大叻 Hanh Cafe到Tan Son Nhat airport

大叻 Hanh Cafe到Tan Son Nhat airport


大叻 Hanh Cafe去Tan Son Nhat airport日程表

大叻 Hanh Cafe去Tan Son Nhat airport日程表
Mui Ne Sky Travel SUV 4pax 任何时间VND 3,300k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN738107:50 - 08:50VND 693k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN138108:05 - 09:00VND 693k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN622110:35 - 11:30VND 677k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN622112:35 - 13:30VND 677k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN138314:20 - 15:20VND 678k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN622516:25 - 17:30VND 677k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN138719:40 - 20:40VND 693k
VietJet Air Economy #VJ36321:15 - 22:10VND 743k
Bamboo Airways Economy #QH132321:55 - 22:55VND 694k
Phuong Trang Express 21:00 - 05:00VND 294k
Vietnam Airlines Economy #VN738522:30 - 23:30VND 1,813k

大叻 Hanh Cafe和Tan Son Nhat airport之间的运输类型 从大叻 Hanh Cafe到Tan Son Nhat airport的交通

从 大叻 Hanh Cafe 到 Tan Son Nhat airport ]的旅游胜地评论

公共汽车 Executive, 3S Limo (3S Limo), 2019年12月23日
Beautiful place
公共汽车 VIP舱, Kumho Samco (Kumho Samco), 2020年3月29日
Amazingly comfortable. Staff was perfect.
公共汽车 小巴, Thinh Phat Limousine (Thịnh Phát), 2020年2月27日
The bus itself was comfortable however the driver was incredibly rude. Approx an hour and a half from the final stop the bus pulled in and our bags were taken off the bus and put into another smaller bus without explanation. When we questioned the driver he simple told us to get off the bus. I understand not everyone in Vietnam has great English, so using google translate he again told us to get off the bus and a motor bike would bring us to the airport. We tried to explain we wanted to go into the city to which he responded thought Google translate again to get into the other bus. as we tried to ask why we were being moved from one bus to another the bus driver proceed to speak Vietnamese with other passengers and sitting around us. They all began to stare laugh at myself and my partner as we tried to understand what was happening. A very uncomfortable and unsettling experience. Having two different drivers and other passengers intentionally laughing at us was incredibly unprofessional and we won't be travelling with this company again.
公共汽车 快速, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年2月25日
Comfortable trip with two rest stops along the way.
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2020年2月4日
Bus was comfortable, luxury. Stopped at nice bathrooms. Did get in 4hrs early.
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2020年2月3日
Good service!
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2020年2月2日
The first ride to Dalat was upper seats and my parents had difficulty to climb up so we requested for change on this ride but was told bus was full. Understand that if the bus was fully booked then no choice on reallocation but at the first place we weren’t given the choice to select seat! Please kindly consider to give lower deck seating to oldies.
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2020年2月1日
Loved the ride and the view !
公共汽车 快速, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2020年1月26日
We travelled from dalat to ho chi Minh in a semi sleeper bus but don't be fooled, we didn't get any sleep. The driver drove like a maniac, constantly accelerating and then immediately braking, used the horn every two seconds, really reckless driving. I know this is how they drive in Vietnam, but I think it has to change, especially when they have tourists on board. The only good thing I can say is that we reached our destination 2 hours earlier.The two stars are because the bus was very comfortable. Unfortunately the ride was not.
公共汽车 快速, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年1月8日
Finding and booking a trip is so easy and hassle-free. It was a pleasant ride. It was just confusing that I was given a wrong bus number at the station's desk. Even the assistance crew during boarding got confused.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2020年1月3日
Comfy ride
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年12月21日
I reached earlier than expected (~2hrs before). It was a smooth & safe journey, driver wasn't speeding & there were multiple toilet breaks. The lady at HCMC bus station was also kind enough to guide & tell us that the bus have arrived.However, please do not expect to have announcements made in english language. Also, I believe the company should look into the cleanliness of each cabin as there were leftover of what seems to be potato chips in the personal cabin.
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019年12月17日
