Koh Rong nach Sihanoukville Airport

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56 Kundenbewertungen
Fähre Speedboat, Buva Sea Cambodia, 22.11.2019
I read the critics below and I find that is not fair. On that day there was a rough sea and there was no chance to hold an exact timetable. The boat captain drove as fast as possible and some of the passengers were sea-thick. In fact it was a terrible trip. The crew did their best and it was a really hard job. Thanks to the crew.
Fähre Fähre, Island Speed Ferry Cambodia, 18.11.2019
Erstens: das Zubringerboot fährt schon um 16:00 h, nicht um 16:15 h. Ich war rechtzeitig da. Es bringt dich nach Koh Rong Long Beach, aussteigen, die Fähre fährt erst um 16:45 h. Dann wird mein online ticket über 12go.asia nicht akzeptiert! Das kleinere Zubringerboot hat allerdings mein online ticket mit Buchungs-Nr. + Logo + Quittung sehr wohl akzeptiert! Ich mußte also bis zuletzt warten, dann wurde telef. und mit einigen Mitarbeitern von Island Speed Ferry Cambodia mein Fall diskutiert und man erklärte mir, daß man NICHT mit 12go.asia zusammenarbeite... da ich mich nicht abwimmeln ließ, den Geschäftsführer verlangte, und mich weigerte, noch einmal zu bezahlen... durfte ich dann einsteigen, gut williger weise! Angekommen ist die Fähre dann erst um 17:30 h, nicht um 17:00 h wie in der Buchung mitgeteilt wurde! Also alles in allem äußerst MÜHSAM!!!
Fähre Speedboat, Buva Sea Cambodia, 23.07.2019
Speedboat? Das Boot war zwar pünktlich, aber von Coconut-Beach nach Sihanoukville dauerte der Trip fast 2 1/2 Stunden.
Fähre Speedboat, Buva Sea Cambodia, 08.01.2020
There was no official seats for everyone
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, GTVC Speedboat Cambodia, 04.12.2019
Puntual and smooth
Fähre Speedboat, Buva Sea Cambodia, 25.11.2019
The boat was 30 mins late and we had a bus to catch at the destination port. But they reached in time , we didn't miss our bus though. The speed at which we were travelling was too high and there were no life jackets in the boat.
Fähre Speedboat, Buva Sea Cambodia, 16.09.2019
Boat was 26 minutes late on schedule at 12:00 - 12:15 expected. I had a minivan bus in Sihanoukville at 14:00 p.m. sharp to Phnom Penh. I was quite angry getting on board, but could do nothing to expedite so besides throwing my backpack from the pier into the boat I just got in and kept my mouth out of respect to the other passengers and as to not "create an unnecessary scene". The boat crew looked puzzled, one of them asking me "What is (the) problem?" but I chose to ignore him because I did not wished to create any further delay. I was counting that the boat would take 45-50 minutes to get to shore but apparently managed this in under 40 minutes to another pier closer to the industrial / commercial port side. I was lucky to get to the bus station (CAT Mekong Express) by tuk-tuk 22 minutes prior to departure. Their company policy for customers is to arrive 30 mins in advance. Too late = ticket is void, so I was in fact rather stressed and uncomfortable due to the lateness of the captain of the boat.
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, GTVC Speedboat Cambodia, 21.05.2019
So disorganized and dropped us off so far from port...
Fähre Speedboat, Buva Sea Cambodia, 25.01.2019
The only thing this company does is getting you from A to B. Do not buy the ticket online as we got to enter the boat last, meaning sitting in the splash zone or standing the whole way. One of our luggages was quite wet as there was no room in the compartment. When we were going to the island first time we took Buva, there were multiple people completely soaked head to toe as the driver had no mercy or regard to slow down at least a bit from boats top speed. Needless to say bouncing around on the wavy sea was included, luckily no-one puked.

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