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Paradive Travel Unternehmensbewertungen

Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 30.12.2019
Отъезд из Бангкока задержался на 1, 5 часа(( Опоздали на 8:00 на паром и два часа ждали другой. Посадка на пирсе оставляет желать лучшего ...
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 29.12.2019
Der Bus kam zwar relativ pünktlich doch wir mussten über eine Stunde warte bis wir dann in den Bus dürften. Die Klimaanlage im Bus war dann natürlich auf Antarktis eingestellt. Das selbe war auf der Fähre dann der Fall. Typisch Thailändische Reise.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 29.12.2019
Die Abfahrt verzögerte sich um zwei Stunden. Die Toilette im Bus war defekt. Ansonsten sollte man wissen, dass man sich auf eine sehr lange Busfahrt einlässt. Comfort gibts da nicht. Sind aber gut angekommen
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 28.12.2019
It's all very disorganized with little explanation as to what's happening. Also the first bus was very uncomfortable with a disgusting bathroom. With all that being said, I did get to my destination on time which is the main thing
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 28.12.2019
No blankets in a bus, too cold, aircondicion in unmanaged. Toilet is terrible: no water, door is broken. USB recharger not working. Stop for eat is too late, at 1 a.m. and a place of Stop was horrible.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 21.12.2019
Bizarre bizarre, mon portefeuille a bougé pendant la nuit et il manquait 3000 thb! Trajet long avec 4 changements de bus, sans explications à chaque fois...????
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 07.09.2019
Journey was all fine. Only the information provided by 12go Asia were very inaccurate.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 15.07.2019
Perfect, très bien organisé
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 29.05.2019
The water was leaking into the bus. Our luggage was wet.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 29.05.2019
We went to Ko Lanta from Bangkok. The trip was 16 hours. First, a long trip to Surat Thani. You go in a big bus with people that go to different islands. In Surat Thani you get separate from the rest. You have to wait like half an hour for a minivan that goes to another agency where you have to wait like an hour for another minivan. They leave you in Ko Lanta up in the north. If you want them to drop you on your hostel you have to pay 150 extra per person. Is not the most comfortable option, but is better than you think. If you are not in a rush and don't mind sitting down for 14 hours (approx) is the cheapest, easy and most convenient option.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 21.04.2019
Автобус из Бангкока в Сураттхани двухэтажный. Очень плохой туалет: грязный и тесный. Пришлось терпеть до остановок. Через 4 часа была остановка в грязном кафе, но еда не дорогая, я заплатила 60 бат за рис с курицей. Там же есть туалет за 5 бат. В 4.30 прибыли на пирс Сураттхани. Туалет 5 бат. Порционно выдаётся туалетная бумага. 20 бат - зарядить батарейку, 30 бат - wi fi. Совершенно заброшенная местность. Бегают 4 собаки, в стенах мелькают ящерицы, по земле прыгают лягушки. Множество комаров! Берите репеллент заранее! Здесь нет ни банкоматов, ни обменников, даже нормальной еды. Разве, что снеки. Далее, в 6.35 была пересадка на минивен до Краби. Там тоже платные туалеты - 5 бат, принять душ - 15 бат. Был индивидуальный трансфер далее. В 11.00 должен был отъехать минибас до пирса, где его погрузили с другими машинами на паром до Ланты. Едем чуть больше часа на пирс. Грузимся целым минибасом. Дополнительно 80 бат доплата, чтобы довезли от пирса до нужного вам отеля. The bus from Bangkok to Suratthani is a two-story one. Very bad toilet: dirty and cramped. Had to endure to a halt. After 4 hours there was a stop in a cafe, the food is not expensive, I paid 60 baht for rice with chicken. There is also a toilet for 5 baht. At 4.30 arrived at Suratthani Pier. Toilet 5 baht. 20 baht - charge the battery, 30 baht - wi fi. Completely rural area. 4 dogs were running, lizards were flashing in the walls, frogs were jumping on the ground. A lot of mosquitoes! Take repellent in advance! There are no ATMs, no urrency exchange offices, even normal food. Only snacks. Was waiting 2 hours. At 6.35 there was a transfer by minivan to Krabi. Minivan and driver are good. There are also toilets - 5 baht, take a shower - 15 baht. There was an individual transfer (good). At 11.00 the mini-bus (AC, good driver) had to move off to the pier, where it was loaded with other cars on the ferry to Lanta. We are going a little more than an hour to the pier. Loaded with a whole minibus. An additional 80 baht surcharge to take from Saladan Pier to your hotel at Lanta
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 15.04.2019
