Myanmar Airways Intl Economy #8M477212:55 - 14:30MMK 142,995
Myanmar National Airlines Economy #UB68415:30 - 17:00MMK 158,883
Myanmar Airways Intl Economy #8M62517:20 - 18:30MMK 133,065

陈美孝车站和仰光之间的运输类型 从陈美孝车站到仰光的交通

从 陈美孝车站 到 仰光 ]的旅游胜地评论

火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2020年3月8日
Train ride was as described. Tickets were delivered to our hotel for free as promised. Train did not have a dining car so it was a good thing we brought our own snacks. Train actually arrived on time. Overall an interesting adventure.
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2019年12月31日
Train was on time leaving Mandalay and arriving in Yangon. We were travelling as a family of four and our kids loved the trip. The staff come around with a menu and take food orders or you can go to the restaurant car, food not included in the ticket price. The train rolls around a lot but that’s all part of the experience.
火车 #12 高级, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2019年11月22日
Did train 12 0500 Mandalay - Yangon in Upper class ie comfort seat. Ticket service from 12Go was excellent. Seat comfortable for the whole 18.5 hour journey. No restaurant car but plenty of on train vendors. I just wish Myanmar Railways would make life a bit easier by having accurate information on train times in English available at stations & on the net. Staff at Mandalay were very helpful. All the information in English that was at Yangon has now disappeared.
火车 #6 高级, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2019年11月1日
Seats were cramped.. never book the first 2 seats in the compartment as they have no leg space and no fan.. very in convenient for long journey
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2019年9月29日
This was the easiest bus ride with reclining seats, a bottle of water, your own TV to watch movies, a snack and an attendant on board. I can’t believe how fast the time went by for a 9+ hour ride. JJ Express was the best!
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2019年8月14日
It was a terrible rain this night,the river overflowed and our bus couldn't across the road three time and delayed about two hours .
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2019年7月1日
thanks for the delivery of the tickets to my hotel as promised. the trip was fuss-free
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2019年6月14日
Really useful service!
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2019年6月10日
Excellent Service from JJ Express from Mandalay to Yangon. I truly love how JJ Express goes to serve their clients by providing feery bus service to downtown.
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2019年5月18日
I love it. Highly recommended
公共汽车 快速, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2019年5月12日
Jj express is kind enough to deliver us to Yangon’s downtown zone freely. That’s the good point
公共汽车 快速, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2019年3月10日
Comfortable ride, with washroom/meal stops every 2-3 hours. Arrived on time, and made sure that the non-Burmese-speaking passengers know about the free bus transfer downtown. Good value and good service.
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2019年2月18日
Very noisy. Cabin is very dusty and very old. No air-conditioning and the ceiling fan is not efficient. No restaurant. And other passengers sitting/sleeping on the corridors and talking. No proper sink to wash the face or brush the teeth the following morning.
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2019年2月11日
Great service
公共汽车 快速, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2019年2月5日
Too cold
火车 #6 高级, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2019年1月27日
Good experience with train. Nice scenery and got a nice sunset view. A bit bumpy and noisy though. Very cold at night (this is winter) as the windows cannot be fully closed. The issue is with buying the ticket through website because it was confirmed only a day before the travel date. If couldn't get the ticket, I travel plan would have been in a mess with a flight to catch in Yangon. I understand that they need to get it personally at the ticketing office. But, i also understand that tickets can be bought 3 days in advance. Why not buy 3 days in advance and confirm it in stead of last minute. At least, we have some time to make adjustment if needed. Customer service is very prompt to my emails. Thanks for that.
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2019年1月19日
12go is exceptional company. Never had a problem with them.
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2018年12月31日
the booking process and ticket delivered to hostel before i got there. And they are able to help to put me and my friend (book separately) in the same room. really appreciate it.
