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Paloh和金马士之间的运输类型 从Paloh到金马士的交通

  • 火车不可用
  • 公共汽车不可用
  • 轮渡不可用
  • 飞机不可用
  • 出租车不可用

从 Paloh 到 金马士 ]的旅游胜地评论

火车 #44 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2018年4月11日
JB sentral is really a convenient place to wait for your train schedule. However, i find that the seats are a bit itchy probably because it is old thus the 4-hr ride is a bit uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the staff are really friendly and helpful. I'm a solo traveler so im quiet happy that i feel safe in this trip.
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2018年4月6日
Missing the booked train wasn't ideal, but a pleasant trip later in the day and the new ticket wasn't horribly expensive. Comfortable, clean and relaxing.
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2018年3月26日
The arrival was delayed and the train encountered multiple disruptions between stations. Trains need to be improved.
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2018年3月9日
Trip was on time departing and arriving! Clean train and attentive personnel!
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2018年3月9日
A good old clickity clack train. Clean carraige and comfortable seats, and as noted by a number of reviews the aircon is near sub-antarctic - make sure you take something warm to wear. Lots of good scenery, even managed to spot a monkey at the top of a tree, but with the good comes the bad, there are acres upon acres upon more acres of palm oil plantations, interspersed with acres of rubber plantations. Still, it's a very worthwhile trip.
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2018年3月1日
Train was comfortable. Gap was quite wide and difficult to lift luggage over. Bathroom was VERY small and door was difficult to close. Water, soda and snacks were available for purchase. All in all it was a good trip and has excellent service.
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2018年2月11日
Excellent, train was late, but still arrived on time. Only problem was that the toilet was out of order.
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2017年10月23日
The train is older, but had a charger for your electronics in the wall by every seat, as far as I could tell, in the car I was in. (coming from U.S.A. you still need an adapter. Which I had) . The sit down toilet was out of order and the squat toilet was overflowing. The ride was great, air cold, and staff was very pleasant. I bargain for the price.
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2017年10月6日
In fact the train arrived at Gemas from JB over 15 mins late but the semi-fast connection to KL waited. Amazing!
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2017年10月3日
Aircon is very cold
火车 #40 仅是第2等级空调座位, Easybook Trains, 2017年9月11日
Railway staff were very helpful and we arrived 10 minutes early. Great as we had connection to KL. I had ignored Lonely Planet's advice to wear a jumper or fleece. Silly, I was freezing by the end. The air conditioning was unbelievable.
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如何从 Paloh 往 金马士?

如您想从 Paloh 往 金马士, 您的选择是有限的。 对于这行程,我们只提供一种选择: - 火车

Paloh 离 金马士有多远?

从陆地出发,从 Paloh 往 金马士 之间的距离是 62 英里 (99 公里)。 飞行距离是 50 英里 (79 公里).

需要多长时间才能从 Paloh 到 金马士?

旅行时间从 Paloh 往 金马士 需要 3 小时。

从 Paloh 往 金马士 要花费多少钱?

要从 Paloh 往 金马士 准备花大约 MYR 17.20 买您的机票。

每天从 Paloh 往 金马士有多少次行程?

火车总是按规定的时间表运行 - 每天有 1 次行程。

从 Paloh 往 金马士 旅行的有用提示。

虽然 火车 是我们为这行程提供的唯一选择,这些简单的提示和建议将有助于增强您的旅行经验。



  • 在选择火车的等級时,要仔细考虑每一件事。
  • 在大多数情况下,第二等級是足够舒适了 - 每个车厢设有2或4个卧铺,而且经常有空调。
  • 如果您想有个高级的体验,就选择第一等级票。 第一等票的价格包括 Wifi 和各种零食和饮料。

是否许多旅客乘坐 火车 从 Paloh 往 金马士?

到目前为止,已有旅客通过我们的服务,预定 549 张从 Paloh 往 金马士 的 火车 票。您可以检查上述评论。