Bandar Tasik Selatan到怡保

Bandar Tasik Selatan到怡保


Bandar Tasik Selatan去怡保日程表

Bandar Tasik Selatan去怡保日程表
StarMart Express 27 00:30 - 04:30MYR 31.64
Billion Stars Express VIP 07:00 - 10:08MYR 24.26
KTM ETS Gold 08:50 - 11:23MYR 41.46
KTM ETS Gold 10:33 - 13:11MYR 41.46
StarMart Express 27 12:30 - 16:30MYR 29.70
KTM ETS Platinum 15:55 - 18:21MYR 52.64
KTM ETS Platinum 17:33 - 19:59MYR 52.64
Billion Stars Express VIP 16:00 - 19:08MYR 24.26
Kesatuan Express Express 16:45 - 19:53MYR 27.50
KTM ETS Platinum 18:25 - 20:54MYR 53.76
StarMart Express 27 20:30 - 00:30MYR 30.10
StarMart Express 27 23:45 - 03:45MYR 30.10

Bandar Tasik Selatan和怡保之间的运输类型 从Bandar Tasik Selatan到怡保的交通

  • 火车
    MYR 43
  • 公共汽车不可用
  • 轮渡不可用
  • 飞机不可用
  • 出租车不可用

从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 到 怡保 ]的旅游胜地评论

火车 #9022 ETS黄金, Easybook Trains, 2019年9月27日
公共汽车 VIP 24, StarMart Express, 2020年1月22日
I missed my trip could you please reimburse me for this ticket
公共汽车 VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, 2019年11月4日
Very interesting trip. The bus was very clean and the driver very competent. My only request is please clean the windows of marks left by previous notices - being a tourist I like to take photos of the fabulous scenery not take photos of dirty blobs on the window. A very pleasant experiece and we are pleased that we choseto travel with you.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transnasional, 2019年9月9日
The ride was very comfortable, but there was a very anoying beeping the whole time. Without it I would give five stars, because the rest of the ride was good.
火车 #9030 ETS黄金, Easybook Trains, 2019年9月1日
Very comfortable and perfectly on time ????
公共汽车 VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, 2019年8月29日
Clean bus and smooth driving
公共汽车 快速, Sri Maju Group, 2019年8月24日
Excellent trip. Left on time, arrived on time, good comfortable bus, good driver.
公共汽车 快速, Plusliner, 2019年8月19日
Delayed about one hour
公共汽车 快速, Plusliner, 2019年7月29日
The trip was alright except the bus was delayed for 45 mins.
公共汽车 快速, Sri Maju Group, 2019年7月21日
on time, the bus is nice and the driver drives smoothly
公共汽车 VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, 2019年7月10日
Bus left on time to Ipoh. Very good driver and coach was comfortable
公共汽车 VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, 2019年7月8日
The trip was comfortable but the bus is too old the chair and cartins should be change.also no drinks offer during the trip
公共汽车 VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, 2019年7月4日
Departure was on time. Everything was okay!
火车 #9026 ETS黄金, Easybook Trains, 2019年7月2日
Very good service. Everything went as expected.
火车 #9026 ETS黄金, Easybook Trains, 2019年6月24日
Train clean, on time, easy access. My assigned seat not good but I cannot blame anybody. Coach A seat 15A but it was a table for 4 . I have arthritic knees that need stretching but I feared upsetting the lady in front of me. My return trip today Coach C 5D was excellent Sentral is easy if you follow signs, but agree potentially scary. Ipoh was easy. Recommended route from KL to Ipoh, even for foriegners like me.
公共汽车 快速, Plusliner, 2019年6月3日
Once we understood that we needed to swap our booking form for boarding pass we made it to the departure gate fine. The trip was uneventful although the seat numbers meant nothing as we were told you sit anywhere. Despite the window notice advising to “buckle up” there are no seat belts.
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如何从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保?

如您想从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保, 您的选择是有限的。 对于这行程,我们只提供一种选择: - 火车

Bandar Tasik Selatan 离 怡保有多远?

从陆地出发,从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保 之间的距离是 149 英里 (239 公里)。 飞行距离是 115 英里 (184 公里).

需要多长时间才能从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 到 怡保?

旅行时间从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保 需要 3 小时。

从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保 要花费多少钱?

要从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保 准备花大约 MYR 42.58 买您的机票。

每天从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保有多少次行程?

火车总是按规定的时间表运行 - 每天有 1 次行程。

从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保 旅行的有用提示。

虽然 火车 是我们为这行程提供的唯一选择,这些简单的提示和建议将有助于增强您的旅行经验。



  • 在选择火车的等級时,要仔细考虑每一件事。
  • 在大多数情况下,第二等級是足够舒适了 - 每个车厢设有2或4个卧铺,而且经常有空调。
  • 如果您想有个高级的体验,就选择第一等级票。 第一等票的价格包括 Wifi 和各种零食和饮料。

是否许多旅客乘坐 火车 从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保?

到目前为止,已有旅客通过我们的服务,预定 584 张从 Bandar Tasik Selatan 往 怡保 的 火车 票。您可以检查上述评论。