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公共汽车 VIP级, Truly Hagiang, 2020年3月24日
Our second ride with this company, maximum satisfaction. The driver picked us up at the hotel, at the end of the road he took us to a new accommodation. We do not speak English well, so we communicated in writing. They helped us change the day of departure. Very good service. The bus was clean, comfortable.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年3月17日
Corfontable bus, wifi, driver arrived up to the accommodation.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年3月17日
Driver did not have our names, so he had to confirm first, that we were meant to be picked up by him; we did not get to Hanoi directly but were gathered somewhere else; we arrived 30 minutes late
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年3月14日
Sufrieron un retraso de aproximadamente 1:30 horas.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年3月12日
Very responsible
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年3月6日
Vehicle and drive were overall fine, but it was really cold inside the car, to the point where most passengers had to use blankets. After half an hour drive and while still in Hanoi the driver just stopped for a 30min break with his friends in a roadside shack. No explanation, he just had a nice break. In Hà Giang we stopped to be hassled by some other guy who apparently had a hotel and motorbike rental. He asked each and every passenger if they had already made a booking for hotel or motorbike. We hadn't, but told him the company we had decided on previously, so he called someone to discuss this? Still not sure what happened, but he said the name of the company we had told him. I saw on the map that we were close to said company, so we decided to just jump out of the van which the driver wanted to prevent. He even went so far as to try pushing me back inside, and while not very forcefully, this is still unacceptable. On the return ride we booked with the same company due to lack of options, but in a bus, and this 2nd journey was completely fine. On time, one stop to eat along the way, normal temperature in the bus. Also if your are above 185cm you will have a hard time getting comfortable in the van, bus was very comfortable.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年3月3日
Le bus était à l’heure, le chauffeur nous a déposé dans Tam Coc pour nous permettre de rejoindre notre hôtel plus facilement.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月26日
Comfortable, good value for money. Very handy drop off in Tam Coc. Driver asked for money but our tickets were prepaid. He backed off with a firm no. Not sure if he was just chancing his luck on a double payment.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月26日
I emailed the operator and they agreed to pick me up at my hostel, which was nice. I ended up having to speak with them a couple times because the pickup was late and they were very responsive. A taxi came to the hospital to pick me and another person up and us to the bus about 30 minutes after the bus was supposed to leave and drove us for about 40 minutes to an odd location where the bus was waiting by the side of the road. All of this was okay just a little confusing. The bad thing that resulted in the less than 5 star rating was that when we arrived in Hanoi the bus driver took the person on the bus who spoke Vietnamese to their hotel and then took the rest of us to a location in the old quarter of Hanoi at about 2 a.m. and just dropped us off on a a location dark street corner with no real explanation. When I said he was supposed to take us to our hotels he just gave a little grin and walked away. I am pretty familiar with the old quarter and was able to walk to my guest house but most of the other folks were not and it was 2 in the morning everything was closed up tight. That was unacceptable in my opinion
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月25日
Très difficile de distinguer le van, puisque rien n'était indiqué dessus. Heureusement nous avons pu communiquer par What's app pour avoir des informations. Le chauffeur ne met pas tout en œuvre pour vous trouver. Sinon, trajet très sympathique et véhicule très confortable.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月24日
Swapped transport 3 times!! A car, then the mini bus that's shown on photo, then a 40 minute taxi ride. This was never explained during booking and was so annoying!
公共汽车 VIP级, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月21日
I was emailed the day before to be informed that I would be picked up at my hotel and that was nice because I did not have to find my own transportation to the station. The bus was clean well maintained and left on time. The driver spoke a little bit of English, at least enough for basic communication. I was not aware it would be set up as a sleeper and while it was nice to have a blanket and pillow as the day progressed I wished I could have move my seat into a more upright position
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月15日
Comfortable van. Prompt.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月14日
Safe ride, even if a little bumpy. We made three stops. Had to wait for about half an hour in HaNoi but therefore got dropped off next to our hostel for free.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月13日
It took quite some time to pick up all the passengers. And no communication with driver, not even a word in English. They just sent one random car for us, to drive us to the van. In the middle of hanoi, the driver sennt us to one random car. Of course nobody knew English from them so we had no idea what is going on.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月12日
No one speaks English - logistics were unclear and unclear pickup point location.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月12日
Booking was easy but only after payment it was said that you had to pay an extra seat for more than 10 kg luggage. I had a backpack and all the other passengers had one. So the bus driver didn’t make problems. But it is not nice that the site offers a rather expensive limousine bus without luggage space.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月9日
Easy to find. Driver was just perfect. Got there ahead of schedule
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年2月8日
Hard to identify the van as it was not marked 'Truly Hagiang' as per the picture on our booking form. The driver did not speak English and luckily my husband could converse with him in Vietnamese. It took a while to pick up all the other guests and by the time we got back to Hanoi it was half an hour later than the time advised. The actual trip was quite uncomfortable due to the driver constantly beeping and accelerating - not a smooth ride.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年1月31日
