岘港 (DAD)到金兰国际机场 (CXR)

岘港 (DAD)到金兰国际机场 (CXR)



Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN194707:00 - 08:15VND 826k
Vietnam Railways 1st Class Sleeper 09:20 - 21:52VND 641k
VietJet Air Economy #VJ58108:45 - 09:50VND 788k
Bamboo Airways Economy #QH230508:35 - 09:45VND 752k
Bamboo Airways Economy #QH230511:55 - 13:05VND 752k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN194712:40 - 13:45VND 826k
VietJet Air Economy #VJ58112:05 - 13:10VND 788k
VietJet Air Economy #VJ58114:35 - 15:40VND 788k
Lien Hung Sleeper 19:00 - 06:45VND 271k

岘港和金兰国际机场之间的运输类型 从岘港到金兰国际机场的交通

从 岘港 (DAD) 到 金兰国际机场 (CXR) ]的旅游胜地评论

火车 #SE3 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年3月19日
Train was a good way to see country and its people.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年3月14日
It was ok
飞机 经济舱, VietJet Air, 2020年2月21日
Last minute flight tkt. Due to cancellation by Vietnam air.thank you Vietjet. Superb flight and seats. 4 mature travellers.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年2月18日
Not much difference to 2nd class except only 4 beds, pretty dirty but overall an okay trip.
火车 #SE1 2人舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年2月17日
It was clean, nice conductor and in the night we had only 3 little cockroaches which we killed with the anti brumm forte????
飞机 经济舱, VietJet Air, 2020年2月3日
飞机 经济舱, Vietnam Airlines (เวียดนาม แิอร์ไลน์), 2020年2月2日
everything was ok, except for 20m delay
火车 #SE21 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年1月31日
We had booked two beds in a 6-bed cabin. We ended up being 11 people, which was way too much!! The door had to stay open in order for people to be there. It was not a pleasant ride.
火车 #SE7 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年1月28日
We were left with the top berths which pretty much feel like a coffin. The a/c blows an icy wind frim just half a meter distance. The toilet is definitely off-limits to anyone with a sense of smell and a pair of eyes
火车 #SE21 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年1月21日
You get what you pay for. Definitely wouldn't recommend for the 12 hours I was on it. Aircon was too cold, needed to wear jacket with hood up and, toilets were 3rd world.
飞机 经济舱, VietJet Air, 2020年1月14日
Flight delayed. No offer of a drink of water.
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), 2020年1月11日
Наш рейс отменили, нам никто не сообщил, приехали на автовокзал поздно вечером с сумками и облом, пришлось ждать несколько часов до 2 ночи рейса который все таки поехал, было много свободного места, и удалось немного поспать, берите с собой влажные салфетки если хотите спать на чистом месте.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年1月9日
Cleanliness of the train is dubious. To climb up onto our top bunks required athletic flexibility as no ladder is provided. The berths are a bit hard and there are no privacy curtains. The train was punctual and it got us to our destination and we managed to sleep quite well. Apart from three other human passengers in our carriage a little mouse also made an appearance.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年1月5日
We had booked and paid 1st class tickets, but ended up in the same 2nd class booth we had travelled on a few days earlier, only this time for a few dollars more. We did not get the seats we had booked, which we had been informed about, therefore ok, still not cool. The trains are very dirty (we even had cockroaches), there are people smoking on the train and no one asks them to stop. The AC cannot be adjusted, thus be prepared to be cold and catch a cold (like I did). Booking service was good, we received the tickets within a few hours, but if you end up not getting the seats and class you paid for, there should be a refund of the difference.
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), 2020年1月5日
Schedule is not precise and arrival point at nha trang is too far from the city center. (This is just to give other traveler a heads up.) The ride was just ok though.
火车 #SE7 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2020年1月3日
Not so much clean
火车 #SE3 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年12月30日
Train arrived on time at Da Nang and Nha Trang. Reserved seats clearly marked and plenty of room for luggage. The only issue was with 'broken' seats, in this case the footrest would not go down which was uncomfortable for a ten hour journey.
火车 #SE5 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年12月25日
Service from 12goasia was really efficient and very user friendly.
火车 #SE7 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年12月22日
The train was quite cramped. No head room whatsoever, specially for the upper berths. The laundry was quite dirty - the bedsheets, the blankets are just folded once you used them and ready for the next guests, the pillows are dirty too.
火车 #SE1 2人舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年12月4日
Although the cabin appeared clean at the beginning, we spent the 8 and a half hour journey killing cockroaches. 16 in total. Very uncomfortable trip due to this.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年11月21日
Faster than bus, however very dirty, toilets very dirty. Cold and dirty cabinets. No place to charge any device. Sheets and pillow not changed. Would only recommend if you want to travel faster than bus. Best choice would be flying and bus.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年11月20日
Carruagem muito barulhenta, sem local para carregar telemóvel ou qualquer outra coisa, os lençóis não são mudados, apenas esticados e os colchões pouco confortáveis e estávamos em primeira classe. Apesar de tudo tinha um aspecto aparentemente limpo. Enfim, uma aventura que aconselho.
火车 #SE9 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年11月18日
Half of the seats were broken and the food was terrible.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年11月9日
Rooms and toilet in car was not clean enough. Although it was not as terrible as someone writes.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年11月8日
