Die Anbieter, mit denen wir bei 12Go zusammenarbeiten, bieten drei verschiedene Arten von Service:

Billig, Schnell, Gut – aber meistens kann man nur zwei davon haben!
Billig & Schnell aber leider nicht gut (z.B. Busse zu/ von der Khao San Road, regionale öffentliche Busse oder Wägend er 3.Klasse im Zug)
Billig & Gut, dafür aber nicht schnell. (z.B. VIP Züge in Thailand)
Schnell & Gut aber nicht gerade billig (z.B. ein privater Limousinenservice, VIP24 Busses im Gegensatz zu den Expressbussen)

Man muss also eine Wahl treffen! Wir möchten an dieser Stelle noch einmal darauf hinweisen, dass obwohl wir alle unsere Angebote regelmäßig überprüfen, wir doch hauptsächlich ein Marktplatz für verschiedene Reiseagenturen sind. Dies bedeutet, dass unser Fokus auf dem Verkauf von Tickets, sowie auf der Verfügbarkeit von Transportmitteln liegt. Ob sich in jedem Bus der Sitz ganz zurückklappen lässt, können wir leider nicht beeinflussen.

5/5 Arthur hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 13.12.2017

Super confort

3/5 Thomas hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 08.12.2017

Vip bus has comfortable seats, but the bus makes too many random stops, especially at the beginning of the journey. The free meal and snacks are not tasty.

4/5 Katrin 06.12.2017
3/5 Gilquin 02.12.2017
4/5 Valentina hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 30.11.2017

Comfortable seats (better than other Vip Buses) lot of space next and in front of you,
tv, aircon, they will give you water,coke, milk and biscuits.
Driver ok!

4/5 philip hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 30.11.2017

Bus was good and plenty of leg room and good food at stop on the way. Just a little old and used but still fine. Driver did well and got us to bangkok dispite the flooding.

4/5 Lisa hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 19.11.2017

Seats are very comfortable, can recline far back and still leaving leg room for the person behind you. Legs can go up, there was even a massage button for the chair! TVs on every seat, downfall is it was all in Thai and no English. Snacks were given, as well as multiple drinks and we even stopped for a served dinner. A lot of language barriers which was expected.

4/5 GORGIBUS hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 13.11.2017

Spacieux, pas trop de climatisation, confortable. Converture et petit encas.
Bémol: conduite a la thaï...

5/5 Daniela 13.11.2017
3/5 Magali hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 06.11.2017

Buses very comfortable, with blankets and snack. Only 3 stars because the meal stop for dinner was not very good and oly 15min to eat, go to bathroom and shop

3/5 Robert hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 04.11.2017

Vip bus was old,no the cleanest. Wc too. Another vip bus with free wifi,this havent.
Free snack ,cola and.water and.milk. staff good.
Drivers can be drive little safest,but here is normal.
Next time I will fly.

5/5 Melanie 31.10.2017
4/5 Sylvia hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 02.09.2017

Seats were spacious, toilet quite ok for a coach, bus was in time, even a bit early.
Unfortunately no vegetarian dish for dinner at 10pm, mainly pork and some fish, too spicy for my children.

4/5 Nora 21.08.2017
4/5 Felipe 17.08.2017
5/5 Luna 22.07.2017
3/5 Jimmy hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 20.07.2017

Pas de usb, heuresement que j'avait manger avent car la nouriture est limite pour un vip..

5/5 Jitendra hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 01.07.2017

Very good experience. Well maintained, clean bus. Pleasant and helpful hostess. Complementary snacks and Meal. Timely departure and arrival.

5/5 Wijnand hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 25.06.2017

Our 2nd trip with Lignite. Excellent again.
Very comfortable seats. Only 3 chairs in a total row - 2 seats right / 1 on the left.
Chairs recline to 270 degrees with huge legroom.

Hostess on board with free snack, water and cola.
Also included a 20 minute stop-over with free Thai food.

Departure and arrival exactly on time.

No TV on - No loud music. You can watch movies on private screen with headphone.
In the bus only silence. :)

Recommended !

5/5 Ebba hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 02.06.2017

Very comfortable. Good food, nice and quiet.

5/5 Agustin hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 11.05.2017

Todo bien, excelente servicio.

4/5 Inga hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 29.04.2017

11pm dinner makes no sense to me

4/5 Jeff hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 23.04.2017

Very comfortable no problem reserving 1 day before. All on schedule arrive early at morchit.

