Busse von Shwe  Nyaung nach Bagan

Busse von Shwe  Nyaung nach Bagan

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Shwe  Nyaung to Bagan Bus Schedule

Shwe  Nyaung to Bagan Bus Schedule
Myanmar National Airlines Economy #UB21816:40 - 17:50฿ 5,297

Transport von Shwe  Nyaung nach Bagan

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    $ 148.99
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Shwe  Nyaung nach Bagan Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Sitze sind ganz komfortabel. Füße kann man hochlegen. Bordcrew sehr nett, Englischkenntnisse nicht sehr ausgeprägt. Es ist eiskalt im Bus. Auch nach Anfragen nicht abänderbar. Ich hatte 2 Hosen und 2 Jacken an, eine Decke und ein großes Tuch! Am schlimmsten war der Busfahrer, mit dem ich gleich 2x das Vergnügen hatte. Er hustet und zieht hoch und spuckt die ganze Zeit. Furchtbar. Schlafen unmöglich.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), 27.01.2020
top service, you get a snack box
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), 09.12.2019
Beinstütze und Hebel am Sitz gebrochen. Kam früh um 3 Uhr, besser später zu verlassen und kam 6-7 Uhr.
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Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, 25.04.2019
Too cold and too fast (2h30min be for scheduled arriving!) for a bustrip!
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), 22.02.2020
Bumpy ride but seats are comfy. Served a hot meal at first stop. Arrived an hour ahead of schedule but lots of taxis at terminal in Bagan throughout the night so no problem getting to hotel.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), 24.01.2020
Pleasant journey. I have a good night sleep
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), 03.01.2020
Bus seem to arrive too early in the morning at 3 am instead of the approximate 5.30am schedule. We were stuck at the bus station with taxi cahoots that maintain their steep prices. All these is really giving Myanmar tourist industry a bad image. Arriving too early too we were not able to check in early without paying extra cost.
Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, 17.12.2019
For the price I was paying, It was reasonably acceptable as I sat in the row with 1 chair and I was at the most front. The dissappointing thing is no bottled water was given, bus staff not able to communicate clearly with us on the time of the main bus breaks, especially at that time they were more foreign tourist.
Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, 07.06.2019
Is called VIP just because it has 3 seats in a row instead of 4. Is not bad but not like others VIP's companies. It was punctual
Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, 02.05.2019
The seats are too small and arrive too early
Bus VIP, Bagan Min Tha, 17.02.2019
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