金边到Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham

金边到Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham


金边和Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham之间的运输类型 从金边到Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham的交通

从 金边 到 Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham ]的旅游胜地评论

公共汽车 全球奢华(Universe Luxury), Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年3月26日
very slow and exhausting. every 1.5 hours the driver stopped. but overall staff was polite, spoke english and everything went smoothly
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Kumho Samco, 2020年3月23日
The bus was on time and in the border everything was smooth. Although operator representative on the bus didn't speak any English it was little bit hard to understand why they collected our passports and where to go but we followed some locals and did as they did. Basically they collected passports on the bus then gave them back before Camobodian border. We had to leave the bus and showed our passport when we got the stamp that we left Cambodia. Then before we got back to the bus the company's representator collected again our passports and we drove a little bit to enter Vietnam. Then we had to take our bags and went inside where representator dealed with passports. When everything was okay then we had to scan our bags and got back to the bus. We had multiple entry visa to Vietnam, so we didn't deal with the money.
公共汽车 全球奢华(Universe Luxury), Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年3月7日
The best bus journey I’ve ever taken! They checked and printed out visas for ya, gave us food and water and there was a lot of legroom!
公共汽车 全球奢华(Universe Luxury), Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月27日
Bus was comfortable (generous leg room!) and staff was friendly. We left almost on time (just about 10 mins late), but arrived about two hours late. (This seems to be par for the course given other reviews, so we were expecting that.) Border crossing (Cambodia -> Vietnam) was easy; you can opt to pay $2 for the bus attendant to process your e-visa or skip lunch to stand in line yourself. Remember to print your e-visa before you board; a few couples on our bus had their e-visas on their phones and we had to wait for them to print them. One bathroom stop in Cambodia and then one bathroom/lunch stop at the border. Would take Giant Ibis again.
公共汽车 全球奢华(Universe Luxury), Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年2月21日
Comfortable journey and was helped through border crossing. Previous giant ibis buses provided us with lunch and more drinks, whereas we had to buy our own lunch this time. Regardless, would highly recommend.
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Kumho Samco, 2020年2月10日
We arrived an hour before which was excellent! It was nice to be in a minivan - especially when we got to the border cause we did’nt had to wait for the entire bus at the border to pass - but just s small group since we travelled in a minivan! So I all went quite Quick and smoothly. Allthough, they were really bad at giving out information. Especially when we had to hand over our passport to them for a while which was quite uncomfortable. But later we understood that they did it to make the process faster :-)
公共汽车 全球奢华(Universe Luxury), Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年1月31日
Very comfortable but lacking a toilet.
公共汽车 全球奢华(Universe Luxury), Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年1月30日
Easiest border crossing ever, helpful staff
公共汽车 全球奢华(Universe Luxury), Giant Ibis Transport, 2020年1月28日
The driving was fine and stops were short and sweet. I didn't like having to pay an extra 3 dollars at the border though seeing as the visa was already 45.
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乘坐公共汽车如何从金边点前往Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点

乘坐公共汽车从金边点前往Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点是很安全、舒适又便宜的交通方式。对于热门目的地,巴士公司每天运营多班公车班次,通常每隔30-60分钟有一班车。对于游客较少的目的地,每天可能只有一班车。最常见的巴士类型是非空调、空调和高级巴士。

最好能在出行前几天就预订好车票。查看运营从金边点前往Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点的巴士公司,在线预订车票。在周末和假日出行时,建议尽可能早地预订车票,因为假期游客和返乡工作人员较多,不好购买车票。

金边点距离Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点有多远?

乘坐公共汽车,金边点和Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点的距离取决于所乘坐公共汽车的路线。大多数巴士公司走高速公路或收费公路。这可能不是最短的路线,但却是最快的路线,因为高速公路上车流量较少,而且没有交通信号灯。


乘坐巴士从金边点前往Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点需要多长时间?

从金边点前往Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点预计需要10小时小时 。要注意,与自驾或乘坐出租车相比,乘公共汽车旅行要慢很多。根据出发时间的不同,金边点和Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点之间的交通拥堵情况可能会有很大差异。工作日早上到下午之间的交通量通常比周末大。



乘坐巴士从金边点前往Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点需要多少钱?

从金边点到Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点的巴士车票价格可能因巴士类型而异。想要购买较便宜的车票,可以考虑非空调或普通公共汽车。高级或豪华巴士车票价格虽然更贵些,但也更舒适,而且还配备一些额外的服务,如手机充电端口、个人娱乐系统设备和车载卫生间。

从金边点开车发往Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点的时刻表

为了帮助您更好的规划出行旅程,我们为您提供从金边点前往Ho Chi Minh Virakbuntham, 巴士点的巴士出发时间和到达时间表。