Roaches in the mattress - not a good experience.
火车 #SE7 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年10月19日
Very small spacing as I'm 5'10, 210 pounds. I can fit in but don't expect to turn or sit up. Can be good if your just sleeping the whole way. Higher beds are closer to the ac.
火车 #SE3 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年10月9日
Very easy trip that suited us well since we wanted to go by anything else but flight. Nice seats and they sold food and drinks on the train. The bad thing was the cockroaches and the toilets.
火车 #SE3 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年9月29日
Especially the toilets are not clean, the rest also not.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年9月26日
My blanket was in a ball on my bed when I arrived and there was a dead bug under my pillow. The train itself is very noisy and with the wind I needed headphones to listen to music. There is no curtain for privacy of course the toilets are nasty. The train was also an hour late. On the good side of things: the staff warned me personally when we arrived at my stop (ie woke me up).
火车 #SE3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Violette Express Train, 2019年9月14日
I had come to Vietnam to travel the country by train and was not expecting high standards of any type, The trains and station facilities are very basic and there is a definite lack of information for tourists, no help from staff at station not a word then again nobody in this country seems to want to engage with tourists or not me at least ??? I have enjoyed my train journeys and I’ve seen some fantastic scenery along the way and would recommend you for yourself however just don’t expect high standards that you may be used too in your own country. I paid for violette train SE3 which should have had luxury compartments as in the description and cost was far higher than standard price ??? Apparently this was the only ticket available so I had no choice, standard is always good enough for me. There was a woman sitting at a small desk at the station where I swapped my voucher and was given a ticket for getting through the automatic barriers. I boarded at Danang and my cabin was very dirty from previous occupants from Hanoi to Danang, there was lots of insects crawling on the walls, the bedding had been used already and just simply folded for me to reuse. I quickly realised that my compartment was no different to any other compartment on the train regardless of ticket type you paid for so makes me wonder why I had to pay far more for the same thing ? I arrived at Nah Trang 20 minutes late, not bad for over 9 hour journey. Go for it and give it a try but don’t expect too much, certainly don’t expect a Vietnamese to acknowledge you or speak to you, maybe push you out the way, give you dirty looks, run off with your change !
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年8月16日
Booking easy and smooth, unlike the rail lines. Bed clean, but it was difficult to sleep due to the very hard mattress and bumpy ride.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年8月12日
Delayed and dirty
火车 #SE7 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年8月9日
There were cockroaches on the Floor. And no clean sheets. For the rest a comfortabel trip
火车 #SE7 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年8月4日
Travel was safe and as good as expected, but the sleeping cabin on the top bunk was dirty and there were 10 people sleeping in the 6 birth cabin. All in all it was an experience, but better signage at the station and more info on the website about what the bunk order is would be good
火车 #SE5 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年8月3日
Expected it to be worse. Apart from 30' delay no complaints. 8,5 hrs train for little less than 500km.
火车 #SE1 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年7月31日
The train was delayed and we were sitting to close to the smelley toilet. Besides that people were smoking there so that wasn’t pleasent either.
火车 #SE1 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年7月27日
The train had a delay of 100 minutes. The chairs were broken, the toilet was very dirty.
火车 #SE1 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年7月18日
Not clean seats, people just thought garbage on a floor. It will be so good if you have place for trash.
火车 #SE9 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年7月18日
The train was a little late but the seats are comfortable and the AC worked well.
火车 #SE21 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年7月17日
A bit scared when i was reading some comments but the trip was great! The 1st class sleeper is good enough for our 10 hours trip. You have usb charger on your bed and because they only announce stops in Vietnamese, someone came to tell us we had to go out in the next stop. So we new when to go out the train. We are taking an other 9 hours trip in 1st class sleeper in 2 days, and we are now relax about this coming trip
火车 #SE3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Violette Express Train, 2019年7月16日
Vi havde en fin togtur. Vognen var ok ren og pæn. Dog så vi en lille mus under et af vores sæder. Desuden kunne rude med fordel gøres ren, så man kunne se mere ud af den. Men samlet er vi fint tilfredse.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年5月26日
The top bunks aren't as comfy as the bottom ones. Our bunks we're occupied before we got on and weren't cleaned / the bed-linen wasn't replaced.
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年5月16日
1. class wasn't clean. Whole night was so cold temperature from air condition and loud speachers.
火车 #SE5 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年4月29日
My fault for picking the top bunk but not alot of headroom otherwise just fine
火车 #SE7 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam), 2019年4月25日
Sheets were dirty and smelled. A lot of cockroaches
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  • 飞机
  • 火车


