Kandy nach Ella

Kandy nach Ella

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Kandy nach Ella Fahrplan

Kandy nach Ella Fahrplan
Sri Lanka Railways 1st Class Seat 08:47 - 15:14LKR 3,868
Sri Lanka Railways 1st Class Seat 11:10 - 17:11LKR 3,868
Sri Lanka Railways Second Class Seat 12:31 - 18:22LKR 3,199

Transport von Kandy nach Ella

Kandy nach Ella Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 23.03.2020
Tickets wie gewünscht im Hotel hinterlegt. 12GO hat sogar nochmals via Whatsapp nachgefragt, ob alles gepasst hat. 100% Zufrieden - danke
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 20.03.2020
Alles hat bestens geklappt. Der Zugbegleiter war sehr höflich und hilfsbereit, ein Gentlman !
Zug #1015 Sitz 1. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 29.02.2020
I suggest you to book the second class, instead of the first one. Because in the first class air conditioner is so strong, so it will be cold to sit there for 8 hours. And in the second class you can open windows to make funny photos. Seat reservation can be made for 2nd class as well. Actually many people bought tickets directly at the railway station. No need to book them in advance.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 14.01.2020
Unfortunately, this train ride did not meet our expectations. The air conditioning was already very cold for us and I caught a little cold. Unfortunately you can here (because of the  Air conditioning) do not open the windows. So unfortunately you can not take photos and follow the landscape quite well. Unfortunately, you cannot go through the train because the wagon is self-contained. But you also have to say that the staff were very nice and they also manage to restrict coffee during a rocking train ride. There was also a toilet in the wagon which was also very neat and clean.
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 22.11.2019
Perfect service! Nice trip!
Zug #1005 Sitz 1. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 21.11.2019
All perfekt, Thank your
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 27.03.2020
Got a great itinerary through.
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 26.03.2020
Brilliant service by 12go Asia. Was worried as I booked with them 3.months in advance and tickets for our journey can only be purchased 30 days before departure. I didn't need to worry as our tickets were confirmed and posted to our hotel in Kandy ahead of check-in, so they were waiting for us when we got there. We loved the train journey, the views were great and we were on a newer comfortable train. Booked 2nd class reserved seats and had no problem. The journey didn't feel too long and it wasn't hot or stuffy in our carriage. The doors were locked closed so if you want them open you have to ask the guard, just be friendly and they'll happily help you, after that he kept coming to warn us when an amazing view was coming up, or a waterfall, and also warned us when our station was coming up.
Zug #1007 Observation class, Sri Lanka Railways, 19.03.2020
Train was over 1 hour late which meant the last hour was in darkness - suggest you warn travellers about this in future. Also, I cannot understand how you can charge 20USD for a ticket with a face value of 7 USD?
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 19.03.2020
We were very pleased to have our tickets delivered to our hotel to be picked up on our arrival. Booking on line was easy and most impressed with the service.
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 18.03.2020
The overall trip was not as nice as i would think it is. The nice views are only a short distance. Otherwise it smell like burning of plants/woods/rubbish and full of dust from the air. Probably i did not go on the right time. The booking with 12goasia was good though except for the part where the communication with the local travel agency in getting my train tickets deliver to my hotel. They did find me and ask for my acknowledgment whether i have received the tickets from my hotel. However, i was not in my hotel yet hence i asked them several questions on whatsapp as thats the way they contacted me but i got no reply at all. If they are busy, i will understand but there is no reply at all and a bluetick from the company. That part is abit saddening. Its not 12goasia’s fault but rather the local company. I would suggest to take the train from Nanu-Oya onwards to Ella instead of this long journey as the scenery are nicer from this stretch. As for 2nd class reserved seat if anyone is wondering, there are no A/C which is fine with me and the doors of the train will occasionally be open from time to time. Will have to depend on the guard on duty. Hope this information is useful as i was searching for this information myself. Goodluck and enjoy Sri Lanka!
Zug #1015 Sitz 1. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 18.03.2020
Asia2go were great. I had our tickets sent to our hotel which worked a treat. My only criticism is that there is no immediate contact ie no telephone capability, one has to rely on email. We had a query and had to rely on our hotel contacting their friends for answers. This is a great feature in Sri Lanka, everybody knows somebody. We travelled 1st class which, although I wanted to downgrade for the experience, was a blessing. There was a breakdown on the track so we were stuck for two hours. Air conditioning was really welcome. Also, in 1st class the seats can be swivelled so you can always face forwards. I went into the corridor and met some lovely Sri Lankans who let me dangle my legs out the side with them. Fab experience. Chaps go up and down the train offering food and drink, samosas, chocolate, nuts, pringles etc. There’s plenty to eat. Travelling from Kandy to Ella is a long trip. The first half is spectacular. Seat numbers 29/30 are perfect!! Have a great experience.
Zug #1007 Observation class, Sri Lanka Railways, 14.03.2020
The train left Peradeniya 45 minutes late and got later as other trains going back to Kandy always had priority. There were no refreshments and no food or drink seller's got on after the first station. Arrived at Ella 90 minutes late and so travelled the last hour of the journey in darkness and saw nothing. The next day I tried to get a refund at Ella station for the return ticket that I did not need. But was told I could only get a refund more than 24 hours before (it was 16 hours before). Why? They will have sold the seats again!
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 13.03.2020
Train was 1.5 hours late which meant we arrived to Ella in the dark and didn't see the most scenic leg of the journey
Zug #1015 Sitz 1. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 12.03.2020
All went as planned. Excellent journey.
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 10.03.2020
Good, seats were comfy and fans helped to cool the carriage. Lots of space to move around the carriage!
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 09.03.2020
Unfortunately our seats were booked twice, so we had only two seats left for us. The friendly guy in the train told us that we will get the price for one seat back. That would be great. Thanks!
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 02.03.2020
Tickets were purchased correctly and delivered to my hotel on time. Thank you.
Zug #1005 Sitz 1. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 29.02.2020
Everything was 100% good service. Tickets ready for us too pick up from hotel. Train ride was fantastic. All in all good service by yourselves.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 27.02.2020
Great trip. Tickets perfect
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 22.02.2020
Viceroy II is a great heritage luxury train carriage, a fun way to travel through Sri Lanka. The scenery from Kandy to Ella is spectacular and well worth the trip. Our favourite part of the journey was actually going into the other carriages where we could experience the “real” Sri Lanka train and benefit from the open windows and doors for the breeze and photos (Viceroy II has small sealed windows with AC)... if we did it again we would just buy a normal 2nd class ticket. But ViceroyII does exactly what is promised. Oh we were an hour late too... but who cares!
