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Von Johor Bahru nach Negeri Sembilan mit dem Zug

Johor Bahru
Gemas, Negeri Sembilan
4h 44m
Johor Bahru
Gemas, Negeri Sembilan
4h 46m
Johor Bahru
Gemas, Negeri Sembilan
4h 48m
Johor Bahru
Gemas, Negeri Sembilan
4h 45m

Johor Bahru nach Gemas Fahrplan

Johor Bahru nach Gemas Fahrplan
KTM Class II AC 10:10 – 14:54MYR 23.29
KTM Class II AC 14:00 – 18:46MYR 23.29
KTM Class II AC 19:15 – 00:03MYR 23.29
KTM Class II AC 22:30 – 03:15MYR 23.29

Johor Bahru nach Gemas Reiseziel-Rezensionen

23 Kundenbewertungen
Zug #40 2. Kl. AirCon Sitz, KTM, 31.10.2019
Comfortable trip. The trains aren’t new but this doesn’t detract from the experience. It was a slow journey that was held up by construction works for the ETS extension and trains coming in the opposite direction, however we made up the delay time and arrived in Gemas just a couple minutes late and in time to catch the connecting ETS service to KL Sentral
Zug #40 2. Kl. AirCon Sitz, KTM, 01.10.2019
A fabulous journey through cool tropical forest. The slow train is comfortable and clean and rocks its way romantically through the countryside passing through interesting communities. The clock is ticking on this experience as the development of the new line is progressing steadily. Friendly people, great service.
Zug #40 2. Kl. AirCon Sitz, KTM, 22.09.2019
I enjoy my trip
Zug #40 2. Kl. AirCon Sitz, KTM, 08.08.2019
Not the fastest train, but was comfortable, lots of legroom, and exactly on time. Very cheap as well!
Zug #40 2. Kl. AirCon Sitz, KTM, 12.06.2019
Slow but nice train. Takes quite a while and sometimes has to wait quite long at stations, either to wait out the time until timetable departure or to let another train pass. Comfortable and air-conditioned, but just like with all KTM trains I could consider taking a hoodie or something because a t-shirt is too cold with the AC on. Do take a look at the stations, some are very fancy (like Gemas) and some are just some wooden platforms. Do remember to take some food and drinks with you, as there is none available on the train. Gemas station doesn't seem to have anything either, but there's a KFC and Pizza Hut close by. The KFC takes credit card, dunno about any other places in Gemas. At max I think our coach was about half full, so it wasn't very busy. If you're doing (SG-)JB-KL, try to have a few hours transfer time In Gemas, such as the 8:45am JB train to the 15:10 Gemas train.
Zug #40 2. Kl. AirCon Sitz, KTM, 12.04.2019
Old and mildew smelly train car, dirty toilets, limited food choices. Looking forward to new faster trains.
Zug #40 2. Kl. AirCon Sitz, KTM, 14.03.2019
Pleasant trip on a comfortable, but not modern, train. The train left on time and trundled through the Malayasian countryside at a steady pace, stopping regularly. We ground to a halt at Labis for around an hour while waiting for a train coming down the line to pass. There was no announcement or communication with the passengers, as far as I could tell. Because of this long wait, the train was about 40 minutes late getting into Gemas, which wasn't a problem as it still left 50 minutes before the train to Kuala Lumpur was due to leave. The air-conditioning in the carriage was going full blast when I took my seat and I had to put a (thin) hoodie on to keep warm!! Someone wandered through the carriage a couple of times pushing a trolley with crisps and juice on it but didn't stop to sell any!! Take food and drinks with you; you can purchase them at several outlets in JB station. If you didn't have time for breakfast the KFC in the station was open, as were a couple of other cafes, but Starbucks wasn't. There is a cash machine in the station also, if you haven't any Ringitts with you. Gemas station: the cafeteria was closed, so had to make do with lunch from KFC about 100m from the station.
Zug #40 2. Kl. AirCon Sitz, KTM, 01.03.2019
This train is not suitable for foreign tourists. No station announcement system, no clear station names and English speaking coach incharge.

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Wie komme ich von Johor Bahru nach Gemas?

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Wie weit ist es von Johor Bahru nach Gemas?

Die Überlandentfernung von Johor Bahru nach Gemas beträgt 148 Meilen oder (237 km).
Die Flugentfernung beträgt 112 Meilen oder (179 km).

Wie lange dauert es, von Johor Bahru nach Gemas zu gelangen?

Die Reisezeit von Johor Bahru nach Gemas beträgt etwa Stunden.

Wie viel kostet es, von Johor Bahru nach Gemas zu gelangen?

Um von Johor Bahru nach Gemas zu gelangen, bezahlen Sie ungefähr für Ihr Ticket.

Wie viele Fahrten pro Tag gibt es von Johor Bahru nach Gemas?

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  • In den meisten Fällen ist die zweite Klasse bequem genug - sie verfügt über 2 oder 4 Schlafplätze in jedem Abteil und ist häufig klimatisiert.
  • Wenn Sie ein Premium-Erlebnis wünschen, entscheiden Sie sich für ein Ticket der ersten Klasse. Der Preis für First-Class-Tickets kann Wifi und eine Auswahl an Snacks und Getränken beinhalten (nicht in Thailand).

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