Vientiane Northern Bus Stop到河内

Vientiane Northern Bus Stop到河内


Vientiane Northern Bus Stop和河内之间的运输类型 从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop到河内的交通

从 Vientiane Northern Bus Stop 到 河内 ]的旅游胜地评论

公共汽车 半卧铺, HTX Van Tai 277 (HTX Vận Tải 27-7), 2019年12月2日
Ok trip, as mentioned somewhere before asians got seated first, westerners last. Procedure on the borderline was as described on the website - hectic and little bit confusing. We paid small fee/bribe on both sites (10000 kip pp, we got receipt on Laos side), we had few stops on the way for food, toilet etc. Temperature inside bus was ok. Departure and arrival was roughly one hour later than stated, but this is normal in asia. Overall ok.
公共汽车 半卧铺, HTX Van Tai 277 (HTX Vận Tải 27-7), 2019年10月24日
We were pretty nervous about getting this bus after reading the very unnecessarily aggressive terms&conditions, but it really is fine BAR getting on at Vientiane. When we arrived, an hour before our ticket time (as instructed) it would seem we were actually 2 hours early. After reading so much about locals snatching tickets and forcing you to pay again, we were pretty concerned when lots of apparent bus pushers started trying to grab ours and put our bags on their busses. Turns out this ticket is not for a specific bus but any of the many that are parked there. After much pushing and grabbing and some arguing between the bus guys (and absolutely NO letting go of our ticket) we had no choice but to assume the bus we eventually got on would take us to Hanoi. Anyway once we got settled it was fine. The bus had no toilet (travelled on a Sunday) but we stopped every few hours. We stopped around 1am and everyone including the drivers went to sleep. Apparently because we were queued at the border ready for when it opened at 7am. Fully prepared for a chaotic border crossing we were actually very relieved to find that our bus guys and other locals were happy to point us clueless tourists in the right direction. In low season we were 2 of only 5 westerners we could see doing the crossing. In conclusion, it’s fair to lower your expectations, but the Laos staff are very nice, as long as your not expecting any special treatment. Prepare for stress at Vientiane.
公共汽车 半卧铺, HTX Van Tai 277 (HTX Vận Tải 27-7), 2019年9月23日
Safely arrived in Hanoi on time. Staff can not speak English which seem to be normal. Overall Okay for me
公共汽车 半卧铺, HTX Van Tai 277 (HTX Vận Tải 27-7), 2019年7月6日
The journey is fine and reasonably comfortable. But the level of completely blatant racism is just laughable. Asians are treated like people, westerners are treated like dirt. Every Asian was allowed on the bus to choose a seat prior to departure. We (having been the very first to arrive) were made to wait until the very end and were constantly shouted at for no reason. In the UK, the staff on this trip would have been fired within days.
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#乘坐飞机如何从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点前往河内点

从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点前往河内点,最快捷的交通工具就是飞机航班了。但为了获得最大的折扣,请使用我们的在线预订服务提前预订机票。

每天有固定的航班从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点飞往河内点,所以有很多班次可供选择。但要知道,飞机是相当昂贵的交通工具。如果您想要购买到最大折扣的机票,最好能提前预订。如果是在旅游旺季出行,最好能提前很长时间就预订机票。

Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点距离河内点有多远?

根据Google地图,从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点到河内点的行车距离为401英里(644公里)。而飞行距离较短 - 约为495 公里。

乘坐飞机从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点到河内点需要多长时间?

从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点前往河内点乘坐飞机是用时最短的。大约需要1小时小时。但要知道,前往机场、办理登机手续以及过安检都需要一些时间。如果乘坐国内航班最好提前一个小时到机场,但如果乘坐国际航班,最好提前两个小时到达机场。

无论选择乘坐哪个航空公司的航班,从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点前往河内点所需时间都大抵相似。

从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点到河内点需要多少钱?

有几种方法可以获得最便宜的机票。下面跟大家分享如何购买到从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点飞往河内点最优惠的机票:

  • 在航空公司的机票销售期间可以购买到最便宜的机票,折扣可能非常大,但必须时刻监控机票价格及时交易。

  • 买廉价航空公司的机票。有些航空公司将自己定位为廉价航空公司,它们的机票很便宜,但要注意的是,这些航空公司航班的出发时间可能会不方便。

  • 直接在机场买票。这是购买机票最便捷的方式。出发当天购买从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点前往河内点的机票价格通常会高于您提前预订的机票价格。


从Vientiane Northern Bus Stop, 小巴点到河内点的航线由以下航空公司运营:Cambodia Angkor Air, China Southern Airlines, Lao Airlines, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines (เวียดนาม แิอร์ไลน์)。大多数从我们系统购买该线路的乘客选择了 。但是,我们提供的所有的航空公司都享有良好的声誉,服务质量有保障。