Personal Identification Documents

(Passport/ID Card, Residence Card/Visa/equal documents) are strictly compulsory. For flights, foreigners are required to present Passport only (ID Card is not allowed). Please make sure you always have them on hand during your travel. You will be denied to board and move between provinces without such documents.
You are required to fill in Health Declaration before you travel. Follow the link: https://tokhaiyte.vn/ (2 minutes) and take a screenshot of the QR code after you finish and present it when boarding.

Other Options

暹粒和胡志明市机场之间的运输类型 从暹粒到胡志明市机场的交通

  • 火车不可用
  • 公共汽车不可用
  • 轮渡不可用
  • 飞机不可用
  • 出租车不可用

从 暹粒 到 胡志明市机场 ]的旅游胜地评论

飞机 经济舱, Cambodia Angkor Air, 2019年10月17日
Small airplane, not so comfortable, very noisy and a little scary. However the trip went smoothly, the pilots where great!
飞机 经济舱, Cambodia Angkor Air, 2019年10月9日
Very easy flight
公共汽车 奢侈, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年4月28日
Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh city: We made it there ahead of schedule and they helped us through the border, which went smoothly. We were downgraded to a seated bus after they made us switch halfway through, even though we paid for the luxury sleeper. The office wait between buses was very dirty and we had cockroaches crawling up our legs and bags.
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年3月7日
Although the bus is old, the trip is comfortable if you travel alone in the bed. The air conditioner works fine only during the night.
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年2月26日
The journey ran on time. Couchettes are far too small for 2 average sized westerners, but luckily the bus wasn't full and we managed to get 1 each (i was prepared to buy another but the driver told me it was full!). Very little edible food available en route, and toilet stops sporadic at best. Next time i'll fly
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年2月18日
Im giving it 2 bc they accomodate us even we got late. Tho, the operators inside the bus were not approachable they are very hard to talk with! Change your people to more polite and understading one. We are on different nationality and should be fair to whom they are talking with. We dont pay for such persons like them.
公共汽车 快速, Mekong Express (Mekong Express), 2019年2月5日
Tiny space for legs Many many stops to pick up and drop off locals along the way Had no choice but to support the Cambodian corrupted system by paying an extra $5 to get our passport stamped faster. You can always refuse but they warn you that you’ll have to wait 1.30h at the border and the bus won’t wait for you. I would not really care if the bus ticket from Siem Reap to HoChiMinh was not $30ish, which is ALOT of money here
飞机 经济舱, Cambodia Angkor Air, 2019年1月30日
Not very accommodating aircraft personnel.
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年1月23日
The sheets were clean and the guides through the borders were good and fast... the only thing that was curiouse was the little bells to the drivers that you would not expect in a sleeping bus...
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年1月22日
I love that the travel is safe. We changed 3 buses, I'm assuming that's part of that. The pillows and blankets and the windows are DIRTY. PLEASE be more hygienic. When we do the switch, they don't change them. When we reached the border of Vietnam and went to immigration the man who collected our passports is a bit rude. I don't take it personally as maybe he just doesn't know how to phrase his words but he is perceived as a bit rude.
飞机 经济舱, Cambodia Angkor Air, 2019年1月19日
We were late and had some trouble with the bus. Otherwise it would have been very nice
飞机 经济舱, Cambodia Angkor Air, 2019年1月14日
Flight carrier changed to Vietnam airlines, which was actually better. However, flight delayed 1 hour. Uncertain if and how 12 Go Asia would help in this situation, had it gotten worse... Hmmm
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年12月31日
The bus is not conducive for a 16 hour ride. Plus the staffs are not approachable.
飞机 经济舱, Cambodia Angkor Air, 2018年12月26日
Easy painless transfer
公共汽车 奢侈, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年12月17日
We always got off from the bus which is kinda annoying without them saying anything Overall, we were able to get to our destination
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年12月6日
I've read a lot of negative comments about this bus. But in my experience, everything is okay. The bus are clean and the bed is not hard. The bus also come on time and we need to wait for transit around 1.5hrs. Unfortunately, if you have more than 170cm tall, it's a little bit uncomfortable for you to sleep on this sleeper bus. Overall it's a good bus to go from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年11月29日
Most of the staff were friendly and helpful. The bed is alright and worth the money paid for the ticket.
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年11月21日
Good thing we had a safe travel however the bunk beds were very small we can't fit ourselves. We hope that next time there are english speaking people that would assist foreigners.