Voyage très désagréable. À Bangkok, le bus arrive déjà avec du monde. Impossible d’avoir des place pour être avec nos enfants (2 enfants + 2 adultes). Je demande des couvertures, on me dit qu’elles sont au lavage! Le fait est que nous avons froid (la dame dans le bus n’est pas du tous compréhensive) A minuit on nous arrête dans un petit bouiboui, avec des toilettes hors d’âge et sale!!! Arnaque sur les prix (1coca+2 barres de chocolat + 1 paquet de gâteau=300 Bathe. A l’arrivé du bus pour en prendre un autre, la même dame des couvertures gueules pour réveiller tous le monde. Bref pour des touristes endormis c’est l’incompréhension. Ensuite nous reprendrons 2 mini bus jusqu’à ko lanta. Ayant déjà pris un bus (13h) entre kanchanaburi et Chiang Mai, avec la présence de thaïlandais, nous avons été bien accueillis (bouteilles d’eau ,boîtes de gâteau et surtous l’accueil au top)
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 07.04.2019
Hat alles gut geklappt.. leider keine Info über den reiseablauf.. Restaurant welches gegen 00:00 angefahren wurde .. Essen gut; Toiletten katastrophal
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 26.03.2019
Bin nach 19 Std. In Khao Lak angekangekommen..geplant waren 16 Std..diverse Umsteigeprozeduren einschließlich Wartezeiten von 2 Std..AC gab es nur für den Bus nach Surat Thani..2 Sterne dafür, dass Alles durchorganisiert war, aber diese Tour würde ich nicht mit Bus empfehlen..
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 25.03.2019
The stars are for the cost and and the unexpected laughs! The bus was half an hour late at Bangkok station. We were just toying with hitting the App as it arrived. It wasn't one bus either, it was 2 buses, a taxi, a 2 hour wait, a van and a ferry. We were covered in different coloured stickers by the end. Comfort wasn't great and it all felt a bit unreal at times ... nobody was expecting so many stages. If you're not backpacking it probably wouldn't suit.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 07.03.2019
Honestly, the service by the transport company (Songserm) was lovely and I'll use this again. This is more of a message saying that the restaurant we stopped on our way from Bangkok to Suratthani was outrageous, but well...
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 03.01.2019
Got what I paid for. 4 buses from Bangkok to Koh lanta. Buses all rundown but got me to my accommodation safely. Didn't know what was happening the entire time.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 31.12.2018
After tiring journey in bus with chilling temperature and no proper response from bus driver or attender. We couldn't sleep and had wait at the port for 2.5 hrs to catch the ferry. The ferry guys ripoff on transport after ferry. Overall avoid this journey in case you can take the flight.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 30.12.2018
At the beginning we were little bit confused because no-one was at the meeting point on the time (18.30) stated at the ticket. Finally it came out the bus was late so in the end we started like half an hour later.. anyway We arrived punctual (13.30) at Ko Lanta The first part of the trip was until Surat thani (6.30). There we changed the bus going to Krabi where we arrived at 9.30. At 10.30 a small minivan picked us up going over Hua Hin Pier to Ko lanta. For an extra 100 baht he brought us till our guesthouse. So it all worked out well, but in terms of comfortability and duration (and costs) definitely the backpacker's choice ;)
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 02.12.2018
trajet de nuit bien , il y avait de la place , conduite agréable du chauffeur , climatisation correcte , personnel accueillant et sympa la pause de 20 min : nourriture cher , j'ai été malade , très malade Changement de bus pour aller à Krabi: air de transit est un vrai dépotoir, une poubelle avec carcasses de bus , monticules de déchets, chiens errants agressifs, odeurs nauséabondes, personnels très désagréable , toilettes sales et payantes , les sacs sont déchargés du bus dans la boue . Pas digne d'un transport Thaïlandais; Trajet en minivan: conduit très sportive du chauffeur ce qui permet d'arriver plus tôt que prévu Merci chauffeur !!!!! Si vous payer entre 80 et 100 baths il vous dépose à votre hôtel avec la même efficacité du trajet et il ne faut pas trainer !!!! Surtout n'oubliez pas votre chapeau dans le minivan, personne ne le ramène
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 28.11.2018
Voyage long et peu un autre voyageur français à payer 400 baths de moins que moi.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 06.10.2018
The bus was ok. People on the trip were awesome and we actually arrived earlier than expected. The toilet is what you would expect in a moving vehicle (I.e. the smell isn’t fresh roses). The food stop only served chicken and over priced snacks and I’m veggie so found it difficult to eat. Reaching Krabi we were also told to pay 100 baht to get to our hotel. The man was very admandant and wouldn’t really take no for an answer which kind of got on our nerves.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 27.07.2018
