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琅勃拉邦 - 万荣
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07:00, 11:00, 14:00
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08:00, 09:00, 19:30
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公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2020年2月10日
Nicht gut organisierte Bus Gesellschaft, man muss seinen Platz suchen, die Busse sind nicht besonders sauber.3-
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2020年2月6日
The bus is clean and beds are well maintained. Very organised everyone sleep in their designated cabin number. Cabin length is about 1.8m just nice for me. But is not overbooked and bus driver knows his way and drive safely, it took us 9 hrs to reach Vientiane fro Luang Prabang instead of 12 hrs. VERY GOOD EXPERIENCE! My previous trip fro Vientiane to Luang Prabang was a nightmare. Took Soutchai bus: 1. Overbooked - 10 white guys have no cabin and sleep on corridor. 2. Beds are worn out and dirty cabin. 3. VERY UNORGANISED nobody follow cabin number and i almost didnt get a cabin because of this. 4. Cabin length is about 1.6m. i Had to bend my leg for 12 hrs because insufficient legroom! 5. Super bumpy and many fast cornering i was worried i couldnt make it to Luang Prabang in one piece. 6. Other than passenger they carry goods as well, my luggage was on top of the bus luckily when unload they didnt break my aluminium luggage handle! 7. SOUTCHAI BUS WAS TOTALLY RUNDOWN COMPARED TO THIS PLS DONT TAKE!
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2020年1月19日
Las camas compartidas, son muy pequeñas, si medis más de 1.70mts se complica
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年12月26日
Автобус немного грязноват
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年12月19日
It has nothing to do with the buss actually, the buss was 5/5 and the comfort better than expected. But be prepared to fear for your life because the road is not close to good.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年12月13日
The online purchase was smooth and onsite check in got no issues. Do not ignore the prompt regarding purchase of two tickets if you value your privacy and if you are not the size of a small asian girl. Ultimately the experience of the ride is in your own hands.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年12月13日
No WiFi
公共汽车 快速, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年12月6日
VIP buses are not running daytime, so we were put on a minibus. The bus was scheduled to leave at 08:00, instead it departed at 09:00. The trip from Luang Prabang to Vientiane took 10 hours! Buying the tickets online is 30-40% more expensive than buying the tickets in Luang Prabang. You can easily buy the bus tickets at your hotel, travel angencies or at the bus station.
公共汽车 快速, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年11月10日
Long and very crammed, but good/careful driver
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年11月6日
2h de retard. Arrivée prévue 6h, arrivée réelle 9h. Le car s est arrêté toutes les 1h30. Le chauffeur bruyant, musique gsm, papotage. Un repas compris dans le billet, 23h aurait été plus idéal que 3h du matin pour manger. Cordialement
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年10月27日
Pros: we got to Vientiane in one piece Cons: we got to bus station one hour before departure; to my shock, the driver’s son (maybe 14) wanted to take/check our tickets and there was no one else around. We got no meal before during or after the ride. The driver turned on lights as he pleased throughout the ride, not just for stops. On one of the stop he nearly left with two people still not being back on the bus. He also smoked on the bus which was hard for us to do anything about given there are no windows and our seats were at the front. But I think my biggest bugbear was the music... the terrible music played over and over the journey especially loud around 3-4am which I assume was to keep the driver awake. We arrived at 7:15am and our bags were very dirty, one was wet too.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年10月22日
October 20, 2019 The ride was good. Safe driving and comfortable sleep. With free water, snack and fried rice for dinner. Blanket is clean too :)
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年10月6日
Sleeper night bus. Very Clean. No place to leave your little bag (main luggage kept down). You feel sometimes you lack space to move. DO NOT FORGET to take enough clothes or a blanket with you. It is very cold with the air conditioning. They blanket they provide you with is not enough. They offer a meal of good fried rice and a bottle of water.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年8月29日
公共汽车 快速, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年8月13日
Partiti con un'ora di ritardo, durante il tragitto abbiamo preso a bordo altre persone che sono poi scese in punti non previsti causando ulteriori ritardi. Personale scortese.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年7月30日
The seats we got given were not the best they were at the back of the bus beside the toilet, next to the engine and rather uncomfortable. There was a baby laying in the middle of an isle, which was fine until she unfortunately had an accident and stunk the whole bus out. The route was very windy which meant you moved around in your seat a lot, but we made it to Vientiane 10 minutes before scheduled which was a bonus.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年7月23日
Voyageant à 3, nous avions acheté 4 places pour être plus tranquilles (les couchettes sont minuscules). On nous a demandé de changer de place, et nous nous sommes retrouvées tout au fond du car, en hauteur. Une personne supplémentaire est venue nous rejoindre dans la nuit, pour cause de surbooking, apparemment. Nous avons été secouées par les mouvements du bus, la clim fuyait parfois sur nos têtes, et des odeurs de pot d'échappement sont venues parfumer notre nuit... Heureusement, le chauffeur était ponctuel.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年7月8日
とても重い形のバスでした! 快適でしたし、チケットもスムーズに確保できました! 満足です!
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年6月25日
Bumpy road ahead. Driver will stop at most places to fetch passengers and they will sleep on the floor which will be next to the other passengers on lower berth. Choose upper berth if u wish to have some privacy
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Vieng Chaleune, 2019年5月24日
Price much cheaper at 150,000 Laotian Kip at the bus station. Sleeper bus is hot and shared bed is small.
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