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沙坝 - 河内
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢
火车 VIP卧铺舱
河内 - 沙坝
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢
火车 VIP卧铺舱

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火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年12月9日
The bus left me at the wrong terminal even if they knew my flight. Also, it arrived 1.5 bours early, which is not great because it means 1.5 hours less sleeping. On the bright side, I slept the entire time on the bus, which means that the ride was smooth and leather seat was comfortable (even if a little too short for me).
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年12月4日
À Lao Caï la marche pour monter dans le train est trop haute Par la climatisation odeur de cigarette ++ fort désagréable Sinon très confortable , prestations de qualité , draps très propres, oreillers et couettes douillets - couchette accueillante et bien présentée Aucun dérangement ou réveil durant la nuit par les contrôleurs pour vérifier les billets ( ce qui n’est pas le cas en France ) Verrouillage par crochet à l’intérieur des couchettes Wc très propres - lavabos pour toilette succincte ( brosses à dent +peigne fournis ) Rapport qualité /prix excellent
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年11月30日
Good travel in the train
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年11月24日
Comfortable, clean and very helpful and friendly staff :)
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年11月21日
Alles prima
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年11月16日
Toilet smell very bed
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年11月10日
Because of our Trekking during the day i was able to sleep just fine on the way back. Sapaly is also one of the better company’s to book with, you get water, slippers, etc. I would recomend if you need to go to the toilet go in the beginning of the trainride. Because it starts to smell.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年11月1日
Bit noisy, but clean, friendly staff & on time
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月26日
Since we travelled from Hanoi to Sapa Lao Cai with Chapa Express we had a Train to compare it to. Sapaly was clean, on time and we got a good nights sleep. Chapa Express was a little nicer in presentation and maybe also cleanliness but both fulfilled their purpose and got us from A to B in a comfortable, safe and clean way. In both cases you habe to be okay with the rocking of the Train which can be pretty heavy.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月25日
Clean wagon
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月24日
Excelente, no se puede pedir mas de tren nocturno. El personal súper atento. Las camas cómodissimas, sábanas blancas e impecables. El tren, incluyendo los baños limpísimos. La temperatura completamente regulada. El personal te avisa como media hora antes de llegar y te ofrecen te o café por la mañana. El tren estéticamente hablando tiene un interior precioso. El mejor tren nocturno de mi vida.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月23日
Clean wagon
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月17日
I travelled before on this train in a 4 berth cabin, very uncomfortable mattress and only a sheet and blanket so in comparison the 1st class sleeper is very comfortable. Good mattress and very comfy duvet. Friendly and helpful rep. Train is obviously very noisy when moving at speed so it is difficult to sleep. Toilet ok in 1st class due to fewer people using it.
火车 #SP3 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月15日
Not very clean
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月15日
All very clean. Cabin same as fotos.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月7日
Eine sehr angenehme Fahrt.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月6日
Room was clean and it has free amenities and a bottle of water. The toilet was very dirty.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月6日
It is clean and comes with toothbrush, comb, slippers, water and snacks. Most of the operators on train can barely speak or understand English, it’s difficult to communicate if u have any problems. Should clean the toilet more often though. It smells after a few hours! Everything is considered pleasant & safe, but the road is kind of too bumpy for me, so I didn’t enjoy it that much. However, it is still a good experience if u never try on a sleeper train b4. I prefer to travel with bus rather than sleeper train for in/out Sapa.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月4日
Room was clean and it has free amenities, a bottle of water and te/coffe morning. The toilet was very dirty. Pay atention, to pick up the voucher ticket is a out 10 minuts by walk from the main entrance.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年10月2日
The room quite small but very clean as well as the rest room.
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年9月27日
Very good service. Very confortable.
火车 #SP3 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年9月25日
Have a nice trip. Good service. Departure and arrival on time
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年9月21日
After a night with Vietnam Railways, the Sapaly express seems like a 4-star hotel. No cockroaches, clean, very nice and clean blankets and even some snacks, water, beer and coke included (VIP package). Enough toilet paper in the toilet but still a train toilet so wear shoes when you go to the toilet.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年9月18日
Enjoyed the trip...i love their morning coffee. Do not expect very clean/odour free washroom but its as good as it can be. The washroom comes with water host. Overall experience was great
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年9月17日
This train way better than fanxipan express, cleaner toilet, the staff will explain whats free and whatnot
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年9月17日
Very helpful personnel, clean compartment. Didn’t get a free beer that was promised on the VIP ticket.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年9月11日
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月30日
รถไฟสะอาด นอนสบาย
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月25日
Lo peor fue encontrar la taquilla y el lugar para tomar el tren; no se corresponde con la puerta indicada cuando compras el billete
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月18日
The room was quite hot, and even though i indicated lower berth, i was given the upper berth.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月14日
Très jolie cabine avec des lits petits mais confortables mais le train est très bruyant et bouge énormément. Il est très difficile de dormir mais c’est une expérience à vivre!
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月13日
Great experience, great ride
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月12日
Clean comfortable and on time. Only downside was train was very bumpy so hard to sleep
火车 #SP3 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月12日
I was looking for a ticket booth but couldn't find any. Finally I found the train but the guy at the train made me wait about 30 mins before let me in to the train. I was up set and disappoint for the service I received as a VIP customer.
火车 #SP3 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月10日
Too many moovement, impossible sleep
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月7日
Amazing, simply a must do if you are in Vietnam ????????
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月4日
Good service mind,good bed ,good room but 1 our comment about toilet too durty.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月4日
A bit old style, room clean. Toilettes shall be refurbished and clean more often
火车 #SP3 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月4日
We've had a 2p cabin which was great, also because of a double matress. Clean cabin and beds. When we entered the cabin, the floor was still a little wet from cleaning. We didn't used the toilets.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月3日
Everything flowed smoothly , Thankyou
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月3日
Comfortable beds, good temperature inside the room, clean linen!
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月2日
Dirty toilet, old train noisy, AC was not adjustable and in general was warm. Funny experience but i raccomend other means of transport to reach Sapa.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月1日
Bonne nuit comparée au retour : la porte ferme bien avec une sécurité en plus.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年8月1日
La porte des compartiments a un très grand jour laissant passer la lumière et ferme mal (pas de sécurité comme à l’aller). L’air conditionné n’est pas assez puissant et il fait bien trop chaud. Mauvaise nuit en comparaison au VIP Sleeper 4x (Train No. SP3) pris à l’aller.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年7月31日
The trip was awesome! Super comfortable. Getting the tickets was a bit confusing.
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年7月30日
Very noisy and uncomfortable. Much better to go with sleeping bus: is shorter, there is no noise and is cheaper. We payed almost 300€ for 2 way VIP cabin and ee had a horrible experience
火车 #SP3 VIP卧铺舱, Sapaly Express, 2019年7月28日
Comfortable and clean beds which is the main thing we needed. However, the bathroom was disgusting.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年7月23日
Clean bed, friendly People on the train. Bathroom not very clean.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年7月22日
Beds are ok! Very cosy! It would be better if the toilets are cleaner.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年7月21日
Airco stopped working, they continuously tried to fix it, but it didn’t work properly until 2 AM
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