Busse von Pakse nach Siem Reap

Busse von Pakse nach Siem Reap


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Transport von Pakse nach Siem Reap

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Pakse nach Siem Reap Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 19.11.2019
Letztendlich gut angekommen aber ziemlich unbequem
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 13.02.2020
The buses were ok. Had to wait in Champasak for over an hour whilst they changed the bus (probably for safety reasons) the driver once we got into cambodia was lovely
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 05.02.2020
Comfortable and smooth transfers of van from the border to Siem Reap.
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 14.08.2019
Got us there on time, however, the buses were very cramped and the AC did not work properly on all busses - not quite what we were expecting from the description.
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 12.07.2019
Very detailed email from the company however the bus was late to arrive and had no seatbelts for a very bumpy windy journey. Changed buses half way, much better and more space for everyone.
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 07.07.2019
Was pickup from hotel on time, in Pakse, in a good looking van. Did the rounds to get other guests and then we were driven to a location there in Pakse where we all transferred to an old beat up local bus. I was told that I was going to be traveling in a modern van. No, it was an old bus with very bad suspension. It’s AC was good, though. Exiting Lao and entering Cambodia, both sets of bureaucrats will rip you off. The Cambodian ones will literally bark at you and try to order you around. I sternly put a stop to that nonsense as I screamed louder than they did: it worked. The last leg into Siem Reap the driver decided to pickup a local lady, a very fat one at that, and the rest of us had to accommodate for that, resulting in crammed quarters for us paying costumers. In Siem Reap the tuk tuk driver said that hotel transfer was free. I corrected him by saying that the transfer wasn’t free, that it was included in the price we paid. The roads in Cambodia aren’t as good as the ones in Lao. All in all it wasn’t too bad. After all we’re here for the experience, aren’t we.
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 09.04.2019
very good and comfortable ride
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 28.10.2018
Everything was smooth and easy!
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 30.07.2018
We were picked up in Pakse at our hotel by a big bus at the right time, but it was a while before we had gone around and picked everyone up from different locations in town and along the way. We rode the bus very close to the border, where we changed to a tuk tuk. Border control was not a hassle - if you look out for scams. 1) Do your visa beforehand or pay 400000 kip at the border. 2) Complete your own forms on the spot or pay 40 dollars for someone else to do it... 3) Have around five 1-dollar notes to pay for the mandatory stamp fee and extras - if you pay with a large note, they might not give back the change. The personel on the cambodian side were grumpy but gave understandable directives. When everybody had gone through, we drove off in a mini-van with good AC but no leg space. After a few hours we stopped for a quick lunch (around 2 pm) and changed to another mini-van. From there we drove straight towards Siem Reap, which was the longest part of the 4-part journey. We arrived an hour before schedule and from there we were driven in tuk tuk straight to our hotel for stops. Overall: Great service and many changes. Bring snacks and water!
Van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer (AVT), 20.02.2018
Some information on beforehand, like mentioning changes from bus to van would be easy for is. Thanks for thé good trip.
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