航班从埃勒到科伦坡 (CMB)

航班从埃勒到科伦坡 (CMB)



Ceylon Roots Comfort 2pax 任何时间$ 168.79
Sri Lanka Railways 2nd Class Seat 06:39 - 15:27$ 15.87
Sri Lanka Railways 1st Class Seat 09:23 - 18:57$ 22.47
Sri Lanka Railways 2nd Class Seat 21:19 - 06:13$ 15.80

埃勒和科伦坡之间的运输类型 从埃勒到科伦坡的交通

从 埃勒 到 科伦坡 (CMB) ]的旅游胜地评论

All gooda and professional. The communication with the support team excellent. Whatever question I had the response came back within minutes. Tickets arrived on time. This is the second time I used 12go and I definitely recommend.
火车 #1006 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2022年3月16日
The agency helped us to get our tickets from Ella to Colombo Fort. Everything went smoothly. The support team was very supportive when our ticket delivery address changed because of change in plans. I can highly recommend 12Go Asia!
火车 #1006 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2021年12月12日
12Go.Asia service is very good. Arranged to deliver and received my 1st class berth ticket from the hotel. But the night mail journey is not good. Very bad toilet. It will be much convenient if their service office is located close to either Airport or Colombo railway station. It will save money and anxiety to customers for receiving the tickets. Overall, the 12 go.asia service is excellent.
火车 #1046 一级卧铺车箱, Sri Lanka Railways, 2020年3月7日
They were on time and efficient. The driver drove a little fast on the windy mountain roads for our liking but we also understand that driving styles are different than what we're used to. If you easily get car sick, I would not recommend driving or having a driver as the route is rather windy. Thanks for being able to support this request within a days notice and your responsiveness!
出租车 舒适经济舱, Stef Lanka Tours (Stef Lanka Tours), 2020年2月25日
We loved everything about the carnage really. I’m rating it 4 star only because the windows can’t open and you really can’t see the scenery and take same pictures either . But everything else was perfect. Very comfortable, WiFi, a bar to order drinks, no food though but we managed to order some sort of lunch boxes from one of the stations.
火车 #Viceroy II #1008 空调VIP舱, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 2019年12月22日
The food is ok, the comfort is amazing, the service is high quality, the staff (Danuska) is a top notch!
火车 #Viceroy II #1008 空调VIP舱, ViceRoy II by 12Go (Viceroy II by 12Go), 2019年12月5日
Car was 1.5 hours picking us up and no notification / we were chasing them for an update; for a 6 hour drive taking us to airport didn't need that poor start. Van was average , comfortable but damaged rear window stuck up with plastic. Driving overall was ok and second driver very good we had to tell drivers a few times to slow down , nothing silly. We caught train up from Colombo and Kandy to Ella and although takes a bit longer so much more relaxing - if you have the time. Vans in Sri Lanka choose carefully.
出租车 舒适经济舱, Stef Lanka Tours (Stef Lanka Tours), 2019年10月22日
We were very satisfied with the service provided by 12 Go Asia and their subagent(s) in Sri Lanka. Booking in advance a train trip from Ella to Colombo is not easy from overseas (Denmark), but the Man in Seat 61 mentioned 12 Asia Go, so we tried this, and all ended well. Our ticket was delivered by hand at our hotel in Kandy (we had paid 10 usd for this extra service, as we weren’t going to Colombo). The reservation was correct, the train on time, and we enjoyed the spectacular scenery from the highlands down to the coast.
火车 #1016 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2019年1月3日
Took the Night Mail sleeper train, 1st class berth from Badulla to Colombo Fort. You can take this train for the experience, but not for a good night's sleep. The train rattles and shakes the whole way. Also try not to use the washroom unless in a dire emergency, they're disgusting. Don't plan tight connections in Colombo either, this train arrived 2.5 hours behind schedule.
火车 #1046 一级卧铺车箱, Sri Lanka Railways, 2018年12月5日
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根据Google地图,从埃勒点到科伦坡点的行车距离为107英里(172公里)。而飞行距离较短 - 约为133 公里。






  • 在航空公司的机票销售期间可以购买到最便宜的机票,折扣可能非常大,但必须时刻监控机票价格及时交易。

  • 买廉价航空公司的机票。有些航空公司将自己定位为廉价航空公司,它们的机票很便宜,但要注意的是,这些航空公司航班的出发时间可能会不方便。

  • 直接在机场买票。这是购买机票最便捷的方式。出发当天购买从埃勒点前往科伦坡点的机票价格通常会高于您提前预订的机票价格。


从埃勒点到科伦坡点的航线由以下航空公司运营:Srilankan Airlines。大多数从我们系统购买该线路的乘客选择了 。但是,我们提供的所有的航空公司都享有良好的声誉,服务质量有保障。