Mandalar Minn Meikhtila到仰光

Mandalar Minn Meikhtila到仰光


Mandalar Minn Meikhtila和仰光之间的运输类型 从Mandalar Minn Meikhtila到仰光的交通

从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 到 仰光 ]的旅游胜地评论

火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways, 2020年3月8日
Train ride was as described. Tickets were delivered to our hotel for free as promised. Train did not have a dining car so it was a good thing we brought our own snacks. Train actually arrived on time. Overall an interesting adventure.
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways, 2019年12月31日
Train was on time leaving Mandalay and arriving in Yangon. We were travelling as a family of four and our kids loved the trip. The staff come around with a menu and take food orders or you can go to the restaurant car, food not included in the ticket price. The train rolls around a lot but that’s all part of the experience.
火车 #12 高级, Myanmar Railways, 2019年11月22日
Did train 12 0500 Mandalay - Yangon in Upper class ie comfort seat. Ticket service from 12Go was excellent. Seat comfortable for the whole 18.5 hour journey. No restaurant car but plenty of on train vendors. I just wish Myanmar Railways would make life a bit easier by having accurate information on train times in English available at stations & on the net. Staff at Mandalay were very helpful. All the information in English that was at Yangon has now disappeared.
火车 #6 高级, Myanmar Railways, 2019年11月1日
Seats were cramped.. never book the first 2 seats in the compartment as they have no leg space and no fan.. very in convenient for long journey
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如何从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光?

如您想从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光, 您的选择是有限的。 对于这行程,我们只提供一种选择: - 公共汽车

Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 离 仰光有多远?

从陆地出发,从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光 之间的距离是 356 英里 (572 公里)。 飞行距离是 274 英里 (440 公里).

需要多长时间才能从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 到 仰光?

旅行时间从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光 需要 8 小时。

从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光 要花费多少钱?

要从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光 准备花大约 MMK 18,125 买您的机票。

每天从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光有多少次行程?

巴士从 曼德勒 往 仰光 每天有 1 次行程。

从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光 旅行的有用提示。

虽然 公共汽车 是我们为这行程提供的唯一选择,这些简单的提示和建议将有助于增强您的旅行经验。



  • 如果可以的话,一定要选择较高级的巴士车,以获得更舒适的旅行体验。这类巴士车通常设有空调系统、柔软的躺椅、Wi-Fi、浴室等。
  • 如飞机票一样,巴士车最好提前预订,这样您就能得到一个好座位。
  • 在预订巴士车时,要记住,延误是可能的。然而,至少在预定出发前15分钟到达巴士车站仍然是值得的。

是否许多旅客乘坐 公共汽车 从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光?

到目前为止,已有旅客通过我们的服务,预定 578 张从 Mandalar Minn Meikhtila 往 仰光 的 公共汽车 票。您可以检查上述评论。