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年11月17日
Very dis organized and don't give instruction in English. Very difficult for foreigners like us..
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年11月10日
Was ok, driver was mean and staff didnt spoke english. Took longer than expected, no wifi or toilet in the bus even though promised
公共汽车 快速, Mekong Express (Mekong Express), 2018年11月3日
Why do we ask to pay 2 dollars while we can process the visa by ourselves
飞机 经济舱, Vietnam Airlines (เวียดนาม แิอร์ไลน์), 2018年10月9日
An hour and a half by plane compared to an overnight bus ride-no contest. Enjoyed the flight!
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年10月5日
The bus was good but the drivers and the stuffs aren’t that fluent in english which makes me hard to communicate with them, and the worst part is someone took my bed in a stop over in phonm phen, i buy some foods and when i get back the bus there are 2girls and i ask the driver to tell them to transfer from another bed beacuse i already occupied it since in siem reap.. and they won stealing my bed, ???? i was a bit pissed off....
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年10月4日
The driver and the assistant are unpleasant ,the beds are too short and the lights up the beds don’t work and the Wi-Fi on board doesn’t exist! It is a terrible Travel
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年9月19日
We didn't have any English speaking guide inside the bus that made the transfers very confusing. The bed on the sleeper bus that's supposed to accommodate 2 persons is in fact only suitable for 1. After 5 hours on the sleeper bus, after arriving to Phnom Penh, you have to transfer to a regular bus. We didn't know that we have to get off because no announcement was made, we were just alarmed after we saw that everybody is getting off the bus.
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年9月14日
They dont give instructions to us on what to do. They dont speak english. They got mad at us. We don't even understand it. It was a mess. I left my glasses in the bus and they didn't give it back
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年9月11日
The lower part is to low- not balanced with the upper part. Its hard for tall people to fit in. Aircon not working too well. Travel is ok though
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年9月8日
Good journey, the beds are quite short if you’re 6ft or over which can be slightly problematic when trying to sleep. The journey through immigration took a long time and we were not informed as to what was going on, just pointed in various directions by the drivers. Would do it again!
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年9月1日
At first, we were on a sleeper bus going to Phnom Penh (11pm to 5am). Then we were asked to leave the bus at 5am because we will transfer to another bus according to the bus driver. Then we waited for an hour (just sitting infront of their office) waiting for the tuktuk to take us to the bus going to Ho Chi Minh. It took us another 7hrs to reach the immigration. The bus conductor collected all passports and proceed to the immigration counters. Then almost 1hr to reach the bus station where we all alighted.
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年8月31日
The ride was okay. If a client reads the terms and conditions including the reviews like I did they will be prepared for the scenario of the bus. The driver and his men are okay. They can speak and understand english somehow. However I think it will be better if they announce where we are and what to expect if it is the boarder or stop over or what juat so to avoid anxiety. The bus is too small its hard to move in the aisle. The aircon was okay but wifi was lost the moment we left the boarding station.
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年8月27日
Service ok. Free water, a blanket, pillow, a plug and AC (a bit broken so we could not control the amount of air coming out). You have to be okay with sleeping with a lot of noise. Otherwise it was good.
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年8月23日
The trip was smooth but the personnels doesn’t explain or tell passengers what to do or where to go during transfer in the border
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年8月12日
It is ok. Not a 5-star bus service but it's true that you will reach your destination at approximated proposed time. I don't have chances to experience other Cambodian bus services but I think this is a big bus service with many different bus routes to travel around Cambodia.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年7月25日
Bus changes are not good.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年7月14日
Took o/n sleeper Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh. took us only to Phnom Penh and then waited hours to then get on a normal bus to Ho Chi Minh.. would have booked differently had the transfer details been stated up front
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年6月18日
They made us change bus in the middle of the trip. From a sleeper bus to a normal seater bus. Its not according to what we paid for