En general, bien. La camioneta está bien y los asientos son cómodos. Te dan una botella de agua. Puntos negativos: salió con demora, y encima el chofer no fué nada simpático. Hablaba a los gritos y nada de inglés, esperando que sepa hablar vietnamita.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年1月30日
Alles hat super geklappt! Tolle Fahrt mit vielen Erlebnissen und Eindrücken.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年1月28日
It was all a bit chaotic, and got dropped off in a different location than discussed but we figured it out! The van itself was quite nice though
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年1月20日
We were picked up from our hotel on time and the trip started off well. The driver was pretty erratic (like most in Vietnam) but a few hours in he t-boned a lady on a scooter and sent her flying. She was loaded into a car and presumably taken to hospital. The scooter was jammed under the van and we had to jump on board one of the local buses which aren't great. Added an extra 2 hours on to our trip, which means nothing in comparison to the poor lady that got taken out. Hopefully she is alright. This isn't a reflection on 12goasia as we have used them all across South East Asia and they have been fantastic.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年1月20日
Brilliant organisation, lovely bus and speedy arrival. Very happy
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2020年1月5日
More information about where the bus stop is located. No indication of the company, no sign, we couldn’t know if we were at the good spot
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年12月30日
On the 3rd shelf it is very cold
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年12月16日
Save driving, reliable WiFi, almost no delay, great trip
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Truly Hagiang, 2019年12月16日
The trip itself was good, but the bus left with almost 1 hour delay.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年12月12日
A very good service, if the driver could speak English can be a five star for me
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年12月12日
Fue muy complicado llegar al punto de encuentro
公共汽车 VIP级, Truly Hagiang, 2019年12月12日
Very happy with the choice. Sometimes organization is confusing but the van itself is extremely comfy. The drivers still drive crazy though.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年12月11日
Great service, very comfortable minivan. Recommend it!
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年12月5日
Fantastic vehicle & driving! Definitely recommended!
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年12月2日
Ils nous ont accommodés pour un changement d’heures. L’endroit du pickup est vaste et peu d’indications mais le chauffeur nous localise
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月22日
Wrong pick up location on map. And sat waiting 45 minutes to pick up a late passenger around the corner. Comfortable ride however.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月19日
Perfect service
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月17日
Whole transfer was full of confusion! Although we waited for 75 minutes at the meeting point, bus driver #1 obviously couldn't find us... Later we were picked up by driver #2, but had to change the bus at Ninh Binh. In the end, we arrived 1.5 hours behind schedule in Hanoi. Only positive: the service staff tried to give support via WhatsApp, but half an hour after actual departure...
公共汽车 VIP级, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月14日
We were placed in a bus that are all sleeper seat that doesn;t allow us to seat straight. It is like forcing us to sleep as all the chairs are faulty
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月10日
Nice driver!
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月10日
Wasn't too difficult to find the black van but had a different number plate than shown in the email. Big bags were loaded into the back of the van without needing to buy an extra seat. Journey was good.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月7日
The bus arrived with a delay of 20 minutes and did not inform us about it. When I called the hotline of the bus operator we could speak to English speaking staff that informed us about the delay. Furthermore, we had to change the bus during the ride which took overall around 15 minutes and was not planned. In the end we arrived at the destination point with a delay of 45 minutes.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月7日
It was a little bit complicated to find the driver / bus. After that everything was perfect. We was even asked where we wanted to go in Ninh Binh and they dropped us off directly at the location were wanted to go.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月4日
The driver didn’t speak any English. It was confusing when being picked up from the bus stop in Hanoi, initially the driver said it wasn’t my bus, but then later after he called someone who spoke English and I talked to them it turned out it was my bus. There were only 5 people on the bus and there was confusion as to where we were supposed to be dropped off. After showing the driver the map and saying not Ninh binh we are going to Tam Coc he dropped us off in the right place. He tried to understand us and make sure we were in the right place, it required a lot of patience on both sides to work everything out.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月2日
The organisation was terrible and the bus was overbooked. People sat on the floor in the aisles for 6 hours whilst people basically lay on each other at the back. The trip also took an hour longer than expected.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月1日
Pick up was confusing as we were picked up initially in a car that was unmarked with company name and the bus we went to also didn't have to company name from 12 go Asia. Recommend making these match or give the driver a sign to hold whe meeting customers.
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Truly Hagiang, 2019年11月1日
Bus very comfortable, but it didn’t let us at the hotel, we had to take a taxi and the hotel didn’t have the booking
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年10月31日
Travel journey was really fast which was good but i wish the driver wouldn’t have put our life at risk several times. Confortable van although joining the group last left is the worst seats available on the back, having payed the same money. So in other words, traveling with them costs the same but traveling experience is not.
厢型车 VIP舱, Truly Hagiang, 2019年10月25日
Es hat alles gut geklappt. Wir sind sehr komfortabel von A nach B gekommen.
公共汽车 VIP级, Truly Hagiang, 2019年10月13日
Very confortable . Crazy (but good) driver. Cheap
公共汽车 VIP级, Truly Hagiang, 2019年10月13日
The guy from truly hagiang was good but instead of a van he putted us on a disco bus. The travel itself was a nightmare. The driver and his assistant were impolite. He drove like an animal. He talked to us with contempt and brutality. A real ugly and dirty buffalo
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