Nguyen Thai Binh到頭頓市

Nguyen Thai Binh到頭頓市


Nguyen Thai Binh和頭頓市之间的运输类型 从Nguyen Thai Binh到頭頓市的交通

从 Nguyen Thai Binh 到 頭頓市 ]的旅游胜地评论

公共汽车 小巴, Hoa Mai (Hoa Mai), 2020年10月5日
Excellent experience. Drivers can drive fast but it's a common things in Vietnam
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2020年3月5日
This was a great way to travel from HCMC to Vung Tau. The ferry is very clean and the service was wonderful. The ferry was on time and arrived on time. I would definitely suggest this as a way to get around in Vietnam.
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2020年2月7日
Advertised as 90 min trip but it took 2 hrs and 30 mins. Even the crew says it's over 2 hrs. Also original departure time cancelled due to tides - more likely low numbers ?
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2020年1月31日
I am usually meticulous and neurotic about getting to my transpo hours in advance. I mid-read this trip and thought it was for 2pm but it was instead for noon. Luckily for me it was 1 1/2 hours late and since I was there an hour early I made it. So, thanks for being late.
出租车 VIP 9 座客货车, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2020年1月25日
Amazing, always on time and helpful, comfortable online service and exactly same I can say about car ride!!
出租车 VIP 9 座客货车, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2020年1月24日
Great service thanks. I need a ride back on the 29th around 5 pm from Nolis hotel in vung tau
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2020年1月24日
Very comfortable. Punctual. The sea part of journey a little rough. Very happy.
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2020年1月21日
Fast and nice
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2020年1月19日
Very pleasant trip and the girl was nice giving us drinks would recommend using these I certainly will again
厢型车 VIP舱, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2020年1月17日
Painless travel in a luxurious van.
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2020年1月5日
The ferry departed 10 min later than scheduled. Otherwise, pleasant and a smooth ride.
厢型车 VIP舱, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年12月28日
We are two women who had to travel from Ho Chi Minh City's airport to Ho Tram. We were looking for a shuttle bus / transfer that could take us to our destination and we came across Ouros travel on There was a WhatsApp no. And we got in touch with a very friendly and helpful person who told us what to do when we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City and everything was well organized. The person from Ouros travel had already informed the driver of the van where to drop us off and made sure that he would help us get a taxi. I would recommend Ouros travel to anyone! :)
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2019年12月19日
Comfortable and well in time enjoyed a lot.
厢型车 VIP舱, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年12月4日
Super 5+:)
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2019年11月26日
Girl in office at Ho Chi Minh ferry port office needs to learn some manners very rude and abrupt. If you do not speak English why not try to be helpful. Sitting at her work station with no shoes on, trying to look at her phone discreetly and two children I guess hers creating havock in the office...... Are we at work or home??? Best of luck!!........
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2019年11月15日
Easily booked in UK. Pleasant 2.5 hour trip and great way to travel to Vung Tau.
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2019年11月3日
Excellent service Great trip
公共汽车 VIP级, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年11月3日
The 2 hour trip took 3.5 hours as we drove round saigon picking up other travellers and waiting 30 minutes for 1 person. We were due to arrive at 8 but instead arrived at 9:30pm unable to find anywhere open for dinner. We hope the return trip today is better!
公共汽车 VIP级, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年11月2日
We got a ride straight from hotel to hotel, which was more than we expected. Comfortable ride and plenty of space. I just couldn’t get my seatbelt on.
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2019年11月2日
Very good trip. Loved the complimentary cake and Pepsi. Chairs got a bit hard towards the end though. Would use this service again
公共汽车 VIP级, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年10月22日
On arrival after immigration and customs called number. I was met at post 11 shortly after with my name. They let me take bus at 11:00A.M. instead of my booked bus at 12:30 P.M. Bus very comfortable including massage. Bit slow getting to Vung Tau including stop for a lunch.
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2019年10月15日
Travelling on time, Nice staff, water and snack on board
公共汽车 VIP级, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年10月13日
Very nice bus, fantastic luxury chairs. Best driver!
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2019年9月29日
Everything was comfi and service was also good. I can recommend it.
公共汽车 VIP级, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年9月22日
They are the Best. Thank you
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2019年9月20日
Fast and easy
公共汽车 VIP级, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年9月2日
Havaz is the best
公共汽车 VIP级, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年8月24日
You are Awesome the best in Bus and transfer. I feel very safe as a tourist using your Service. Thank you.
轮渡 高速游轮, Greenlines Ferry (GreenlinesDP), 2019年7月27日
Great way to get back and forth from Vung Tau.
公共汽车 VIP级, OUROS Travel (Ouros Travel), 2019年6月25日
Very good service. On time pickup and comfortable bus from airport to Vung Tau, then car to hotel all included in very reasonable price. Top class!
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#乘坐渡轮如何从Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点前往頭頓市点

乘坐渡轮在Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点和頭頓市点之间旅行非常方便。渡轮之旅让您有机会欣赏和体验Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点到頭頓市点途中美丽的风景。要想在价格预算范围内购买到合适的渡轮票,请务必提前预订。

Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点距离頭頓市点有多远?

乘坐渡轮从Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点前往頭頓市点海上航线距离为40英里(63公里)。渡轮旅行可能不是两地之间最短的路线,但却会成为非常难忘的旅行体验。

乘渡轮从Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点前往頭頓市点需要多长时间?

根据两地之间的距离和船的平均速度,从Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点前往頭頓市点通常需要大约2小时小时。但是,乘坐渡轮旅行其时间在很大程度上取决于天气条件和船只类型。

从Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点前往頭頓市点需要多少钱?

很多游客都喜欢乘坐渡轮出行,因此从Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点到頭頓市点的渡轮船票价格很高,预期从VND 300,007起。



在选择从Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点前往頭頓市点的渡轮公司时,请务必考虑以下事项:

阅读评论。从经验丰富的旅行者那里了解更多详情,他们乘坐渡轮从Nguyen Thai Binh, 巴士点前往頭頓市点,会有许多经验与您分享。