Le voyage s’est globalement bien passé mais peu d’information fournie au cours du trajet. Nous avons stressé au point de rendez vous de départ car le car avait un peu de retard et personne ne pouvait nous renseigner, mais au final, le point de rdv était bien conforme aux indications fournies.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 24.04.2018
The itinerary was never communicated, so when we had to get out of the bus at 5 a.m. to transfer to another minibus it came as a surprise. Other than that everything went smoothly and we got to our destination early
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 14.03.2018
The aircon were frozen maybe 10degrees... Impossible to sleep. The bus stopped a midnight for those who want to have dinner... very uncomfortable. The staff is ok, the timetable was good.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 13.03.2018
Seats were broken, no reserved seats, couldn’t sit with friends. Lack of communication but this is just the Thai way.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 03.03.2018
Guido in Bangkok was late. The trip to surathani was ik. But the stop place IT can be much better then this one.from surathani to Khaolak I was put in local bus. So afterall Maybe 1 point is better.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 28.02.2018
Die Reise selbst war komfortabler als gedacht, nur etwas mehr Informationen wären ab und an hilfreich gewesen
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 23.02.2018
Positive point: the bus arrived earlier than expected! The seats were confortable. But my trip went very badly... there were seats reserved which I totally respect. However, people from VIP seats were so rude, pulling down their seats on max. I couldn't even put down my legs. Another one was drinking beer in the bus and smoking in the toilets.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 19.02.2018
2 long stops
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 17.01.2018
Trajet qui s'est bien déroulé dans l'ensemble. Attente entre chaque changement très long. Entre 1h à 2h d'attente. Quand Il est 5 ou 6h du matin c'est dur. Retard d 1h30 dans le trajet. Arrivée à 12h au lieu de 10h30. Pas de bouteille d'eau offerte et point darret dans un resto ou c'est 20bth la bouteille.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 05.01.2018
Alles gut gewesen, Ein bisschen zu spät angekommen obwohl wir die toleranz mit einberechnet haben. Mussten leider 4 Stunden warten bis wir auf die Fähre durften. Sonst alles top. Der Bus ist ein Reisebus und gut ausgestattet, die Fähre ist etwas frisch wenn man sich im Innenbereich aufhält, also wemm man dort schlafen möchte ist ein Pulli oder eine Decke zu empfehlen :) Für 35€ pro Person kann man nicht meckern :)
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 03.01.2018
Better than expected, after all those comments. The bus was okay, it's true that you have to wait 4 hours till the ferry departs, but that wasn't a big problem for us.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 02.01.2018
Was a little confusing at 1st but it was fine at the end. Could've informed the passengers more on what was going on but other than that it was all gravy
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 01.01.2018
Very unpunctual and then they were the ones in a hurry. Really unorganized and LCAM Of information from the People coordinating the buses.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 01.01.2018
War alles super. Jedoch war die Klimaanlage zu kalt
Tagestour Abenteuer, Paradive Travel, 01.01.2018
They completet the mission in bringing us to the market and back home. BUT they give you no information about anything, no stories about the area and the market you are. We were always behind the schedule because they could not organise who as to go in which bus... So we were waiting for 40 minutes in the heat in front of our busses... They stop on both way at a gasoline to fill the bus... We had the idea they just want the tourist to buy stuff. You had to leave the car and then wait another 15 minutes to continue the journey.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 30.12.2017
Bus was an hour behind schedule. Otherwise it was decent and I would travel with them again.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 29.12.2017
The bus was fine, but then we had to wait 4 hours in the midddle of the night for the ferry. The boat was horrible, puked my ass off
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 24.12.2017
Bus komfortabel. Leider eine Verzögerung von 2 Stunden aber das stand bereits auf den Tickets dass es zu Verzögerungen kommen kann. Insgesamt bin ich zufrieden. Andere Länder andere Sitten;)
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 24.11.2017
Bien déroulé, tout dans les temps. Voyage un peu folklo mais sympas !
