蒲甘 Shwe Pyi到昂民拉尔巴士站

蒲甘 Shwe Pyi到昂民拉尔巴士站


蒲甘 Shwe Pyi和昂民拉尔巴士站之间的运输类型 从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi到昂民拉尔巴士站的交通

从 蒲甘 Shwe Pyi 到 昂民拉尔巴士站 ]的旅游胜地评论

火车 #62 卧铺, Myanmar Railways, 2020年3月20日
公共汽车 商务舱, Elite Express, 2020年3月11日
Excellent journey, comfortable & arrived 2 hrs early Some confusion with disembarkation - initially stopped at taxi area 2 miles before bus station to encourage customers to get off early
火车 #62 卧铺, Myanmar Railways, 2020年2月9日
Overall good experience. Train was late, instead 9:30 arriving at 15:00. Was super hot at the day time.
公共汽车 VIP 31, Mandalar Minn Express, 2020年2月6日
They came to pick me up to my hotel for free. (You need to call them for pick up, though). Very comfortable seat, with thick blanket. They offerred nice hot coffee before departure, and nice cold towel and toothbrush, etc. for 30-minute break. Everyone needs to get off the bus for the 30-minutes break for security reasons (as the driver locks the door).
火车 #62 卧铺, Myanmar Railways, 2020年2月1日
An incredible experience. Facilities were adequate but expected.
火车 #62 卧铺, Myanmar Railways, 2020年1月15日
We had nice seats and the staff was very kind. Only the food and drinks onboard were a bit more expensive then if you’d buy it outside. But overal good experience!
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express, 2020年1月8日
The driver was driving very fast. Way too fast.
火车 #62 卧铺, Myanmar Railways, 2019年12月21日
Personally I'd rate our experience 5 stars because it worked out for us, but the train left nearly 7 hours late and was slower than expected. We left at 10:30pm(meant to be 4pm) and arrived in Yangon at 6pm the next day (meant to be 9:30am). We didn't have any connections to make though, and the ride through the vast farming land and villages was actually quite a relaxing way to spend the day. The 2 of us were the only ones in the sleeper berth carriage which has 2 long thin beds and 8 more regular seats which flatten out into very short "beds", surprisingly easy to sleep even with the loud noise and rocking of the train. No food in the carriage as its separate from the rest of the train, but people in villages will come up to the window with reasonably priced fruits and food. If you've got the time and no flights to make I'd recommend the train, otherwise avoid it.
火车 #62 卧铺, Myanmar Railways, 2019年12月16日
The experience was great. We knew the train was slower than the bus and the conditions were a bit more rudimentary. We got a 4 bed cabin with toilet. Beds were ok. The train is noisy and in the night it gets cold (no glass for the windows). Bring your own food or expect to pay quite a lot for the fried rice and vegetables that the train offers. Once we got in the train we were asked for what we'd like for dinner and breakfast. We thought the meals were included as they didn't mentioned the price and it was the first thing we had to do once in the train. Our surprise came the day after when we had to pay 34.500mmk for x4 fried rice, x4 vegetables, x2 coffees and a water. If we had known the meals weren't included we wouldn't have ordered so much food.
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express, 2019年12月16日
Seamless and safe journey back from Bagan to Yangon. Complimentary transfer bus pickup directly from hotel to bus terminal, and bus to Yangon city area too. Good stopovers/toilet break and in-bus snack & water.
飞机 经济舱, Air KBZ, 2019年11月27日
Compagnie fiable, à l'heure. Avion récent et bien entretenu (ATR français). Service correct. Je recommande.
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express, 2019年11月14日
Safe and on time. Relatively comfy seats with snacks and drink. Stop overs were well timed.
火车 #62 卧铺, Myanmar Railways, 2019年11月10日
More uncomfortly ,unclean, nasty toilet than expected ,from a 1. Class sleeper
飞机 经济舱, Air KBZ, 2019年11月7日
Good airline, they offered us a light meal even being a short flight. I just don't give 5* because the flight arrived delayed and also the back seats didn't move.
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express, 2019年10月30日
Not too bad, seats are comfy and spacious. My screen is not working! Would be better if transport was provided after arriving at the bus station (which is really far from the city) as these taxi drivers around once we alighted were all surrounding and trying to scam us with ridiculous price just to get to the city.
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如何从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点前往昂民拉尔巴士站点?

如果想从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点前往昂民拉尔巴士站点,有多种方式可以考虑。乘坐不同的交通工具可以在各个目的地之间旅行:

  • 飞机
  • 公共汽车


旅行费用取决于您在旅行中选择的交通方式。飞机是最昂贵的选择 – 需要花费 MMK 200,075。如果您想节省交通费用,最好选择公共汽车,因为公共汽车的票价可低至MMK 15,655

蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点距离昂民拉尔巴士站点有多远?

如果是陆路旅行,了解蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点距离昂民拉尔巴士站点有多远是非常重要的。陆路距离为399英里(641公里),飞机航线距离为307英里(493 公里)。

从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点到昂民拉尔巴士站点需要多长时间?

由于乘坐的交通工具不同,从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点到昂民拉尔巴士站点所需时间也会有所不同。将所有可预期的因素考虑进去,全程应该需要2到11小时。

从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点到昂民拉尔巴士站点的交通费用为多少?

由于乘坐的交通工具不同,从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点前往昂民拉尔巴士站点,所花费的交通费用也有所不同。最便宜的运营商是Elite Express,乘坐公共汽车出行预计票价可低至 MMK 15,655

但是,如果您追求高档次的旅行,可以选择最贵的交通工具飞机 – 单程飞机票价可高达MMK 200,075

下图表为从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点前往昂民拉尔巴士站点可选择的交通工具和票价范围:

  • 公共汽车票 - MMK 15,273MMK 30,546;
  • 机票 - MMK 70,255MMK 200,075;

也可以乘坐出租车 – 费用约为至。

从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点前往昂民拉尔巴士站点,每天有多少趟交通可供选择?


  • 从蒲甘点到仰光点的航班在白天出发 - 每天大约有1个班次。
  • 公共汽车从早上07:30开始运营,直到晚上21:30。每天有1个公共汽车班次可供选择。



从蒲甘点前往仰光点,飞机航班是最快捷的交通工具。虽然飞机通常是最昂贵的,但偶遇折扣促销时,可能与火车或渡轮票价差不多。通常最低的机票价格为MMK 70,255


  • 建议提前预订机票,并在线办理登机手续。这样可以在机场节省2个多小时。而且,如果航班的座位分配采用先到先得的方式,您将拥有更多的选择。

  • 进行机场安检可能需要一些时间,建议至少提前1.5小时到达机场。

从蒲甘点飞往仰光点的航空公司 Air KBZ, Air Thanlwin, Myanmar Airways Intl, Myanmar National Airlines




  • 如果可能的话,请务必选择高级公共汽车,会使整个旅程更舒适。这种公共汽车通常会配有空调系统、可调节软座椅、Wi-Fi和车载卫生间等。

  • 和机票一样,最好也要提前预订巴士车票,确保购买到较好位置的座位。

  • 在预订巴士时,要知道巴士班次可能会延误。但是,仍然需要至少提前15分钟到达公共汽车站。

从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点前往昂民拉尔巴士站点最受欢迎的交通工具

如何选择从蒲甘 Shwe Pyi点到昂民拉尔巴士站点最方便的旅行方式?为了让您更轻松地选择交通工具,我们邀请了1000名用户针对此路线给出他们的意见。以下是调查结果:

  • 98%用户决定乘坐公共汽车。
  • 2%用户选择乘坐飞机。