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公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年3月18日
I think the service was excellent. I see some complaints. Hire a personal driver if you want to be pampered. Check out the cost cry babies.
公共汽车 头等舱, Victory Liner, 2020年3月17日
Excellent except for the speed the driver was going, in most areas we shared with other vehicles. It was a bit scary.
公共汽车 头等舱, Victory Liner, 2020年3月15日
Please change the system of online booking wherein passengers have to provide hard copies of the ticket. As what I have to be observed paperless transactions are quite impressive like airports wherein they have to show online the reference number and they can get the ticket already. Whereas in victory liner even though first class have to wait to get the ticket without the printed copy. This should be paperless already!
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年3月10日
I asked to be dropped off along Marcos highway and the conductor response was that my baggage was at the other side of bus which is on the left side,however, when we reached our destination at Baguio terminal, the conductor despatched the baggage at the right side. I have to carry my four luggage again to Marcos highway.. My house is just 10 steps at the dropping point at Marcos highway. Conductor response was next time tell me where to drop you.. how do we know as we just arrived from Australia..
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年2月3日
its stops from time to time i taught i will just have 2 bus stop but they get also passenger along the way. By the driving was good he was not reckless and the conductor is nice and professional. Thats why when going back we got the p2p that does not have bus stop from other company.
公共汽车 头等舱, Victory Liner, 2020年2月3日
Bus left on time, travel was fast but we were expecting better seats and cr.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年1月31日
It was good :)
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年1月29日
Good Service , there is designated window and ticket attendant for online reservation to provide you the actual bus ticket.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年1月28日
The bus was comfortable . The driver was also skilled and careful.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年1月27日
The support is good, its just the travel time from Pasay to Baguio did not match what was indicated in the ticket. I think there was a delay of 2 hours.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年1月26日
leaking AC....
公共汽车 头等舱, Victory Liner, 2020年1月25日
Very convenient way and hassle free to use when travelling to Baguio.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年1月11日
Very good
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年1月8日
I would have rated it 5, but I don't know if its Victory liner or the driver, but the over head bins are already occupied by bamboos. To be weirdly specific, big bamboos, hence, no space for passengers in the back of the bus to put their bags. The guy seating next to me had to put his huge bag in his lap for more than 4 hours.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年1月6日
It was a good trip! Thank you, Victory Liner Pasay! There is no hassle upon claiming our ticket.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2020年1月1日
Overall the trip is smooth. Just having an issue with the voucher printing when I booked online. The staff was rude and not facilitative in having my voucher printed.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2019年12月30日
Driver and attendant always ensure passengers safety. Very Good
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2019年12月26日
We booked our ticket from Passy to Baguio due to an emergency we can't travel so my mom and niece used the ticket last Dec. 24.Thanks they allowed it, Nice bus and they depart on time ⌚, and accommodating staffs.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2019年12月26日
Thanks god we arrived safe in baguio.
公共汽车 头等舱, Victory Liner, 2019年12月19日
Bus left on time, driver and attendant were courteous. The ride was smooth and arrived on time. There was WIFI connection and an outlet for charging gadgets but no other amenities.
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2019年12月18日
I just had an issue with the booking because the money was deducted from my account but shows on the web that our booking is not yet paid.. Called their customer service and got annoyed with the first rep who cannot tell me what's going on.. I called again and finally spoke to someone who told me to wait for a few hours because it is still processing.. After a few minutes, the booking was confirmed.. Got a confirmation from the app and the email.. I like Victory liner because their buses always depart on time.. Also clean..????
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2019年12月18日
The trip was comfortable. The driver of the bus drove us smoothly from Manila to Baguio. Very efficient trip. I appreciate it. Thank you!!
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2019年12月16日
It was a good and safe trip for us.. The driver and the conductor are kind. Will keep on riding on this bus. :)
公共汽车 空调普通型, Victory Liner, 2019年12月15日
出租车 9 座客货车, Anis Transport, 2019年7月6日
The driver was very helpful and arrived ahead of schedule. Will definitely book again when we go on our next vacation.
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如何从 Pasay Victory Liner 往 碧瑶? 如您想从 Pasay Victory Liner 往 碧瑶, 您的选择是有限的。 对于这行程,我们只提供一种选择:
  • 公共汽车

Pasay Victory Liner 离 碧瑶有多远?

从陆地出发,从 Pasay Victory Liner 往 碧瑶 之间的距离是 237 英里 (380 公里)。 飞行距离是 134 英里 (214 公里).

需要多长时间才能从 Pasay Victory Liner 到 碧瑶?

旅行时间从 Pasay Victory Liner 往 碧瑶 需要 8 小时。

从 Pasay Victory Liner 往 碧瑶 要花费多少钱?

要从 Pasay Victory Liner 往 碧瑶 准备花大约 PHP 585 买您的机票。

每天从 Pasay Victory Liner 往 碧瑶有多少次行程?

巴士从 马尼拉 往 碧瑶 每天有 72 次行程。

从 Pasay Victory Liner 往 碧瑶 旅行的有用提示。

虽然 公共汽车 是我们为这行程提供的唯一选择,这些简单的提示和建议将有助于增强您的旅行经验。



  • 如果可以的话,一定要选择较高级的巴士车,以获得更舒适的旅行体验。这类巴士车通常设有空调系统、柔软的躺椅、Wi-Fi、浴室等。
  • 如飞机票一样,巴士车最好提前预订,这样您就能得到一个好座位。
  • 在预订巴士车时,要记住,延误是可能的。然而,至少在预定出发前15分钟到达巴士车站仍然是值得的。

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