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bus Express, Bang Saphan, 18.07.2019
We knew 3 hours is a lie, so we weren't surprised when the bus ride took around 5 hours. The employee was friendly and did his best to communicate with us with his little English and our non-existent Thai. We also got some water and had a 10-15 min stop at a roadhouse. We were dropped of at the highway right outside the city, which is not ideal, but at daytime it's not hard to find a ride into town (don't forget to bargain). The guy even knew the location of our guesthouse while google was wrong. The bus was old, but in good shape, good leg room and a perfectly working A/C. The Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal is super confusing, so be there in time to search for your ticket counter (to change the voucher to a real ticket) and your plattform.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 23.04.2019
Everybody knows that the given times are not resriously true. Travel time to Prachuap Khiri Khan was about 5 hours. In addition it should be clear about the bus stop locations.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 14.03.2019
Everything was good and well descriped, the seats were really comfortable, well air conditioned. It was easy to get some rest. The only thing was we arrived 2h later then originally planned. Unfortunatly i forgot my bag in the bus on Nr 17/18 in the bus. Please contact me on
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 03.03.2019
> 3h Late > at stop there was no Taxi > Late departures
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 26.01.2019
Der Bus war sauber, doch fuhr mit 25 Minuten Verspätung erst los. Fahrzeit sollte laut Internet 3,5 h sein, angekommen sind wir erst nach 6 h. Also sowas geht nicht.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 03.12.2018
The Bus was ok, Service too, but it took 6 hours from Bangkok to Prarchuap Khiri Khan, not 3 hours as the Information on the ticket said. Too long...
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 04.08.2019
Air conditioned coach, staff provided everyone with water and later a cooled wet wipe. standard journey
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 13.07.2019
Nice bus. It stops at t'he highway and no taxi available
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 06.07.2019
Booking easy, check in easy, smooth trip, bus staff remembered drop off location
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 15.06.2019
It's too bad the pick up is all the way out at the Sourthern Terminal. It's tough to get to - there is nothing else around there. The timing is very wrong - I took the bus at night with no traffic and no stops - and it still took 3.5 hours to Prachuap (not Bangsapan which is further)- in the daytime with traffic and stops it takes way longer. This is not really a trip for a foreigner, the bus doesnt really stop in Prachuap, but at a "bus stop"? just outside Prachuap. There are no taxi's there, or anyone really at all, so if you don't know someone already you will pretty much be stranded. You could walk to a gas station - that is fairly close...if you dont have luggage. The staff that run the bus are fantastic, they do their best to be very helpful - they make sure you know which stop to get off and they are well organized. The bus itself is clean, and very air conditioned.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 16.04.2019
Agree with the other comments. Trip time was 4.5hrs not 3. Some English signs at the south terminal would be hugely helpful. And last the drop off location should be in the town, not km's out. Otherwise a good trip with great AC and a very helpful bus lady and driver.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 25.03.2019
3 hours is a complete lie. There was no traffic and no unexpected stops yet the journey took four and a half hours in total, please change the trip time on this site to be more honest. Other than that it was a pleasant journey, the bus was decent with a small toilet and air conditioning which was working hard in the heat of summer but still kept us at a nice temperature throughout. The driver also stopped for ten minutes at the midway point to allow us to grab some food and use a public toilet. I feel as though it would have actually been better for us to have booked our tickets at the bus terminal itself as the tickets we bought on this site meant we were left outside of town, despite the fact that the bus continues into town. We were left a little stranded as Grab doesn't work here but luckily a woman working at the bus stop called a tuk tuk for us, price was 150 Baht.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 07.03.2019
1. Some sign posting in English at the Southern Bus Terminal would be really useful as had to ask people several times to be directed to the appropriate ticket collection area. 2. Express @ Bang Saphan it ain't! From the many other customer comments it's pretty clear that it's an exaggeration. It took 5 hours not 3. The driver also stopped about 4 times for various miscellaneous activities including picking up parcels and cargo, as well as dropping off stuff. 3. Got dropped off out of town with no explanation but luckily there were some motor bike taxis around. If I had more than my hefty backpack, I would have been dead meat.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 15.02.2019
Ticket said 3 hour trip .took 5 hours . Ticket said drop off point was prachaup khiri khan terminal. Dropped off 20 mins drive away on side of road ith no way to contact further transport.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 15.02.2019
2 and half hour late (even thought we leave Bangkok on time) expect that it was good
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 13.02.2019
Everything good, also the staff (lovely Lady) on the bus.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 24.11.2018
Good bus. Smooth trip. Left half an hour late waiting for a customer although I had to be there 30 mins early. Arrived 2hours late. Dropped down the road from the turning to my destination. Lots of room to stop nearer my turning.
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 20.12.2018
Einfach und gut!
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 22.07.2019
The trip lasted one hour more
bus Express, Bang Saphan, 18.04.2019
Bus was very hot

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