Busse von Bangkok nach Phnom Penh

Busse von Bangkok nach Phnom Penh

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Transport von Bangkok nach Phnom Penh

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Bus Intercity, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 15.04.2019
Die erste Fahrt von Bangkok nach Siem Reap war super. Außer dass wir nicht wussten, dass wir in Siem Reap den Bus wechseln müssen, da es nirgends stand. Auf den anderen Bus mussten wir dann auch noch 4 Stunden warten, obwohl die Ankunftszeit in Phnom Penh 15 Uhr laut Buchungsbestätigung war! Letzten Endes kamen wir erst um 21 Uhr an! Wir erhielten nirgendwo eine Information, dass wir über Siem Reap fahren und dort den Bus wechseln müssen. Die Fahrt von Siem Reap nach Phnom Penh wurde von VBT durchgeführt, welche nicht zu empfehlen ist!!
Bus Intercity, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 02.09.2018
Sehr angenehme und gute fahrt.
Bus Intercity, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 12.02.2020
The first part of the trip (by bus) was okay. However, I only found out when I was boarding that the bus stops in Siem Reap, and from there I would have to take a van (price included) to Phnom Penh. My ETA was supposed to have been 15:00, but I only reached Phnom Penh around 18:30. The worst part is that my friend waited (in vain) for me at the stop, but I couldn't contact her until a much later stage (as there was no WIFI on the van). The 17,5- hour trip just wasn't worth it for me - next time I'll rather fly.
Bus Express Seater 41, Virak Buntham Express, 10.01.2020
Though I was told that the journey would go straight from Bangkok to Pnohm Penh it did not. We went to Siem Reap first and that took most of the day considering that most of the fellow travellers did not have an E-Visa and needed to get one at the border. I told my hotel in Pnohm Penh I would arrive about 20.00 pm. It was clear this would not go as they told me it would take five to six hours from Siem Reap to Pnohm Penh. First I was told to wait at a specific place with my luggage. A van standing there would bring me to Pnohm Penh. Then they told me to get on a tuktuk because I was to be brought to another bus station and take a bus from there. This was a sleeperbus and I had to lay there with a girl that was also going to Pnohm Penh. At different occasions I asked the staff member to call my hotel to tell them I would be very late. She and other staff members did not care about my concern and did not respond at all. We arrived at 01.00 Am where the girl stole food from me when I went to visit the toilet. On the whole this was a very bad experience and I advise anyone to look for another company to travel with.
Bus Intercity, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 02.01.2020
From to Bangkok to Siem Reap the trip was made in a by, comfortable bus with wireless. Then I switched to a mini van with locals to Phnom Penh. I love locals, very friendly, but the van was not really comfortable for a 6h ride... Even tough I like to travel by bus so globaly I would say I enjoyed and I would do it again.
Bus Intercity, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 20.11.2019
3 hours late from Siem Reip to Pnong Penh. Otherwise good
Flugzeug Economy, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 09.11.2019
Good trip. On schedule. 55min flight and meal offered. Not expected.
Flugzeug Economy, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 07.11.2019
Bangkok to Phnom Penh. A320. Great chairs and sufficient leg apace.. Great customer service. I found issue with my ticket and they solved it for free. The trip was only 50 minutes but they served a great meal. Compliments for this flight company and the service they deliver.
Bus Intercity, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 20.10.2019
Trip went fine. Picked up at Khaosan which sucks but it's Khaosan so you know what you're getting into with that. Stopped at the border, had to pay $10 extra cuz I had no visa pictures so total for getting into Cambodia was $40. Pretty tame as far as borders are concerned. Guide was very helpful, and friendly. Poi Pet (border crossing town) was a bit of a mess, but that's what you get with rural border crossings. Trip ended in Siem Reap, took a VIP minibus to Phnom Penh (a bit sketch with the driving, but driving here is nuts anyway.) Only complaint was that I couldn't charge my phone at all but that's whatever.
Bus Intercity, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 11.09.2019
The staff are nice and bus is good! The only problem is that I bought the ticket tô arrive in PP at 3pm and we arrived here 9pm
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