5/5 Telmo 17.04.2017
5/5 Chu hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 15.04.2017

Very enjoy the service and reached Bangkok on time.

5/5 Caroline hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 13.04.2017

Very good bus, large space on the sit and for the foot. Screen with movies in Thai. Staff don't speak english y te really Nice and agreable.
Great, we spend a good night. I strongly recommence it.

5/5 Scott 03.04.2017
5/5 Cameron 31.03.2017
4/5 Natalie hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 23.03.2017

All good except the bus was supposed to drop us at the southern bus terminal but it ended up dropping me at the north terminal. Not a huge problem but I'd only worked out buses from the south terminal to get to Bangkok centre. Comfy seat and snacks provided, punctual, clean and a friendly staff member was handing out snacks and instructions. Worth paying a bit more for the VIP bus. Would use Lignite again.

5/5 Michaela hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 20.03.2017

Nice service, food and space!!

2/5 Michaud hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 06.03.2017

All fine but except the good space for legs one would expect from a VIP bus, all other services we had on other VIP wasn't there: individual TV not working, nothing on main screen, massage seat not working, no coffee and juice in the morning. So, good but disappointing for a VIP bus on VIP price.

5/5 Thomas hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 25.02.2017

Bus and driver very nice

3/5 Toja 25.02.2017
5/5 Attila 23.02.2017
4/5 Markus hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 17.02.2017

Bus was really nice. You have a lot of space and can sleep really well. Would recommend for everyone who takes a longer trip.
The reason for the 4 stars are that it is really cold. You get blankets but you seriously have to dress warm :)

5/5 Zoltan 30.01.2017
4/5 Yannick 21.01.2017
4/5 Georgina hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 19.01.2017

Good journey from Krabi to Bangkok (5pm-5am). Snacks and drinks when we got on. Stopped after about 5 hours for a 20 min break where you can buy food/snacks if you wish. There was a toilet on board which was handy (although got a little smelly if sitting near it). Air con was ok, little cold, but they gave you blankets which was good. Seats were good, not the comfiest but had a footrest and went most of the way back without annoying people behind you. We slept through the free meal as it was around midnight I believe. This is the only downside to the journey. Would've preferred the meal around 9-10pm so we could sleep without disruption for the remainder of the journey. The bus stopped in Mochit before heading to the southern terminal in Bangkok which was handy for us and they let us get off.

5/5 Oxana 15.01.2017
5/5 Alastair hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 15.01.2017

Everything went as planned. Was comfortable. Dropped us off at Mo Chit which saved us a lot of hassle.

3/5 silvia hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 10.01.2017

Il bus fatico a credere che fosse un Vip: vecchio, sporco (bagno lurido e senza carta igienica), snack inesistente per la lunghezza del viaggio, soste mai effettuate a parte una in un locale per la cena (all'inizio del viaggio). Il guidatore è stato bravissimo, abbiamo superato strade crollate e alluvione! Lo stewart antipatico, soprattutto con i turisti. Faceva finta di non sentire e rispondeva male. Durante la notte ha parlato sempre al cellulare disturbando e non era attento al suo lavoro (richiamato più volte dal guidatore). Prendete l'aereo perché per pochi bath in più conviene!!!

5/5 Domenic hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 09.01.2017

Couldn't recommend Lignite VIP24 more! Bus was clean, air conditioning worked. Stopped for a basic but definitely needed meal around midnight. Snacks were good, water and a cola provided. Comfortable seats that reclined back quite far while allowing a generous amount of room both in front, and behind. Would take their services again in a heart beat

5/5 STANISLAV hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 22.12.2016

Мне очень понравилось! Доехал отлично! Ни каких проблем! Удачи вам!

5/5 BARRIER hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 03.12.2016

Verry good

4/5 Sonia hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 27.11.2016

Movies only in Thai. 3 beverages (soy milk, cola and water) and one complimentary snack... I would prefer 3 snacks and a bottle of water. VIP24 is very confortable and the stops were in nice places. The seats have massage fonction that did not worked this time. Air cond is too cold. No wifi. The bus stopped in Northern bus terminal first and we were happy to be able to get out there.

4/5 Vera 25.11.2016
4/5 Marie hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 19.11.2016

Nice trop, staff was ok. A Little more information during the trop coule be nice. The bus was confortable

4/5 Tamas hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 04.11.2016

We've travelled from Krabi Town to Bangkok with the mentioned VIP 24 class bus. The vehicle was very comfortable and spacious. Staff at the terminal was helpful, and the AC was not too bad either (it wasn't freezing cold inside the bus, but make sure you have a sweater with you). They provided blankets for the ride also, which might be enough for some. Staff has given us some snacks and water after leaving, and we've stopped around midnight for a free dinner (local food only). All in all, pretty good service for the money.

