Koh Lanta nach Koh Lipe

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Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 02.02.2020
+ Preis Leistung Okay - Boot nach 1 Stunde Verspätung losgefahren
Fähre Speedboat, Bundhaya Speed Boat, 13.12.2019
Lange Wartezeiten, Fähre hatte Verspätung, Fahrt und Organisation aber angenehm
Fähre Speedboat, Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club, 19.11.2019
Lief wie beim Transport zuvor schon problemlos. Wir sind pünktlich gestartet, hatten gutes Wetter und das Bootsteam hat Wasser an alle verteilt! Gerne immer wieder!
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 11.11.2019
Abfahrt pünktlich. 2 Stunden Fahrt war gut. Freundliche Crew. Speedboat leider ohne WC!
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 19.03.2020
Le voyage devait durer 2h. Il a duré 4h do'c 2h de retard Pas d'explication ni excuse de la part du personnel sur les différents arrêts effectué au cours du trajet.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 08.03.2020
Started one hour later. That was not cool.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 28.02.2020
The boat was almost an hour late and there is no way to tell if you booked the direct line they tigerline says they have available. So we ended up dropping people and picking up people at five different islands before finally heading to Koh Lipe. We arrived three hours later than the predicted time on 12go. The boat ride itself was fine and even though the seas were a bit rough, everything stayed dry.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 27.02.2020
Not the most organised, set off an hour late from saladan pier. The pier was chaotic, people everywhere trying to board however clearly bags still being put off, staff could have organised people better. The ferry itself was swift but very very bumpy, so much so that my back was sore the next day. If you get sea sick would highly recommend anti-sickness prior.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 23.02.2020
Window broken so not comfortable at all. Everybody needed his life vest to protect against the water. They should have fixed it before departure. 2 hours late arrival.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 18.02.2020
delayed departure and arrival
Fähre Speedboat, Bundhaya Speed Boat, 17.02.2020
Picked up on time from hotel and made it to pier at the perfect time to get on the speedboat. The ride itself was smooth with no stops and made it to Koh Lipe 10 minutes after advertised. Only downside was they provided a wide time window for hotel pick up (1.5 hours), but when we called they said the exact time they would be there - which meant we didn't have to check out early and sit around waiting. Overall very good service
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 22.01.2020
Took longer than the ticket said.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 14.01.2020
Very easy to book through the 12go.asia website.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 12.01.2020
Very overcrowded but all else was good.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 30.12.2019
Bout was overcrowded
Fähre Speedboat, Bundhaya Speed Boat, 02.12.2019
Easy to book, easy to find check in at the pier. Booking confirmation said we had to be there at least an hour before (15 minutes before would have been plenty of time, they just encourage you to wait in a cafe area and get something to eat/drink.) Take travel sickness tablets even if you don’t usually!
Fähre Speedboat, Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club, 28.11.2019
Trip took about 3 hours, got a bottle of water as well (the first and only time that happened on three different trips). The sea was very rough on the open water and the co-captain would not slow down the boat at all, causing us to hit waves very hard. He wouldn't even slow down when a woman asked so that she could use the toilet. Finally the captain took over, and allowed a short bathroom break in the heavy waves before continuing. It was very uncomfortable and I was very glad when we finally arrived in paradise at our destination!
Fähre Speedboat, Bundhaya Speed Boat, 22.11.2019
I'm giving 4+ stars only be cause we left about 30minutes late, but for island time that is pretty good. The trip over was great with a few bumps, but overall very good.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 03.11.2019
I payed 1.550 THB for a DIRECT speedboat from Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe. It was supposed to take 2 hours. Did I made it safely to Koh Lipe? Yes. Was it an express direct trip? NO. The boat was not full, so they told me that they had to make three stops. Well... they made FIVE stops! In one of them we waited for half an hour. We left at 10:40 am and arrived at 15:30... you do the numbers. DO NOT book this more expensive “direct” trip if you are traveling in low season. There is such thing as a direct speedboat if the boat is not full. In addition, it rained the entire trip and the boat didn’t have a waterproof canvas in the ceiling... so it was also raining inside the boat. All of stuff got wet.
Fähre Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 03.11.2019
Every things when very well And on time ..
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Wie weit ist es von Koh Lanta nach Koh Lipe?

Die Überlandentfernung von Koh Lanta nach Koh Lipe beträgt 105 Meilen oder (168 km).
Die Flugentfernung beträgt 81 Meilen oder (129 km).

Wie lange dauert es, von Koh Lanta nach Koh Lipe zu gelangen?

Die Reisezeit von Koh Lanta nach Koh Lipe beträgt etwa Stunden.

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  • Die Fahrt mit der Fähre hängt von den Wetterbedingungen ab. Fahrten können wetterabhängig storniert oder verschoben werden, insbesondere in der Nebensaison oder in der Regenzeit.
  • Die See kann rau sein - stellen Sie immer sicher, dass Sie die notwendigen Medikamente zur Hand haben, wenn Sie anfällig für Seekrankheit sind.
  • Wenn Sie in der Hochsaison reisen, buchen Sie Ihre Fährtickets unbedingt im Voraus, da Tickets begrenzt und normalerweise schnell ausverkauft sind.

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