Travelled with this company 3 times. HCMC to Mui Ne. Mui Ne to Dalat and Dalat to HCMC. No complaints with any of the journeys. Nice buses and comfortable. The road from Mui Ne to Dalat is incredibly bumpy but not the bus company fault. Overall consistently impressed.
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist (The SinhTourist), 2019年12月12日
The trip went smoothly. However, the costumer service from 12goasia was non existing, sent several emails about geting seats in the front of the bus but they did not help.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年12月5日
I was asked to pay during the trip again even though I already paid online. Booking was simple and easy, but it is much more expensive than booking on the spot. Hope the processing fee can be reduced.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年11月29日
Need more WC stops. The driver is over taking constantly. Even when it is too dangerous to overtake. I do not feel safe at all.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年11月8日
It depart at 23 30 aprox. And arive at 5 00 am. Not as planed.
公共汽车 半卧铺, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年10月23日
wonderful trip
公共汽车 半卧铺, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年10月22日
30 minute bathroom/food break midway. Bus arrived at my stop in HCMC at 12 midnight (1 hour early!) Lots of beeping but overall a good experience :) Took the 6pm - 1am bus from Da Lat to HCMC
公共汽车 小巴, Thinh Phat Limousine (Thịnh Phát), 2019年10月13日
Actually, the bus was good because we felt like VIP , but the problem was the driver cannot speak and cannot understand English. It's very hard to communicate.. I hope the driver has companion to translate in English..
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年10月4日
The novelty of the sleeper bus ride was a win, but we arrived way earlier than advertised and had to find sleep at an all night sports bar. Once was fine to experience local travel but I doubt I'd do it again
飞机 商务舱, 3S Limo (3S Limo), 2019年10月1日
1)I was not inform of change of boarding point in Dalat. 2)Alighting point in Hcmc also change.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年9月16日
Very nice bus, but screens and chargers didn’t work. One bathroom stop over a 6.5 hr bus is inhumane. Very difficult to communicate with staff
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年9月14日
They only did 1 stop. Me and my son end up feeling really terrible as we need to go toilet.
公共汽车 小巴, Thinh Phat Limousine (Thịnh Phát), 2019年9月5日
Many stops
公共汽车 半卧铺, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年8月28日
My first time in a semi sleeper. Great experience. Driver very skillful and competent. How they manage to maneuver that large vehicle in heavy traffic defies description. I felt safe at all times. Only issue - lack of English speaking assistant on bus, otherwise great.
公共汽车 小巴, Thinh Phat Limousine (Thịnh Phát), 2019年8月26日
Very comfortable seats, excellent air con, helpful driver.
公共汽车 半卧铺, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年8月26日
bus yang sangat selesa dengan harga yang berpatutan akan tetapi pemandu tidak wajar mencampak kan bag2 kami semasa mengeluarkan dari tempat simpanan bag
公共汽车 半卧铺, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年8月21日
The bus journey was absolutely amazing. It was so clean and honestly the 7 hours from Dalat to Ho Chi Minh city was the smoothest bus ride I have ever taken in my life.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年8月17日
The staff spoke no English but the bus was okay.. Might not take it again tho, was okay but had better experiences
公共汽车 半卧铺, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年8月16日
It was a plesent and fast ride
公共汽车 小巴, Thinh Phat Limousine (Thịnh Phát), 2019年8月15日
THe bus was comfortable And efficiently to ride the bus especially for the long journey.
公共汽车 商务舱, 3S Limo (3S Limo), 2019年7月23日
Great driver, lux. seats
公共汽车 VIP 20, Thanh Buoi (Thành Bưởi), 2019年7月23日
The best coach journey we made in Vietnam! The sleeping berths are spacious (unusual in Vietnam when you’re 6ft +) and the air conditioning worked well. There were even charging ports so I could listen to music without having to worry about running out of battery. We did get into Ho Chi Minh City about an hour and a half late but you can’t blame Thành Buoi for the traffic!
公共汽车 半卧铺, Phuong Trang (Phương Trang), 2019年7月16日
Very helpful service and comfortable trip!
公共汽车 小巴, Thinh Phat Limousine (Thịnh Phát), 2019年6月8日
This bus was quieter than the bus up to Da Lat , everything went smoothly although I doubt it would have had I not had a Việt Nam! Person ring so many times to get information about the pickup point, next time maybe not the bus
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如何从大叻 Hanh Cafe点前往Tan Son Nhat airport点?

