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公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年3月22日
Pay more and get a cleaner, newer bus like this. Fast with toilet and minimal bumps!
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年3月3日
I've done this trip 3 times before, this was the most comfortable and cleanest bus.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年2月29日
Comfortable bed but quite cosy for 2 people (to be expected) but fine if you’re sharing with someone you know. Left Pakse and got to Vientiane on time. Overall a good trip.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年2月16日
On time. A good bus. No problemes
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年2月10日
No issues on the bus, allocated seats where fine with no one contesting. The bus was clean and for the most part pretty quite. We where dropped off in Chitpasong bus station in the middle of Pakse which was perfect and on time also.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年2月2日
2h de retard sur l'heure d'arrivée.. Des arrêts folkloriques sans réel plan de route.. Il faut reconnaître que des travaux et une route difficile ne facilitent pas les choses. Communication laconique, il faut un peu tout deviner.. À force on s'habitue, ce n'est 6si mal..
公共汽车 城际列车, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年2月1日
The bus left on time and arrived ahead of schedule.
公共汽车 城际列车, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年1月29日
Very comfortable trip.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年1月27日
There are a lot of buses on this route but no all of the buses are equal. This carrier was a newer bus with minimal stops. Clean and quick. The bed size is squishy and since there are no seat belts, you might end up on top of your bedmate if the driver takes a quick turn.
公共汽车 快速, Kriangkai Transport, 2020年1月13日
A staff speaking english language would be appreciated.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年12月26日
Sehr sauber, komfortabel und das erste Mal, dass man während der Fahrt Sterne zählen konnte ????
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年12月19日
Clean bed, a little bit tiny for two people (make sure to book two tickets if you are travelling alone). No wifi
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年12月15日
Nothing wrong with the bus itself, except for that departure time is officially at 20:30 and we arrived at 6 instead of 7.30, which was quite a hassle for me with two kids refusing to wake up. The staff wasn’t helpful at all to a pregnant woman with two small children, refusing to put me on the lower level and watching me drag my heavy bag through the narrow aisle one way and then up to the second floor, before mentioning that there is actually a luggage space below the bus. As predicted, the upper floor was shaking so massively (seemed like the driver was soeeding like crazy if we arrived 1,5h early) that my 3-old took his revenge by vomiting in the bed.
公共汽车 城际列车, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年12月9日
An old,worn out bus. No help in finding the bus station location. Otherwise OK.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年12月2日
The bus is really confy, clean and seems pretty new. The AC was strong but bearable The blankets were clean, soft and didn't smell bad. The toilets were a little bit smelly but clean. The driver was driving like crazy and we arrived at Vientiane 1h early. We didn't stop in a gas station or wathever so use the toilets on board if you need and brig food with you (they provide a small snack and a small bottle of water). The departure is at 8:30pm (on the ticket) not 8pm. On the website the price if a lot more than the one on the ticket. The normal price is 170000 kip so book directly at the bus station, at least 1h30 before the departure.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年9月23日
公共汽车 快速, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年9月9日
The border process should be explained to passengers. When I finished at Laos immigration I turned around to see the bus driving off. A local Laos lady told me I had to walk to Thsi border. This should e explained and adequate time allowed. The driver did not even check before he left that everyone was on the bus. At another stop again we were not told how long we had and no one checked that everyone was back on the bus. I gave three stars just because we left and arrived pretty much on time and were given water and a cookie. Bus was comfortable certainly not VIP. I had to move seat because there was no cover on air con vent and was blowing cold air all over me. Look I got to Bangkok that was main thing but border situation and stops need to be communicated.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年7月25日
La personne du guichet est très serviable. Le voyage s est parfaitement déroulé, nous sommes arrivées en avance.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年7月17日
Le wifi ne fonctionnait pas ...
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年7月12日
Really nice bus, nice not having to stop for the toilet as the bus had one. Smooth journey. However we had tickets for a bed and someone was in it. They swapped our ticket for a bed half the size which was not okay for two people. Only solved because a young girl swapped beds with us.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年5月1日
28/04/2019 - On ticket bus leaves at 8.00 pm but it's not true. All the buses leave at 8.30 pm. As I came to exchange m yvoucher for a ticket 2 ladies frantically started to call I don't know who using 2 phones each without communicating anything to me. It wasn't really good. Anyway the bus was good.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年2月26日
Beds a little short for Europeans as expected, but it works with two (slim) adults; fast trip with a few stops but nevertheless astonishing calm journey; arrived before estimated time in Pakse
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年2月14日
The sleeperbus was very comfortable! If your are a solo traveler like me, maybe you should think about buying to beds instead of one, cause sleeping close to an unknown person can make the trip uncomfortable. Even though the sleeper is comfortable, the beds are quite tight and very close to eachother. The only thing that was a hassle was to find out where to change the voucher into a ticket, since the company never picks up the phone! In the end in Vientiane it was easy, since they have their own ticket office at the bus station. But when you don’t know this, you can get a little stressed ;)
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年2月4日
Trip to Paske overnight was great. Left on time and arrived 2hrs early! Beds had comfy pillow, sheet and duvet. Water and biscuits provided. If you're tall, like me, you won't be able to stretch out.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年2月2日
Those that have to sleep on top level at the front should be warned and pay significantly less than anyone else.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2019年1月4日
The bus was above expectations - bed style accommodation with pillows and doonas/duvets included + a bottle of water and bread roll. Left on time and arrived early. There were a few stops (6) to drop off people where they turn on the lights (so had to cover my 3 year olds eyes) and there was a little bit of noise from other passengers - so blondfold / ear plug could come in handy. Was hard to confirm the trip the day of departure as bud company not answering phone and trip was listed as ‘no services’ on website - so got to bus station way too early (8 hrs) and there is not much there. Otherwise good trip - caution bumpy roads! So maybe not for light sleepers
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2018年12月28日
Clean, nice bus with AC, pillows, blankets, water and cookies for free. Beds are 1m x 1.5m for two people. If you can, book two seats for yourself so that you have one bed by yourself. Driving was quite smooth, we arrived almost an hour early. The bus had been rescheduled to leave 30 mins later than what we thought. Would take it again.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2018年12月6日
They did not provide wifi password. Bed was at the back and was quite noisy because of the aircon. Toilet was very dirty and wet. However, the linen was clean and journey was fast. Reached before 7am.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2018年11月6日
The trip itself was fine, arrived early mostly comfortable. The only issue was checking in, there was no one at the check in counter and after half hour of searching for the bus or staff we finally found some one from a different company who exchanged our voucher for a ticket so we ended up travelling with a different company. Very confusing.
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2018年10月1日
สะอาดและปลอดภัยดีค่ะ แนะนำเลยค่ะ
公共汽车 卧铺, Kriangkai Transport, 2018年8月26日
Il n'était pas précisé que nous dormirions a 2 sur un si.petit matelas. De plus, si le wifi ne.fonctionne pas ( ce qui arrive a chaque fois ) , pourquoi mettre en grand au guichet qu'il y aura du wifi? Sinon, lits propres
公共汽车 卧铺快速车厢-41, Kriangkai Transport, 2018年5月29日
One of my best sleeping bus experiences. The bus was clean and the staff were friendly. They offer WiFi, movies, and snacks. Thank you!
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