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 21.02.2020
The train was late and got later, such that the last hour was in darkness. The exterior of the coach was shabby to say the least and appears to be under renovation. Unfortunately the windows are ridiculously small so if you are on the "wrong side" of the carriage your view is negligible. We got off and joined the main train in second class and had a far better view all around! If you want to sit in comfort and chat without concern for the beautiful scenery then perfect! However, if you want to appreciate the wonderful landscapes then book the "cheap seats"!
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 06.02.2020
The train was very late arriving at Peradenya and got later and later so the part of the journey which was important to us was in the dark - we saw nothing of the wonderful scenery we had heard so much about and eventually arrived at Ella 4 hours late at 10.30 pm. The driver had waited for hours for us to arrive and, when we arrived at our Hotel, it was too late for Dinner, which had been booked. All in all, a very disappointing and disastrous trip.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 06.02.2020
The train was very late so missed the best views between Nuwara Eliya and Ella. Carriage very old and uncomfortable. Staff and service were very good. Toilet was clean.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 04.02.2020
Train was deleted and we arrived very late when was dark and I could’t see nice view
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 28.01.2020
A train up ahead broke down and had to be retrieved with a new locomotive. The staff handled that situation excellently. We had to change the train set two hours from the destination but we got the same class we paid for. It’s an great way to travel, full service as well. Even a place where you can smoke during the ride!
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 25.01.2020
Awesome trip. Let you switch carts to take more photos ????????
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 23.01.2020
Unfortunately the viceroy carriage had needed to be sent for repairs but the replacement was extremely good and the trip was one of our highlights. The staff were very helpful and pointed out places of interest. Refunds were processed effectively. I would book again.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 21.01.2020
The train arrived to ella 1,5 hours late which made us make the most beautiful part of the ride in completely darkness
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 31.12.2019
Food options were limited. Also the unexpected delay didn't allow us to enjoy the view during the evening-night time.
Charter Kleinbus 8pax, Stef Lanka Tours (Stef Lanka Tours), 30.12.2019
Our driver was super helpful and the van was clean and comfortable. The driver recommended a couple of spots for overview photos and even a visit to a tea plantation which we really enjoyed. It was a long drive along winding roads and he was very careful and a good, safe driver.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 26.12.2019
We took the VIP carriage as they were the last tickets available to pre-book. The guy who worked in the carriage was very accommodating and the train itself was definitely better quality than the regular trains and very comfortable. Lunch is not included in the price so bring snacks if you don’t want to pay a premium for what is available on board. We were quite happy with beer, coffee and potato chips though. We arrived 1 hour later but that’s to be expected.
Charter Komfort, Stef Lanka Tours (Stef Lanka Tours), 22.12.2019
Vijitha is an amazing driver and a lovely guy. He was very accommodating and patient, and made the best of a very testing journey with pouring rain and landslides. I would recommend him to anyone travelling to Sri Lanka.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 21.12.2019
Nice trip with good service
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 21.12.2019
Good train trip! Comfortable chairs, toilet and possibility to order something to drink. Not much snacks to chose from, i would recommend to pre-order lunch. Great way to travel with our 2,5 year old!
Bus Lokal, Browns Tours, 19.12.2019
Excellent driver
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 19.12.2019
We were expecting a little more luxury from the Viceroy II carriage and more than one cup of tea for the entirety of the journey. We had to pay for our 2nd cup of tea, which given the cost of the ticket we expected to be complimentary. However, it was a scenic journey and we're glad we had the experience.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 17.12.2019
Zug #1005 Sitz 1. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 15.12.2019
Very beautiful train ride! But after speaking to some locals we decided to get in at halfway instead of Kandy to Elle. So we reduced the trip from 6 to 3 hrs which was perfect for us. Booking process was very easy. We got the tickets posted to our hotel at a fee but they texted to make sure we got the tickets which was good. You pay a bit more than locals but very happy to do that for the convenience of it!
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 14.12.2019
Cabin looks very tired and dusty..... we had to change train as there was a landslide.... Viceroy 11 passengers including my family had no seats in 1st Class as all other passengers from other carriage had occupied in the new train ..... was total chaos and badly organised by JF Tours who runs the Viceroy 11.
Zug #1007 Observation class, Sri Lanka Railways, 14.12.2019
Amazing view. Bring your own drink and food. There were no cafeteria on the train.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 13.12.2019
The scenery was amazing and the staff were extremely helpful and pleasant.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 02.12.2019
There weren’t any person at the Ella station to provide the tickets as mentioned on the eticket
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 26.11.2019
Booking on website was really easy & Tickets were waiting for us at hotel early as requested after prompt email responses, great service & really enjoyed the train ride
Zug #1005 Sitz 1. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 25.11.2019
Train broke down and there was no communication whatsoever to the passengers. We just sat there for 45 minutes until I got fed up and started asking questions. Train was rickety and jumpy, thought it was going to jump off the tracks it was so all over the place! Nice views if you get a chance to hang out the door though
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 23.11.2019
Delivery service and communication were exceptional!! The train ride was just as everyone says, so beautiful and fun! Highly recommend reserving your train ticket. Less headache.
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 13.11.2019
Awesome landscape, hIghly recommended!
Zug #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AirCon, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 13.11.2019
Amazing train ride, do it!!!
Zug #1007 Observation class, Sri Lanka Railways, 12.11.2019
first class needs improving maybe charge more and do some improvements. Other wise the scenery was spectacular but deserves a better observation car
Zug #1005 Sitz 2. Klasse, Sri Lanka Railways, 07.11.2019
Great service! Paid for ticket from Kandy to Ella second class reserved seating on morning train. Also paid for ticket to be delivered to a local address before I arrived. Got exactly what I asked/paid for. Quick, efficient, simple.
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Wie Sie mit der Bahn von Kandy nach Ella kommen

