Busse von Siem Reap nach Pakse

Busse von Siem Reap nach Pakse


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Transport von Siem Reap nach Pakse

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Siem Reap nach Pakse Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 10.07.2019
Pickup service in SR great, Vans and drivers OK, at the border business as usual: 1 extra Dollar here, 2 extra there - we were well prepared... Overall a reliable job by ATV, thanks
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 26.07.2019
Well explained about the trip at siem reap end. But we when got to the town before the border we were told to get out that he going back to siem reap. We were not advised and was unclear what was happening we waited two hours there before we drove to the border. The drivers were all good felt safe
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 25.06.2019
Seats were not comfertable in the van. We waited at lunch for over 2 hours for another van to pick us up and therefore arrived in Pakse 2.5hrs late
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 05.01.2019
Except there were No stops for pee or coffee- Great!
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 08.07.2018
Took much longer than originally advertised/ told. Supposed to arrive 5:30.. then told 6-6:30pm.. but arrived at the pakse office just before 730pm. Overall the trip was fine. Changed vans twice; once at lunch and once at the border crossing. Crossing was easy, we were told in advance that the passport control would charge a stamp fee to exit and enter. It was very quiet. Overall well organised. Would recommend them.
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 18.11.2017
First van from Siem Reap to Pakxe was perfect with a really nice explanation of the whole trip. From Stung Treng to Pakxe we had to change bus. 30 minutes late there arrived a bus - loaded inside with tons of mangos so that the door could not open. There was very very little space left for 4 people and luggage. After a long discussion we decided to take the minivan- had no other option. Around us everywhere mangos- in the neck, at our foot. We had to sit in this very narrow space for more than five hours. After the border there were two police controls where the driver gave money to them and then we were good to go- so he was definitely smuggling something. We felt very unsafe and this is unfair treatment - starting with a good van and change to an overloaded transporter.
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