旅行费用取决于您在旅行中选择的交通方式。飞机是最昂贵的选择 – 需要花费 VND 18,599,034。如果您想节省交通费用,最好选择火车,因为火车的票价可低至VND 411,180


如果是陆路旅行,了解岘港点距离金兰国际机场点有多远是非常重要的。陆路距离为360英里(578公里),飞机航线距离为290英里(466 公里)。




由于乘坐的交通工具不同,从岘港点前往金兰国际机场点,所花费的交通费用也有所不同。最便宜的运营商是Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam),乘坐火车出行预计票价可低至 VND 411,180

但是,如果您追求高档次的旅行,可以选择最贵的交通工具飞机 – 单程飞机票价可高达VND 18,599,034


  • 公共汽车票 - VND 246,708VND 274,120;
  • 火车票 - VND 411,180VND 411,180;
  • 机票 - VND 740,124VND 18,612,740;

也可以乘坐出租车 – 费用约为至。



  • 从岘港点到芽庄点的航班在白天出发 - 每天大约有1个班次。
  • 公共汽车从早上19:00开始运营,直到晚上19:30。每天有1个公共汽车班次可供选择。
  • 火车按火车时刻表运行,每天有1班火车可供选择。



从岘港点前往芽庄点,飞机航班是最快捷的交通工具。虽然飞机通常是最昂贵的,但偶遇折扣促销时,可能与火车或渡轮票价差不多。通常最低的机票价格为VND 740,124


  • 建议提前预订机票,并在线办理登机手续。这样可以在机场节省2个多小时。而且,如果航班的座位分配采用先到先得的方式,您将拥有更多的选择。

  • 进行机场安检可能需要一些时间,建议至少提前1.5小时到达机场。

从岘港点飞往芽庄点的航空公司 Asiana Airlines, Bamboo Airways, VietJet Air, Vietnam Airlines (เวียดนาม แิอร์ไลน์)




  • 如果可能的话,请务必选择高级公共汽车,会使整个旅程更舒适。这种公共汽车通常会配有空调系统、可调节软座椅、Wi-Fi和车载卫生间等。

  • 和机票一样,最好也要提前预订巴士车票,确保购买到较好位置的座位。

  • 在预订巴士时,要知道巴士班次可能会延误。但是,仍然需要至少提前15分钟到达公共汽车站。







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