如果想从大叻 Hanh Cafe点前往Tan Son Nhat airport点,有多种方式可以考虑。乘坐不同的交通工具可以在各个目的地之间旅行:

  • 飞机
  • 公共汽车
  • 出租车


旅行费用取决于您在旅行中选择的交通方式。出租车是最昂贵的选择 – 需要花费 VND 44,860,541。如果您想节省交通费用,最好选择公共汽车,因为公共汽车的票价可低至VND 271,653

大叻 Hanh Cafe点距离Tan Son Nhat airport点有多远?

如果是陆路旅行,了解大叻 Hanh Cafe点距离Tan Son Nhat airport点有多远是非常重要的。陆路距离为174英里(279公里),飞机航线距离为134英里(215 公里)。

从大叻 Hanh Cafe点到Tan Son Nhat airport点需要多长时间?

由于乘坐的交通工具不同,从大叻 Hanh Cafe点到Tan Son Nhat airport点所需时间也会有所不同。将所有可预期的因素考虑进去,全程应该需要1到23小时。

从大叻 Hanh Cafe点到Tan Son Nhat airport点的交通费用为多少?

由于乘坐的交通工具不同,从大叻 Hanh Cafe点前往Tan Son Nhat airport点,所花费的交通费用也有所不同。最便宜的运营商是Dan Anh (Đan Anh),乘坐公共汽车出行预计票价可低至 VND 271,653

但是,如果您追求高档次的旅行,可以选择最贵的交通工具出租车 – 单程出租车票价可高达VND 44,860,541

下图表为从大叻 Hanh Cafe点前往Tan Son Nhat airport点可选择的交通工具和票价范围:

  • 公共汽车票 - VND 274,120VND 301,532;
  • 机票 - VND 657,888VND 6,743,349;

也可以乘坐出租车 – 费用约为VND 3,179,791VND 44,873,425

也可以乘坐出租车 – 费用约为至。

从大叻 Hanh Cafe点前往Tan Son Nhat airport点,每天有多少趟交通可供选择?


  • 从大叻点到胡志明市点的航班在白天出发 - 每天大约有1个班次。
  • 公共汽车从早上07:00开始运营,直到晚上23:00。每天有1个公共汽车班次可供选择。




从大叻点前往胡志明市点,飞机航班是最快捷的交通工具。虽然飞机通常是最昂贵的,但偶遇折扣促销时,可能与火车或渡轮票价差不多。通常最低的机票价格为VND 657,888


  • 建议提前预订机票,并在线办理登机手续。这样可以在机场节省2个多小时。而且,如果航班的座位分配采用先到先得的方式,您将拥有更多的选择。

  • 进行机场安检可能需要一些时间,建议至少提前1.5小时到达机场。

从大叻点飞往胡志明市点的航空公司 Bamboo Airways, VietJet Air, Vietnam Airlines (เวียดนาม แิอร์ไลน์)




  • 如果可能的话,请务必选择高级公共汽车,会使整个旅程更舒适。这种公共汽车通常会配有空调系统、可调节软座椅、Wi-Fi和车载卫生间等。

  • 和机票一样,最好也要提前预订巴士车票,确保购买到较好位置的座位。

  • 在预订巴士时,要知道巴士班次可能会延误。但是,仍然需要至少提前15分钟到达公共汽车站。



根据路线距离,全程费用需要VND 3,179,791


从大叻 Hanh Cafe点前往Tan Son Nhat airport点最受欢迎的交通工具

如何选择从大叻 Hanh Cafe点到Tan Son Nhat airport点最方便的旅行方式?为了让您更轻松地选择交通工具,我们邀请了1000名用户针对此路线给出他们的意见。以下是调查结果:

  • 100%用户决定乘坐公共汽车。