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万荣 - 乌隆他尼
万荣 - 廊开
万荣 - 永珍
09:00, 13:30
万荣 - 永珍
09:00, 13:30
万荣 - 琅勃拉邦
09:00, 14:30

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厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2020年3月20日
Got us from A to B. However the minivan was extremely cramped, we got the last seats in the back and could not really fit our legs, after 4 hours we got out with cramps in our back. The comfort does not reflect the price. It also took about 45 mins before we left the town - we were all sitting in the van while the driver was arranging paperwork.
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Malany Transport, 2020年2月25日
Very comfortable bus with a lot of space for your legs (I‘m 1,92m) We left and arrived on time. One 30 minutes break and then the stops at the boarder for visa procedure. All perfect! Book this trip at the Malany office! It is much cheaper then online!
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2020年2月7日
Cramped, uncomfortable and very bumpy - mostly because he drove so fast. We got there 2 hours early! But it got from A to B.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2020年2月7日
Driver drove very fast and we had to sit with the bags on risking falling on us. Seats at the back were uncomfortable because there were no headrests but could have been worse and bus was on time
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年12月16日
Pick up on Jumbo, drop off at bus station. Wait, wait. Mini van driver drove like an idiot, constantly overtaking on blind corners, answering his phone, impatient and dropped us all off in city centre with no communication. Do not recommend.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年11月13日
I was at Malany at 8:30am but due to having to pick up other passengers from their respective hotels, the mini van did not leave Vang Vieng until 9:40am. So, additional hour on the mini van just going around Vang Vieng. Pretty wasted time.
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Malany Transport, 2019年9月28日
Bus left on time. The conductor made sure to help us in crossing the border. Overall, the trip was smooth and great!
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年8月25日
Prompt and punctual. We got to Vientaine on time. The ride was also smooth and the driver drove safely.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年8月20日
Air conditioning and seat belt didn't work. Extremely bunny ride with 15 people jammed into a mini van. Felt hot and nauseas the entire time
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年7月13日
Too many people and not enough room. Had to wait 30 mins for a change to the tyre before we even left.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年5月24日
The trip was booked with 12Go and Malany. I went half an hour before departure to the office (as it was written on the ticket). At the departure time, a lady from the office showed me the way to a tuktuk, which got us six travelers to the minibus. The minibus departed half or 45min later than written, but that seems usual here. The minibus was fully booked, the driver drove fast but save, we made a few stops for toilet and food. At all, the bus arrived in vientiane 45 min later than expected, but as I wrote, that seems to be normal here.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年4月18日
I got two tickets from 12Go at the same time in Laos. After the first one I regretted it (bus didn't exist). So this time I went to the bus stop the night before to confirm. This time there was a bus (good start) but they only just put my booking down when I spoke to her. If I'd left it to the day of it would probably have been full. Not sure how 12Go inform the company of a booking. It's easy (and cheaper) to organise a transport when you get to vang vien. Don't bother booking with 12Go. I'm sure they work well in Thailand but not in Laos. The actual drive was fine. A bit of a crazy driver but that's what you expect in this part of the world. Go direct with Malany when you get there.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年3月7日
It was a slow start but then again you shouldn’t be expecting services here to be prompt. We picked up everyone from there hotels and each time the drive climbed up on top of the van to load the luggage and tied down. Once on the road, the drive move fast. The roads aren’t the best but they work. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery or nap.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年2月20日
One of the better buses in Lao. Bus was clean and had good aircon. The best thing was the driver dropped us off in Vientiane, rather than at the northern bus station. My hostel was only a 5 min walk away. Bus was a little squishy, if you get on, try and get a single seat so you can stretch your feet into the isle and avoid the back seat!
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Malany Transport, 2019年2月20日
Bus arrive on Time even delaš on departure.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年2月16日
Van okay, street awful, driver risk taking, view great, duration of trip as estimated.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年2月7日
The staff and ride was ok. Everything on schedule. But the minibus had smaller and tighter seats than the big bus we took the other way. Also, the road bumps felt worse, especially in the back seats. Would choose the big bus next time.
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Malany Transport, 2019年2月4日
Bus was late leaving Vang Vieng so of course was late getting to our destination. No toilet on board which really sucked and we only stopped once before getting to the boarder.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2019年1月29日
Driver was experienced and stuck to the schedule. The road is heavily pot holed but the journey was still comfortable.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2018年12月28日
Driver a bit crazy and road bumpy but it’s Laos and we made it..
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Malany Transport, 2018年12月26日
Too much delayed on the arrival at NongKhai boarder
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2018年12月24日
Driver spoke on his phone for most of the trip whilst driving. Would say 90% of the trip.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2018年12月22日
Picked up from downtown to waitingin bus terminal for1.15 hr. Delayed.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2018年12月5日
We left a bit late, 9.30 AM and arrived at 1.30 PM, so was more or less expected. The minivan was even more tight than expected, but as we were first to enter the van, I (who am 188 cm tall and has longest legs out of me and my girlfriend) were able to choose the best place. It was still quite tight. But nothing that I didn't expect however. Just a little bit of information to the other long people out there.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2018年12月1日
Chauffeur très gentil,mais le bus les sièges c’était vraiment dur .
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2018年11月21日
The departure (13:30) wasn't punctual. We were picked up at malany Vang Vieng at 13:00. Then had to wait till +/- 14:15 at a bus station. We had one stop on the way for toilet. From Northern station in Vientiane paid extra 20.000 kip for tuk tuk to the centre.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2018年10月14日
We were taken to the bus station via tuk tuk but were put on the wrong bus because we had much more than others on the bus (a 24 seater bus). A very long 4 hour drive with very little leg room and a failing AC. Seats are 4 across so very tight fit. 45mins late so more like a 5 hour journey as opposed to the advertised 4 hours.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Malany Transport, 2018年6月21日
Trip departed on time and took 4 hours. It's a van not a bus. Dangerous driving on dangerous road. Driver uses the mobile with one hand and drives with the other hand. Extremely irresponsible but sadly this seems to be the norm in Laos. Also not happy that the price charged by 12goasia is more than twice the actual price.
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