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 12.11.2017
Timetable ok. We arrived in time. Bus uncomfortable. No food coupon and no water. No information about stops. The bus toilet was in unacceptable conditions, too dirty. And the toilet at the stops were not free. We were dead on time at the Pick up point but we had to make some call to be sure that somebody will come to pick us up. The company man came after 45 minutes. Never more with paradive travel.
Tagestour Abenteuer, Paradive Travel, 10.11.2017
Nous avons réservé et payé en ligne sans problèmes et avons reçu le bon d'achat comme convenu. Le jour de notre excursion ils sont venus nous prendre à notre hôtel à l'heure convenu. Notre mini bus nous a amené dans point de rencontre à Khao san Rd ou l'attente du mini bus qui nous amenait à notre excursion a été un peu longue mélangé à un peu de confusion au niveau de l'organisation des différentes excursions. La guide parlait un anglais qui était parfois difficile à comprendre et elle avait des explications très sommaire sur le site et son histoire. Le chauffeur semblait avoir une mauvaise journée car il était un peu rude. Comme il s'agissait d'une excursion avec guide nous aurions apprécié pendant le trajet un peu d'information sur l'histoire et la culture à tous le moins sur le site que nous allions visiter. Nous sommes un peu déçu de la prestation général livré par cet opérateur.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 14.08.2017
Bus was warm, but not too warm. And there were blankets. But the smell of urine was terrible. We arrived at 4 0 clock at the pier and had to wait 3 hours for the ferry, while sitting on a wooden bench
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 07.08.2017
the bus got a flat tyre so took a lot longer than expected. the a/c above where the seat was leaked water on us the whole trip
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 06.08.2017
1 1/2 late
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 29.07.2017
My seat was broken, the backrest contstantly went all the way back. The leggrest didn't work at all. The staff was verry unfriendly and rude. During the whole trip they said anything about what was going to happen next. And the end it worked out fine, but it was nicer to know what was happening.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 09.07.2017
Bus arrived late, ferry got to Koh phangan 2 hours later than listed. The seats were very uncomfortable and absolutely freezing, especially since you can't turn the aircon off since the individual dials are broken. They say you can get a blanket on request but the only time you see an attendant is very briefly as they are herding you on and off the bus, so I wasn't able to get one. If you bring a jacket or something it's manageable. Three stars because despite the discomfort it was safe and there were no confusing transfers to deal with yourself. If you've got the money go on the train or fly, but if you're on a budget then bring a jacket and water/snacks and you'll get to Koh phangan in one piece.
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 12.06.2017
Ride was smooth but hard to hear sound of movie....I suggest English subtitles so the unfortunate can read. Also, I do like to read and above reading lights were not working. I asked driver who said he would fix it...never did!? It's a long ride if you can't sleep!
Bus Economy, Paradive Travel, 10.05.2017
Only food/drink stop in 18H was at a very expensive, dirty shop from which I'm sure the bus company gets commission. We had to wait for over 2 hours at night for the Ferry and arived 1,5 hour later than promised. The crew wasn't very nice too.. But the price was ok
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