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2018年10月29日
It is too cold in the bus !
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2018年10月1日
On the 25th September I booked my ticket online and was charged $34.02 then received my receipt number 0000514 dared 30 September of 12750 Kyats as our currencys are vitual equal can you please refund the money owing back to my visa card. Thank you Linda Sloane
火车 #12 高级, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2018年8月1日
I had a very mixed experience with 12Go for a train from Mandalay to Yangon in late July 2018. On the positive side, all documentation was requested well in advance, and the ticket was delivered promptly to my hotel in Mandalay. However, once I boarded the train in Mandalay, I was told by the conductor that the train would not travel all the way to Yangon that day. He offered for me to take my ticket back to the desk to get a refund or partial refund, but with only minutes to go before the train departed I had to quickly decide whether to stay on board or seek alternative transport. I had to get to Yangon by the evening for a flight the next day. In the end, I took the train all the way to the last major stop on the operational route (Taungoo) and found a helpful mototaxi driver at the station who took me to a bus company who had a bus departing for Yangon in a couple of hours. I got to Yangon around the same time as the train was scheduled to arrive, and the additional cost was only a few extra USD. This was all due to flooding in the south that had damaged the tracks. Now, I understand 12Go's terms and conditions that specify they are not responsible for conditions on the ground, only for booking tickets, and I certainly agree that flooding is well beyond anybody's control. However, as the flooding had damaged the tracks days previously, so it must have been known to their agents on the ground that the ticket I was sold would not get me all the way to Yangon, I really would have appreciated a heads up from the company in advance - before getting on the train at 6 o'clock in the morning. An email the day before would have been really really helpful. The train itself is as reported - bumpy, slow, but absolutely lovely. Much more scenic than the bus, and with more freedom of movement while you travel, and fresh air :)
公共汽车 VIP舱, JJ Express (JJ Express), 2018年6月23日
Overall great. A few things: 1) Curtains don't close properly. 2) Lights come on too strong - perhaps a dimmer function. 3) Coffee could be better.
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2018年5月4日
Super arrangement. Tickets received as assured making the trip worry free. Will definitely come back to you again.
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2018年3月5日
The ticket service folks were great! Answered all my email questions right away, and the ticket appeared as scheduled at my Mandalay guest house - Hotel Emperor, also highly recommended. The train was slightly better than expected. If you are on the sleeper, be sure to get a lower birth.
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2018年2月8日
So easy to book 12go.asia. Immediate replies and information about my questions. On time delivery of the train tickets to my hotel in Mandalay. Got lower birth seat and was very convenient. I slept well in overnight train to Yangon. Thanks for the service. Dr.Balaji Prabhu,.
火车 #4 卧铺, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), 2018年1月7日
12Go Asia were fantastic and justified my faith in their company when we arrived at our hotel in Mandalay and were duly presented with our train tickets. As for the train.Our compartment was charming and we were really happy with it. The journey is certainly an experience and be prepared for very basic and unsanitary toilets. Take some antibacterial gel etc! Also the restaurant carriage was solely occupied by men who had enjoyed a few drinks. That was fine for me but my wife,who made the mistake of wearing shorts felt extremely uncomfortable as she was leered at.After ordering food one very,very glassy eyed fellow lingered outside our cabin whilst delivering our noodles!He was moved along by his mate. But our door was locked after that! Do not expect any sleep unless you can sleep on a rollercoaster. Still,a great memory and experience and some cool views of the countryside along the way. Train arrived in Yangon on time.
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根据Google地图,从陈美孝车站点到仰光点的行车距离为432英里(695公里)。而飞行距离较短 - 约为535 公里。






  • 在航空公司的机票销售期间可以购买到最便宜的机票,折扣可能非常大,但必须时刻监控机票价格及时交易。

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从陈美孝车站点到仰光点的航线由以下航空公司运营:Myanmar Airways Intl, Myanmar National Airlines。大多数从我们系统购买该线路的乘客选择了 。但是,我们提供的所有的航空公司都享有良好的声誉,服务质量有保障。