all people vomit due to the bumping boat inclusief my Son and husband. It was a really scary trip. Rating 0/1 on 5. The bus trip after wich brought us to train station was Okay and well organised.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 10.08.2019
Ok trip!
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 09.08.2019
Lompraya best of 3
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 08.08.2019
Really easy journey from Koh Tao with Lomprayah. We used Songserm and Lomprayah during our trip and Lomprayah are definitely more organised. We booked an overnight train journey from Chumphon to Bangkok and this is classed as a short journey by the Thai train company. This means that 12Go can only confirm your ticket 30 days before your travel. If you want confirmation up to 90 days before you travel you’ll need to ask 12Go to book a slightly longer journey that only costs a little extra Baht
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 04.08.2019
All perfect!!!
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 03.08.2019
At ko thao pier it was chaos to check in. No line up for the travellers to AirPort or bangkok. So the luggage was mixed up and once we arrived at chumphon Pier, we had to find our bags between about 100. However the ferry trip was windy but comfortable. De ride to the airport was horrible. De driver drove like crazy. It was totally irresponsible the way he drove the car. We signed up the number of the car, we are willing to give you this in a private mailing, to stop this man from driving.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 03.08.2019
Boat ride was not smooth , the crew was passing bags for people to throw up. Train was late on arrival of 3 hours
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 02.08.2019
Very late and didn’t get dropped at right spot ended up at train station
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 02.08.2019
Very good service but it was a bit hard to understand when to get off the ferry. Because of a misunderstanding we missed our transfer to the airport. They took well care of us and directly fixed another transfer. The timing is not accurate as our ferry left 45 minutes late but all by all this is a very good service.
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Wie komme ich von Koh Tao nach Pathio?

Wenn Sie von Koh Tao nach Pathio gelangen möchten, haben Sie nur eine begrenzte Auswahl. Es gibt nur eine Option, die wir für diese Route anbieten:

  • Fähre

Wie weit ist es von Koh Tao nach Pathio?

Die Überlandentfernung von Koh Tao nach Pathio beträgt 93189 Meilen oder (149940 km).
Die Flugentfernung beträgt 42946 Meilen oder (69099 km).

Wie lange dauert es, von Koh Tao nach Pathio zu gelangen?

Die Reisezeit von Koh Tao nach Pathio beträgt etwa Stunden.

Wie viel kostet es, von Koh Tao nach Pathio zu gelangen?

Um von Koh Tao nach Pathio zu gelangen, bezahlen Sie ungefähr für Ihr Ticket.

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ist die einzige Option, die wir für diese Route anbieten.


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  • Die Fahrt mit der Fähre hängt von den Wetterbedingungen ab. Fahrten können wetterabhängig storniert oder verschoben werden, insbesondere in der Nebensaison oder in der Regenzeit.
  • Die See kann rau sein - stellen Sie immer sicher, dass Sie die notwendigen Medikamente zur Hand haben, wenn Sie anfällig für Seekrankheit sind.
  • Wenn Sie in der Hochsaison reisen, buchen Sie Ihre Fährtickets unbedingt im Voraus, da Tickets begrenzt und normalerweise schnell ausverkauft sind.

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