Auf der Strecke von Kandy nach Ella ist die Bahn eine sichere und schnelle Reisemöglichkeit, bei der Sie zudem unterwegs die Landschaft bewundern können. Auf bestimmten Strecken gibt es außerdem viele Abfahrtsmöglichkeiten täglich, im Zehn- oder 15-Minuten-Takt. Dies gilt vor allem für Intercity-Fahrten. Langstreckenzüge fahren dagegen seltener los – planen Sie im Voraus, um eine Bahn zu erwischen, die sich in Ihre Reiseplanung am besten einfügt.

Wenn Sie einen Langstreckenzug nehmen möchten, empfehlen wir Ihnen, wenigstens einige Tage im Voraus zu buchen. Unser Online-Buchungssystem ermöglicht es Ihnen, die besten Züge für die Fahrt von Kandy nach Ella auszuwählen und zu reservieren.

Wenn Sie Ihr Ticket online buchen, können Sie sicher sein, an dem Tag zu fahren, an dem Sie fahren möchten, und außerdem müssen Sie sich an keine Warteschlangen anstellen. Wenn Sie am Wochenende oder an Feiertagen reisen, empfehlen wir Ihnen, noch wesentlich früher zu buchen, da die Nachfrage dann höher sein wird. Während der Hochsaison sind die Fahrscheine ebenfalls schnell ausgebucht. Reservieren Sie Ihr Ticket daher so früh wie möglich.

Wie weit ist Ella von Kandy entfernt?

