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沙坝 - 河内
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢
火车 VIP卧铺舱
火车 第1级别单人卧铺
河内 - 沙坝
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢
火车 VIP卧铺舱
22:00, 22:01
火车 第1级别单人卧铺
22:00, 22:01

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火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2019年10月26日
Took the Chapa Express Train. It was clean, on time and if you get used to the rocking of the train you can even get some good sleep. Bring earplugs and a sleeping mask if you are sensitive to noise and light.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2019年7月27日
We booked two bottom bunks but still ended with one top. Very difficult to get up there for older people.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2019年7月14日
Nice experience
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2019年5月8日
Cabin and beds clean, confortable an tidy. Some difficulties to read the number of the coach and to find the right cabin
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2019年4月16日
Lower bunkbed is too warm, while the upper is too cold. The bed is a bit too small for someone taller than 185.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2019年4月15日
Awesome experience. Love to travel again.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2019年4月9日
Отличный поезд. Удобные матрасы, хороший туалет. Каждому пассажиру выдают зубные щётку и пасту, расчёску, воду и пакетик арахиса. У проводницы можно купить напитки, в том числе и местное вино, чипсы и другие закуски
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2019年3月19日
Pretty good on a rickety train but comfortable. One minor gripe is that as you arrive at Hanoi a member of staff offers tea and coffee. You presume it’s free but it isn’t and not explained so avoid As it is expensive. Otherwise a good service
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2019年2月10日
It would be nice if it would be possible to chose women bedrooms
火车 #SP3 VIP卧铺舱, Chapa Express, 2019年1月12日
Very good trip and a very nice assistant on our arrival
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2018年11月6日
Very disorganized. The company booth is at the other side of the train station (Google map it before you go). They don't have offices, instead tickets are sold in a small snack shop by two bored teenage girls. The train is a bit crappy but is ok, sometimes smells like cigarette. Toilets are very clean. The beds are quite ok and the staff inside is helpful.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2018年7月22日
El tren muy pintoresco y cómodo. El baño sucio. El viaje tranquilo y en hora. El personal de la estación no fue muy competente pero el del tren muy amable. En general fue una experiencia divertida.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2018年4月26日
Bon voyage. Très bon accueil. Arrivée en temps et en heure. Train moins bruyant que le Hanoi-Hué et toilette plus propre. Remarque : avant d'entrer dans le train, un petit malin qui ne fait pas parti du personnel vient porter votre valise et vous reclame ensuite 100000vnd pour 30 m de marche, en vous laissant au mauvaise emplacement. Alors refusez. La compagnie ferroviaire a du personnel compétent pour vous orienter si nécessaire.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2018年4月1日
Le train est ok mais les wagons différents, ce qui fait que la cabine où nous étions était bcp moins jolie que celles des premiers wagons alors que le prix est unique. Nous avons pu changer auprès du manager. Les couchettes sont confortables équipées d'une couette. Toilettes et lavabos d'un train ordinaire non nettoyée au fur et à mesure.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2018年4月1日
We booked Fansipan and were given chapa as the other was fully booked. They said it is equal but in fact the other compartment looked much nicer with decoration and Nice atmosphere and cleaner toilet. Our room was very spartanic, but it was clean. Mattress was hard but i slept ok.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2018年3月1日
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2017年12月18日
Comforter/quilt was quite short. Coach construction/design was better on journey the other way on Kings Express.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2017年10月29日
Much more comfortable on the Chapa train than Livitrans - the mattress was much softer which helped on the very bumpy and noisy train and the aircon was not freezing. But I had very specifically booked a lower berth as I cannot climb and was given a top berth. However the train staff managed to find me another cabin. Otherwise a good service.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2017年9月22日
The bed was clean and enjoyed theamenities . I did not try the washroom. Also, lost a star because the train left 30 minutes early which is not ideal if you purchased ticket expecting it to leave at 10pm. As well, I had to exchange my voucher for ticket which was burdensome and no one would explain to me.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2017年8月27日
Nice train compacte to other trips we made by nighttrain. Airco not too cold, complimentary water and cookies, Goes on time. Beds bit hard
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2017年8月24日
Dome minor complaints like temperature changing through the night, but generally speaking a good experience.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2017年4月21日
Prijs kwaliteit benaming VIP sleeper onwaardig!
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2017年4月21日
prijs kwaliteit verhouding VIP benaming onwaardig
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Chapa Express, 2016年8月4日
Chapa Train was OK, but 160 dollars for 2 persons was a bit too much for just two berths.
火车 #SP3 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Chapa Express, 2016年6月5日
Helpful staff, clean cabins and bathroom. No issues with either the booking service or the journey - can not ask for anything better!
火车 #SP3 VIP卧铺舱, Chapa Express, 2016年5月26日
It departed and arrived on time, we slept for most of it and cannot comment on the staff but everything seemed to be fine. Would highly recommend to others.), (
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