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年6月3日
First sleeper bus bed was far too small could not accommodate two people. Do not provide you with a blanket and the pillow was rock hard. Staff at office in Phnom Penh told us next bus would come at 6:30 am but didn’t arrive until closer to 8. Mini bus driver seemed rude and annoyed. Never any explanations as to why we were stopping. No toilets on any buses even on sleeper bus which is ridiculous.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年5月3日
Bad experience, the personnel are not friendly, and are disrespectful. They even gave wrong tickets to 6 of our co passengers. Also, we were transferred to smaller and older bus when we reached Pnom Pehn. The personnel is not polite in checking the tickets even if he already saw us directly coming from their other bus. They didn’t even stop in any shopping center where we can buy food with in 14hr travel. We were also searched for unknown reason with out any explanation. But still given a rate of two stars because we arrived ahead of schedule.
公共汽车 快速, Mekong Express (Mekong Express), 2018年4月21日
We had to transfer buses twice in Siem Reap due to failure of the original bus, then the bus from Phnom Penh was old and the AC was very hot, the leg room was very small not comfortable at all.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年4月2日
wifi connection on the Bus is too slow. Multiple transfers before we reach the destination
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年3月30日
WLAN didn't function, neither were there toilets or snacks, personal didn't really communicate with us, nevertheless safe travel and possibility to sleep during the long trip.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年3月25日
We would like to request for refund as the bus left us at the entry point to ho chi minh
公共汽车 快速, Mekong Express (Mekong Express), 2018年3月15日
Did fine for a cheaper trip than a flight however it’s very long because you have to transfer to another bus. Trip was supposed to take 12 hours however instead took 14 hours. Not surprised because of visa issues with other guests and traffic however, I’m vegan and all of the stops that were made for meals had nothing I could eat and all they give to you is bread with meat in it. No WiFi or outlets. Overall I wouldn’t mind taking this bus again, it was safe and not terrible. I would recommend to other travelers if they’re looking to save money and not mind wasting a whole day on a bus but next time I’ll be more prepared if I want to deal with those said things for 14 hours. Or spend $25 more on a 1 hour flight.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年3月14日
It was really oke! In our booking was also food included, but we didn't get anything except a bottle of water. It took a while before the bus get out of the city from Siem Reap because it had a lot of short stops. But in the end it was a nice trip and we were thinking that it took not the 15 hours than it takes
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年3月6日
Kindly improve the cleanliness of the bed and the pillow.
公共汽车 快速, Mekong Express (Mekong Express), 2018年2月1日
We arrive 6.30am at the boarding then while there's still time we had our breakfast nearby. We went back by 7.25 but the staffs approach us unpolitely that we are the only one they're waiting. Is 7.25 late ? Is so, why is it in the note that people should be flexible with time? Also, we had 14hrs trip from siem reap to ho chi minh and they only give us 2 sets of bread. We were expecting to have heavy meal. But there is none. *summary* -unpolite staffs at the siem reap boarding - bus has no wifi - no heavy meal included for 14hrs trip from siem reap to ho chi minh.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2017年12月27日
I don't like the Hotel Bus type. I'm sort of claustrophobic and not being able to sit upright (i was placed down below) is a bit weird and uncomfortable.
公共汽车 快速, Mekong Express (Mekong Express), 2017年12月19日
We already booked severale trips with 12goasia and had good and bad expiriences. This time the busses and the service was very good exept for the promises who where made on the Ticket. We bought an Express Ticket from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh, Expectet Time 10 h. In Pnom Phen we had to chance the Bus and wait for 1,5h. Two times we had a stop to eat and arrived after 14h in Ho Chi Minh. When we talked to the Hostess about the duration of the trip she had to laught and told us that there is no Bus who takes only 10h. So why 12goasia sell this ticket for a more expensive price then the normal bus, which we had to take? Again disapointed!
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2017年11月6日
comfy travel
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2017年11月4日
It was a pleasant trip. We were assisted well by the bus staff including the driver. Although the beds were narrow, I could still get the rest I wanted. There’s no need to worry about toilet break because the driver makes several stops to give passengers a chance to go to toilets. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.
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