Auf der Schiene beträgt die Distanz zwischen Kandy und Ella 85. Bevor Sie Ihre Fahrt buchen, werfen Sie einen Blick auf die Karte, um zu sehen, an welchen Sehenswürdigkeiten Sie vorbeifahren. Vielleicht lohnt sich ja sogar ein Aufenthalt unterwegs?

Wie lange dauert es, mit der Bahn von Kandy nach Ella zu fahren?

Die Reisezeit von Kandy nach Ella beträgt etwa 5h 51m. Über Land ist die Bahn das schnellste Verkehrsmittel. Da es normalerweise nicht zu „Staus“ kommt, ist die Reisegeschwindigkeit mehr oder weniger konstant und die Stopps an Bahnhöfen unterwegs sind ebenfalls relativ kurz. Der Zug ist daher fast immer eines der schnellsten und sichersten Verkehrsmittel von Kandy nach Ella.

Der wichtigste Faktor für die Fahrtzeit ist die Art des Zuges. Gewöhnliche Züge reisen mit etwa 65 km/h bis 105 km/h. Einige Intercity-Züge, bei denen die Entfernung zwischen den Bahnhöfen geringer ist, fahren jedoch mit unter 65 km/h Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit. Aber selbst bei diesem Schneckentempo ist die Bahn dennoch meist schneller als Auto, Bus und Taxi.

Expressbahnen fahren mit bis zu 160 km/h. Moderne Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge können sogar 400 km/h und mehr erreichen.

Diese Geschwindigkeiten verringern in Verbindung mit den nur kurzen Aufenthalten an Bahnhöfen unterwegs Ihre Reisezeit enorm.

Wie viel kostet es, mit dem Zug von Kandy nach Ella zu fahren?

Der Fahrpreis von Kandy nach Ella variiert je nach Zugtyp und verfügbaren Abteilen.

Einige Züge weisen unterschiedliche Abteile mit Sitz- oder Liegeplätzen auf, und bieten zudem verschiedene Annehmlichkeiten.

Gewöhnliche Personenzüge, die oft über keine Klimaanlagen verfügen und harte, hölzerne oder alte Sitzplätze aufweisen, sind in der Regel sehr günstig. Premium- und Luxuszüge sind teurer, aber dafür stehen Ihnen Klimaanlage, Toiletten und große, weiche Sitze mit genügend Beinfreiheit zur Verfügung, sodass die Fahrt recht angenehm wird.

In Bezug auf die zurückgelegte Distanz ist die Bahn das günstigste Transportmittel. Zudem sind bereits zwei oder drei Koffer pro Fahrgast – manchmal sogar mehr – im Ticketpreis inbegriffen.

Fahrplan von Kandy nach Ella

Die Bahn ist besonders für lange Strecken geeignet. Checken Sie Ihre Reiseplanung und nutzen Sie den unten stehen Fahrplan für die Strecke von Kandy nach Ella, in dem Abfahrts- und Ankunftszeiten angegeben sind, um den für Sie besten Zug herauszusuchen.

Die auf dieser Strecke am besten bewerteten Anbieter

Anders als bei Bussen oder Taxis, die von vielen verschiedenen Unternehmen betrieben werden, gibt es auf der Schiene oft nur ein großes Unternehmen pro Land. Da die Bahn hohe Infrastruktur-Fixkosten hat, ist sie oft im staatlichen Besitz oder Teil eines nationalen Transportsystems.

Einer der Vorteile der Bahn besteht darin, dass sich die Bahnhöfe oft angenehm in oder in der Nähe von großen Städten oder Metropolregionen befinden. Direkt nach Ihrer Ankunft sind Sie gleich in der Nähe wichtiger Einrichtungen wie Hotels, Supermärkte und Krankenhäuser.

Wenn Sie mit vielen Gepäckstücken reisen, ist die Bahn auf jeden Fall die beste Wahl. Die Gewichtsgrenzen für Koffer sind dort recht flexibel und Sie können gleich mehrere Gepäckstücke mitnehmen.

Spezial- oder Luxuszüge verfügen über genügend Beinfreiheit, die es Ihnen ermöglicht, sich auszustrecken und zu entspannen. Was Komfort und Platz angeht, sind diese mit der Business Class im Flugzeug vergleichbar.

Genauso wie der Bus bietet die Bahn eine Reihe an Annehmlichkeiten, die die Fahrt angenehmer und vergnüglicher machen. Moderne Züge verfügen über WLAN, einen Snackautomaten und eine Bar. Wenn Sie einen leicht zu verstimmenden Magen haben, werden Sie sich besonders über die Toiletten an Bord freuen.

Außerdem sind Züge, anders als Busse und andere Verkehrsmittel auf der Straße, nur höchst selten in Unfälle verwickelt.