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Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 12.01.2020
the only positive thing was that it arrived on time. inside the boat it's dirty, everything you touch is sticky and the boatcrew was cooking in the cockpit so everything smelled horribly spicy which is not what you want at 7 am. The aircon was set so low we ended up freezing which is just ridiculous in a tropical country
Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 05.03.2020
Plus...was the ferry is the faster people can finda. The arrangement and the baggage diposite was quit good. The staff was helpful specially to the older people. Minus... The business class was terrible dirty the sets more than all. The whole boat needs a renewal.
Fähre Touristenklasse, Oceanjet, 24.02.2020
Unclear with ticket numbers, the process to get the real ticket, inclusion of port fee - much more expensive services online than on the spot. Usually opposite due to less admin costs.
Fähre Touristenklasse, Oceanjet, 16.01.2020
overall the staff were helpful but there seemed to be lots of extra costs that had to be paid on the day; getting your luggage it was very crowded as the travellers getting on the ferry were also on the plank.
Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 15.01.2020
Trip was pretty much on time. We sat in business section with better seating and above water. The air con is too cold tho. We were charged 110 pesos to check in our one suitcase. Nowhere on your website does it say that we will have to pay this fee. It should be listed.
Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 14.01.2020
Everything was fine! Nice Staff(especially at The pier:)) and comfortable cruise. Highly reccomend Oceanjet business class .
Fähre Touristenklasse, Oceanjet, 02.01.2020
Well orgsnized, efficiënt and on time.
Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 29.12.2019
very helpfull...
Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 21.12.2019
Despite the weather, it was a smooth trip and I'm grateful that the docking didn't take long (that makes me seasick when I have to stay in a rocking boat for a long time).
Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 07.12.2019
Quick check in, nice seats with aircon room. Bad handling of movie, though. Should choose entertainment options better.
Fähre Touristenklasse, Oceanjet, 28.11.2019
Our travel was cancelled and we understood it. But the two girls from Oceanjet in Dumaguete office were so rude. They didn’t give us any explanation. They gave us a refund and they didn’t talk to us.
Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 12.11.2019
Comfortable, quick, inexpensive, great terminal waiting room
Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 06.10.2019
All is alright
Fähre Business Klasse, Oceanjet, 31.08.2019
Departure delayed by 5-10 minutes. Need to change the battery in the wall clock. Not functioning during this trip
Fähre Touristenklasse, Oceanjet, 29.08.2019
That was fine for me but too strong air conditioner made me so cold.
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Wie weit ist es von Dumaguete nach Siquijor?

Die Überlandentfernung von Dumaguete nach Siquijor beträgt 29 Meilen oder (46 km).
Die Flugentfernung beträgt 23 Meilen oder (36 km).

Wie lange dauert es, von Dumaguete nach Siquijor zu gelangen?

Die Reisezeit von Dumaguete nach Siquijor beträgt etwa Stunden.

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  • Die Fahrt mit der Fähre hängt von den Wetterbedingungen ab. Fahrten können wetterabhängig storniert oder verschoben werden, insbesondere in der Nebensaison oder in der Regenzeit.
  • Die See kann rau sein - stellen Sie immer sicher, dass Sie die notwendigen Medikamente zur Hand haben, wenn Sie anfällig für Seekrankheit sind.
  • Wenn Sie in der Hochsaison reisen, buchen Sie Ihre Fährtickets unbedingt im Voraus, da Tickets begrenzt und normalerweise schnell ausverkauft sind.

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