出租车从吉隆坡任何一家酒店到Penang any hotel

出租车从吉隆坡任何一家酒店到Penang any hotel


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公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年3月16日
Very professional handling from booking to arrival. The seats of the (older) bus were comfortable and provided a lot of legroom. I wished there was an option (a net or similar) for personal items to put in during the trip, but it didn't bother a lot. The multimedia screens at the seats didn't work, but it's not a big deal either ;)
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年3月8日
Happy with the service provided. Bus arrived pretty much bang on time (15 minute delay), made a food / loo stop half way through the journey and the seats were comfortable.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年3月8日
The picture was not the same as the bus provided.
公共汽车 商务舱, Transnasional MY, 2020年3月5日
The bus was clean and comfortable. Everything was fine and the driver drove safely. The bus was approximately on time. On the 5-6 hours trip from KL to Penang we had a lunch/restroom break right after Ipoh. Buying the ticket in 12Go Asia was easy and I got the e-ticet to my email right after finishing the purchase on 12Go site.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年3月2日
All Perfect, nice driver
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年2月29日
Bus was good but the waiting room needs hell of an improvement .
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年2月10日
The toilets could be cleaner but the journey and coach was nice
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年2月7日
We left on time and arrived close to on time. Bus was a bit old but clean enough.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年2月4日
But was clean and comfortable. Bus driver was a lunatic. Speed limiter alarm was ringing for the whole journey. Coming down one of the big hills, he was going so fast that if another vehicle had pulled out it would have been game over. Very bad driver
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年1月29日
Travel time is around 6 hours, the bus is old and nobody help in taking luggage on-off
公共汽车 商务舱, Transnasional MY, 2020年1月24日
Bus was small. Not all recliners worked but we did arrive 2 hours early!
公共汽车 VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, 2020年1月21日
Bus is not good , so noisy .
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年1月20日
Very comfortable ride ! Would definitely recommend
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年1月19日
Bus needed cleaning.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年1月5日
Awesome comfort
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年1月3日
Arrival was ~30 minutes late. Bus was comfortable, but a little dated.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2020年1月2日
Great service
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月28日
It was a very relaxed ride from KL to Penang. 5+
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月28日
Very comfy bus ride from KL to Penang. No delay, arrived exactly on time. Good driver. Entertainment didn't work, I think. But who needs it on a bus ride? Better look outside and enjoy landscape. Recommended !!
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月23日
The people were nice, but that’s also the only thing that was pleasant from the trip. The waiting room was very old and uncomfortable. It looked like it was an abandoned house - the toilet was disgusting, the couch was ripped with cracks in it and the room had no ceiling. On the site they said it would take around 4,5 hours to get to the destination. In real it took them more than 8 hours. We could have accepted some delay, but this was almost double the time they said.. very disappointing. Besides that the bus was not clean and comfortable at all. Everywhere were stains of food and drinks from the previous passengers. Also the bus had a bad smell to it. I would not recommend this bus to others. You can better take the plane to spare time.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月22日
Long voayage en bus car beaucoup de bouchons. Mais service correct.
公共汽车 VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, 2019年12月21日
Bus was comfy, however leaving from a bus station we expected to be dropped off at a bus station instead we were dropped out off by the side of a road with no help at all and no taxis near by. We ended up going into a shop and asking if they minded calling us a taxi as we had no idea where we were.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月18日
Everything in order! The waiting hall need some renovation but the ride was perfect.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月18日
Very comfortable chairs that recline and have USB ports for charging. Easy and comfortable journey.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月17日
A little disappointed. The bus operators office was in very poor condition. The bus was very different from the advertised picture and was generally in poor condition. On the other hand, the ride was comfortable and relatively on schedule.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月15日
Salio el bus a horario pero por tráfico llegamos hora y media tarde al destino. El bus estaba limpio y cómodo. El aire acondicionado muy fuerte (llevar abrigo). Solo ofrecen una parada para ir al baño y comprar snacks.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月5日
It was in time but the bus was sooo dirty! Anyway big seats and confortable bus.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月2日
Everything fine, took a little longer than expected, but there was a lot of traffic, so it wasn’t the drivers fault
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年12月1日
All great. Very funny destroyed boarding lounge
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年11月29日
Booking online went smooth, if you print out your ticket then you're good to go. The Old Railway Station in KL is a bit out of shape, but doesn't really matter. The bus departed on time and despite being a bit out of shape, has comfortable and specious seats, which made the trip pretty pleasant. We stopped once for a toilet/food break and arrived a little later than stated, due to traffic jam outside the city. All and all I would recommend!
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年11月24日
Bus was clean enough and comfortable. Didn't take as long as stated on 12go, but we expected that already. The lobby at KTM railway was in horrible shape, but you only have to wait there for half an hour and it's air-conditioned
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年11月17日
Bus arrived on time, lots of leg room. Only downside was that the bus smelt a bit of urine.
公共汽车 快速, Plusliner MY, 2019年11月16日
The bus was the most fanciest bus I have ever been on! Loads of legroom, cup and phone holders, USB charger, foot rests, seat storage, a mixture of leather and fabric seat that recline. It was like the first class travel of coaches and the four hours flew by. I would've given it five stars by the waiting lounge at Nice bus station looks like it's falling apart and the bus was 15 mins late.
公共汽车 快速, Nice MY, 2019年11月5日
On time leaving, arrival delayed due to road works. Coach comfortable but cold! No real complaints.
公共汽车 快速, Plusliner MY, 2019年11月1日
Good airco on the bus. Took us 30mins longer then planned incl. a stop on the way. Ride was comfortable.
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