5/5 Brooke 18.09.2016
3/5 Silvia hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 02.08.2016

Street Are not safe and to cold inside The bus

4/5 MICHELLE hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 04.05.2016


4/5 Jacqueline hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 03.05.2016

It was great that there were blankets and snacks provided. The seats were comfortable as well. However, all the movies are in Thai, which was a bummer. Also, it'd be great if they could better direct foreigners as to where to go during the food stop. I would not have known we had a free meal if I didn't read reviews online before booking. I also had no idea how long we were stopped for. It would've been nice if a sign was provided with an explanation in English for foreigners.

5/5 Jean hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 02.05.2016

good bus to take rest. And good CREM on board

12Go Antwort:

Thank you very much for booking your tickets with us.

We hope you will be back to use our service again in the near future.

Thank you, please enjoy your stay in Thailand.

3/5 Daniele hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 25.04.2016

Manage your expectations about the VIP status! The bus is dated and many things are broken onboard but seats are spacious and comfortable. Free dinner along the way is a very basic meal

12Go Antwort:

Please may we kindly inform you that, for the bus we will pass your review to the bus company instead.
By the way, the food need to be plain because the bus company need to make it simple for every passenger can eat too.

Hope you do understand.

Thank you very much indeed.

5/5 Sergey hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 18.03.2016

Amazing bus service, if there would be English speaking service would be even better. :)

5/5 Wojciech hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 15.03.2016

only one problem - no english speaking bus sevice - we get out of the bus on wrong bus stop in Bangkok ....

3/5 Seffar hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 07.03.2016

Bus was very comfy ! unfortunately my media player wasn't working and the hostess didn't speak english.

4/5 Andre hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 01.03.2016

Good enough. Confortable seats with blanket, safe journey. Private screen with good selection of movie but all in Thai. I guess we had free dinner but taht was not clear to all passengers.

5/5 Stephen hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 18.02.2016

No hesitation recommending.
Easy booking , excellent coach and service on-board. Loved the food stop :) saved me a hotel in Bangkok and enjoyed not dealing with all the airline hassle and security.

5/5 Mark hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 09.02.2016

Very good!

5/5 Eduardo hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 15.01.2016

Todo perfecto, se atraso un poco en el recorrido Keabi -Bangkok

5/5 Federico hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 10.01.2016

Bus on time, clean and confortable. Nice and helpful staff, snacks and drinks during the trip. Very very good!

4/5 Peter hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 30.12.2015

Bus was not on-time. Information regarding dinner not clear on everyone

3/5 Johannes 20.12.2015
5/5 Angela hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 20.12.2015

This was a great bus ride! The bus departed on time, it was clean, there were cozy blankets, the seats reclined, there was a tv screen, the attendant was friendly, snacks/drinks were served and we even stopped at a bus station with a cafeteria for a free meal! I had know idea I got all this when I purchased my ticket! I highly recommend this service! Excellent!

5/5 Nikolay hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 04.12.2015
  • very strong air conditioning
  • convinient seats
5/5 Pedro hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 19.11.2015

Tout fut très bien sauf le bus qui étais plein de fourmis et araignées, donc ... un manque de propreté évident !
Le service dans le bus ..excellent
Le voyage excellent !

5/5 Benjamin hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 21.09.2015

Great service! The seats were comfortable (built-in massage chairs!), snacks were provided and we stopped for dinner a few hours into the trip. Couldn't have been more satisfied.

5/5 MR. hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 16.06.2015

Love the big and comfortable seats with individual lcd screens for you to select n watch movies (Thai Lang). Some light snacks/drinks provided and the service was good. Thank you.

5/5 Adam hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 19.03.2015

Great ride, would use this service again!

4/5 Nikola hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 19.03.2015

Satified, the seats are big and comfortable, service good. Air con is very cold though. Also, it would be nice to watch movies with English subtitles. Thank you

5/5 SHEIKH 05.03.2015
4/5 Binh hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 27.02.2015

Farily satisfied, however should have English subtitles movie, and some food for foreigner such as fried chicken if they can not eat Thais food.

4/5 Gopal 26.02.2015
5/5 George 04.02.2015
5/5 Dmitriy hat einen Kommentar abgegeben am 04.02.2015

Please, add English language movies too!

5/5 Cédric 06.01.2015