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公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年9月15日
Due to the corona-virus the operator cancelled the trip. Unfortunately we did not receive a refund. We only got the chance to credit the amount of money to the 12Go account.
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年3月27日
Border immigration ,etc pathetic. No government change even indicated. This is the life blood of both Countries. More pressure to streamline the border immigration is needed instead of the millions spent on self promoting crap.
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年3月11日
Everything was great, except for location of bus station in Siem Reap. I think having a stop near city center would have been much better.
公共汽车 Express Seater 41, Virak Buntham Express, 2020年3月5日
The only drawback was to wait for 3 hours in the border to the oppening hour of the immigration offices. Then we had to carry our luggage to a busy street on Thailand side. It took a a minute to figure out where the meeting point to take the bus again. But the trip was very nice and smooth
公共汽车 快速, Nattakan, 2020年3月4日
Bus was late about 4.5 hours. Staff at the station didn't give us any information about true bus arrival. Finally after 14 hours we arrived in Bangkok. So remember to book flight a bit later in case of possibility of quite considerable delay.
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年3月2日
No problems encountered from boarding to destination. Spent about 2 hours at immigration control but heard that this was to be expected. Guide was helpful.
公共汽车 快速, Nattakan, 2020年3月1日
The bus was at least an hour late departing Siem Reap. This was, they said, due to problems with air conditioning; I think another bus had to be found. In the end we travelled on a Giant Ibis bus (not Nattakan). Very comfortable bus with plenty leg room and fully reclining seats. There were about 20 passengers. The bus conductor took great care in explaining how to proceed through departure at the Cambodian border (which was reasonably quick) and passport control on the Thailand side (which took over 2 hours of queuing). As a result of these delays we hit Bangkok at rush hour and didn't get off the bus until after 7pm (instead of scheduled 5pm). Also, we were not dropped at Morchit bus station but at Makassan.
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年3月1日
We travel safe thanks to your service
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月28日
A long trip, with a long wait at the border. We're dropped off a bus station at night with no taxis in sight..
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月26日
Perfect service
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月25日
Seats were comfortable and very spacious, staff were friendly and very helpful to get us through the Cambodia/Thai border.
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月21日
Great service with exceptional guidance given at the border crossings. And after we finished, lunch was waiting. When we return to Cambodia, we will use this company again. Website booking service is making our trip through Southeast Asian very easy.
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月19日
Everything fine... Fast and on time... And also we past the border pretty fast...
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月19日
The greatest service and visa assistance. This company literally babysit their customers, everyone speaks English and are super nice. Every single step is communicated and you always know where you are and what you are doing and how much time you have. Great job, guys! Traveling with you was a pleasure. Thank you
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月13日
Although long time did go quicker than expected, staff were friendly and helpful. Driver was good also. Would do it again if needed
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月7日
I've traveled with 12go 3 times now and have had no issues. A very organised experience, no delays.
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月4日
Comfy bus, good aircon, wifi, plugs...tasty breakfast and lunch!! Helpful staff who can give good advice on visas and boarders !
公共汽车 Express Seater 41, Virak Buntham Express, 2020年2月4日
It's good. But it will be much better if they could actually help us or assist us at the boarder line during immigration something.. we paid at immigration for 100baht and my friends 3dollars each. We don't know why.. we just paid for it since we're afraid that we won't be able to cross the boarder if we refuse to do so. And we almost got lost. We're not able to find the bus immediately. Cause no sign boards or no personnel waiting for us outside the boarder.
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月2日
good bus, air conditioning, food, water, wifi everything. The tour guide was very nice
公共汽车 Universe Noble 37, Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月2日
Very comfortable trip - breakfast and lunch included. Highly recommended.
公共汽车 快速, Nattakan, 2020年1月30日
The first half of the trip was fine, the bus was a little run down but staff was friendly and we departed on time. However the bus broke down at the border and we had a 6 hour delay until a new bus arrived. During the delay we were told that it would be “just another hour,” if we were told anything at all. We arrived in Bangkok very late but less than a mile from the Morchit station, the driver stopped to pick up a bunch of boxes which were then stacked up in the aisles, causing yet another delay. None of us dared to ask to exit because the employees of the bus company seemed very angry with the passengers. Additionally we were given only a single bottle of water at the beginning of the trip, no breakfast or lunch for what became a 16 hour day. I would never use this company again, book early so you can use Giant Ibis, we had a wonderful experience with them.
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从暹粒巴士站点前往12Go麦加山站点预计需要7小时 11分钟,小时 。要注意,与自驾或乘坐出租车相比,乘公共汽车旅行要慢很多。根据出发时间的不同,暹粒巴士站点和12Go麦加山站点之间的交通拥堵情况可能会有很大差异。工作日早上到下午之间的交通量通常比周末大。