Chiang Mai nach Luang Prabang

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Bus Schlafwagen, Naluang, 31.01.2020
The service was good. There were three drivers that took turns on driving, which felt safe and professional. We made toilet-stops about every three hours as well as one stop to eat something. The Road was really bumpy and there were a lot of couves. If you're sick, lay down and try to sleep. There is a toilet ob the bus, but it's hard to use, due to the uneven road ;) I couldn't use my E-Visa because we didn't cross on one of the borders that allow E-Visa. Visa on arrival worked fine, though. You can pay the Visa Fee in different currencies, e.g. Dollars. You can also exchange money after leaving Thailand and before entering Laos. The bus arrived in Luang Prabang earlier than scheduled.
Bus Express, Naga Travel, 03.12.2019
Regular updates and reminder. Staff is nice and responsive
Bus Express, Naluang, 30.10.2019
The bus is comfy! But the road which is currently under construction makes the trip very unpleasant.
Bus Schlafwagen, Naluang, 13.07.2019
For a 20h bus ride it was as comfortable as it could have been. Made well-timed bathroom stops, we got a welcome gift of water and snacks, beds are relatively comfortable (a little short if you're tall). The co-driver really looked out for us.
Bus Schlafwagen, Naluang, 12.07.2019
Beds were very small. We need to sleep in the beds with 2 people. There were no curtains. The drop off time is really strange (4:30) because you can not check in any where.
Bus Express, Naga Travel, 26.04.2019
Good trip, good service, beds quite small for 2 people but not much you can do about that! Actually a quite enjoyable 20 hour bus ride!!
Bus Express, Naga Travel, 16.04.2019
-do not state which bus terminal. Yes, they’re opposite and I was fortunate in having not much luggage as I went to the wrong one. Others had a lot to carry across the main road! -very hard to find the bus counter as one is inclined to look for Naga Travel when it’s actually something like ‘99’ -Company did not and still have not responded to my email sent 5 days before bus. If they had, I could have gone to the right terminal... -snacks were nice -sleeper bus never chanted at Laos border. Just reclining seats -toilet had no light or flush and smelt the whole bus within an hour of departure -driver was smoking and it filtered to the coach through the endless ‘no smoking’ signs... But, as all the other reviews are the same comments, Naga Travel clearly has no intention of doing anything!
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